i’m back.



at 6:30 a.m. on november 13, 2012 i left saipan and came back to texas. 

i haven’t blogged in 2 months and i wish i had because SO MANY things have happened…like packing back up and moving halfway around the world all over again.

i had planned on being back home for about a year or two, but plans change and things change, so i was brought back to texas. that is pretty much it in a nutshell for anyone who is wondering. if i were to explain, in detail, everything that happened while i was back home, that would be a long blog on it’s own…but i have 2 months worth of stories to cover, so i’d rather move forward.

i miss saipan, but i have missed texas during the 3 months that i had been gone. it felt like going from 200 mph to 30 mph while i was back home, and then when i got back to dallas, it felt like everything went right up to 500 mph because i had arrived during the holiday season and right before thanksgiving. i slid right back into my job of 6 years at papyrus, which i was thankful for. it always feels great to know that you are welcome back. i was moved to northpark center in dallas and it was such a fun-filled holiday season at that mall. the gingerbread competition was held in the hallway right outside our store and i had actually documented the entire thing (duh!). the gingerbread community competition is an annual event at northpark center. about 20 architects and designers and companies get their teams together to form their assigned piece (coffee house, hospital, stadium, etc…) for the gingerbread community. they have a time frame in which they must complete their pieces (like FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE!) and place them on the display table. the gingerbread community is then up for display for about a week before each piece is auctioned off by the end of the week. here are a few pics i took:












i could have made gingertown dallas 2012 pictures an entire blog on its own since i took so many pics but there are a handful that y’all will enjoy. 

during the holidays, another great sight to see was vitruvian park. 





that place is truly magical during the holidays. every single tree is lit in one solid color. i just love visually popping sceneries. 


the highlight of the holiday season was the launch of my gift wrap station at northpark center. located in the corner of the luxury hallway near nordstrom and taking over the gingertown dallas 2012 spot, my gift wrap station was constructed…








the wrap station was incredibly busy that we didn’t get to take pictures of it. i was working up to 12 hours a day, gift wrapping. it was complete madness, i tell ya. but it was loads of fun. it really was. and it started me fondness for foot products as well! hahahaha! i would come home with the most painful aches in my feet…i started soaking in eucalyptus epsom salts and i loved it. i recently hit up the body shop’s flash sale a few days ago. they had 50% off all their skincare and i bought a few of their foot products. they’ve been wonderful and they will come in handy when my gift wrap station gets set back up for valentine’s! it will be up from february 1-14. i am super stoked. and i will take more pictures. =)


there are tons of other pictures i would like to share, but i’m sure i will take equally great ones moving forward into the year. 

my birthday is exactly a week from now and it’s going to be a fun-filled weekend. i will be starting my search for a birthday dress this week. i’ve already bought the shoes from bakers because they have a liquidation sale going on. 


did any of y’all make a new year’s resolution for 2013?




this was my NYE face. 

hope you all have a great evening!

rain, rain, go away…

yesterday i hung out with a few friends. we had lunch at misoya, a teeny, tiny japanese restaurant. yumm-o.



afterwards, we headed south to catch some sun because it was raining up north…

tailgating by the beach and talking stories was fun…

and then the rain caught up to us…



why does it have to be typhoon/rainy season!?!? so frustrating!!!!!



but that’s okay.


we hung out at the beach until night time, when we couldn’t even see each other in the dark.

it was fun.



halloween night.

i didn’t dress up too much for halloween night. i was already tired and ready for the holiday to be over. the week was fun, though!

the theme at the club was PIRATES AND WENCHES.

my friend gave me a pink cowboy hat as a going away gift when i left texas, so i had to wear it. =) also, it was my BREAST CANCER AWARENESS outfit before the month ended!



random blab.


very homesick.

both saipan and texas are my homes. and if anyone from this island craps on me for calling texas my home, my dad’s from texas-it IS my other home. i just spent a third of my life there.

i miss my friends. i just posted the photos from my going away party on my facebook page (scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to find my facebook contact) and i kept tearing up in the coffee shop. it’s only the second time i’ve gone through those pictures.

i’m still having terrible sleeping problems. in fact, i haven’t slept yet. it’s 10 a.m. and i’ve been up all night. wide awake. i’m gonna need to try this “warm milk” trick tonight.

follow my randomness on twitter @sierralei and if you have a twitter account, feel free to share it. i would love to follow. i’m still getting acquainted with it…

i’m thinking about buying a cricut expressions 2. do any of you own a cricut? i don’t know much about them but i know i really want one. haha.

that is all i have for now.

time to read more blogs…


um, hi.

i am back from a blogging hiatus.

i am currently back home in saipan. i have been here for about 5 weeks now! it’s been pretty crazy, this summer….

i don’t really know how to condense the past few months into a blog! there are so many pictures i have taken, so many new friends i have met, so many new foods i have tried, and NO CUPCAKES baked. whaaaaaat!?!? i know. i highly doubt i can work with fondant on a tremendously hot and humid (and currently rainy) tropical island like this. there is no hope for a hair straightener on this island, let me tell you.

i don’t enjoy composing a blog on my iPad but it FINALLY has a data plan on it, so it will have to do for now. the internet connection here for my iPad is torture. i had been frequenting a particular coffee shop down the street from my house. with a purchase of a drink, they give a coupon code for 2 hours of wifi access. i enjoyed going there until after calculating, when i found out that it would cost me $200 a month for 2 hours of internet every day for a month. ummmm, i will stick to the 2G that i have on my iPad, thank you.

the food here is amazing. food everywhere is, really, but island food is to die for. well, and unhealthy…but the fresh fruits and veggies aren’t! dragon fruit is the newest thing i have tried. AMAZING! have any of you tried it!? who wouldn’t like a fruit that is color fuchsia!? i would definitely want to make dragon fruit cupcakes! it would pretty much just be hot pink vanilla cupcakes, really…other fruits and veggies commonly grown on the islands are coconuts, bananas, mangos, tangerines, taro, breadfruit, hot pepper, guava, and the list goes on. i can’t wait for mango season. i am gonna juice the hell out of those mangos…yes, i shipped my juicer here!

i have been eating a lot of tuna sashimi lately. raw tuna is my favorite thing, ever. I have currently had it 3 days in a row for dinner. i am a happy camper.

it is currently typhoon season, so we are getting quite a bit of rain. i arrived at the end of august, which apparently had rain every day of the month. i am glad i missed that. i don’t know how many power outages i have experienced here so far. waking up in a sweat is one of the worst feelings, ever.

that is all i have for now. stay tuned for photos and more fun info and events from this beautiful island of saipan, where i will be sippin’ on pretty drinks, tanning by the beach, attending fun social gatherings, and living the island life for the next YEAR.

have any of you readers been to saipan?