happy terrific two

today is my 2 year anniversary of blogging. 

first of all, i want to say thank you for reading my blog. and all of its randomness. 

i have enjoyed meeting as many of you as i can (via blog comments, emails, facebook, instagram, etc…). i have enjoyed reading your blogs. i have enjoyed trying your recipes and experiencing your life through your stories. i have enjoyed reading about ingredients i don’t even like, and have not “enjoyed” reading about your dating woes and disasters. but you are all fantastic writers, and that’s what keeps me reading. 

there’s nothing sophisticated or themed about my blog. it’s just a bunch of random experiences that i want to share. 

and with that said, stay tuned for more random experiences that i will still be sharing!

may you all have a fantastic week. =)


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may 18, 2013

this post has been long overdue, so i apologize. i left my camera in my friend’s car for a while, and then when i got it back over a month later, i had been busy with so many things….so now i am going to start from may and work my way to the present!

on may 18, i had attended a friend’s wedding. she was a former co-worker of mine. she started working with me when she had started dating her now-husband. i feel so old now that i look back at their younger years together.  my, how time flies! i was very flattered that she wanted to work with me on her wedding invitations, and was very excited to be invited to both her bridal shower and her wedding.

the wedding was held at ashton gardens in corinth, texas. a venue i have always wanted to visit, ashton gardens has a chapel that is 3 walls of glass so you can see the trees all around you. it is voted one of the best wedding venues by the knot, 5 years in a row. it is definitely worth the drive, being that you can’t get a venue like this within the city of dallas. the reception area is in the same building and is already beautiful before any alterations are done. the chandeliers, the tables, the chairs-i don’t even think the bride made any changes to the reception area since everything looked gorgeous as is.

my friend, tony, and i got there as the doors had closed because the bride was about to walk in to the chapel. at first i was sad that i had missed getting a seat before the ceremony started, but being able to see my friend outside before she walked in made me glad i was late. i totally almost bawled when i saw her outside the chapel. her dress was beautiful, she looked fantastic, and it felt like i was in big sister mode. “my little baby is all grown up!!!”  it was so sappy, haha.  she walked down the aisle to christina perri’s “a thousand years” which was very fitting for their ceremony. the ceremony was beautiful, it was exactly as i had expected.

while the bridal party was off taking their photos, i was in charge of making sure the “guest book” was signed. their “guest book” was a huge graphic of a tree that guests had to thumb print leaves on. it was real cute. the bride and groom’s engagement photos hung off tree branches in the lobby area for guests to admire while they got their escort cards (which were in mini frames that guests could later use to put their own photos in).

lunch was fantastic. i know that bride’s aren’t always too fond of having the venue serve their food because they might not enjoy the selection, but ashton gardens has quite a big selection of foods to choose from. and that prime rib…oh, boy. everyone knows that i will try everything in a wedding-and of course i spot the prime rib and am definitely curious to try it. a prime rib at a wedding-it could be good and it could be a downright disaster. i love steak, and i love prime rib. i think i watch too many four weddings episodes (that show in which four brides critique each other’s weddings and rate the food, venue, dress, and overall experience) because every time the brides rate the food, it’s always “bland” and “under seasoned” and “dry.” i was very excited to see the prime rib (i don’t think the other guests were as excited as i was because i noticed them walking by the station of bloody meat) but i didn’t know what to expect. shoot…………i should have just had an entire plate of that thing. it was SO DANG GOOD. now, who would have thought that a fantastic cut of prime rib would be served at a wedding reception! let’s say i was hoping it would be good, but it ended up exceeding my expectations. ashton gardens, you did VERY WELL. that was definitely one of the best dishes i have had at a wedding (automatically into the top 3). it looks pretty obvious, since i just typed up an entire paragraph on it.

i believe the cake was from the cake guys, and some people know i’m a big fan of the cake guys. i don’t even remember what flavor her cake was (she told me once, but i forgot) but it was fantastic. the cake guys are known for their beautiful, over-the-top cake designs, delicious-tasting cakes, and reasonable prices for the price-conscious brides who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for their wedding cakes.  last year, the cake guys participated in the annual platinum wedding cake competition and took first place. you can read about it and see their amazing cake display HERE in my previous blog, i tasted cakes.

after lunch and cake, we danced and hung out and took pictures, and it was all great. it’s always so amazing to be a part of someone’s big day, especially when you have been there since the beginning. i remember jessica buying steven gifts every month anniversary during their first year of dating and steven singing songs to her on his guitar. i always love hearing relationship stories and theirs were always sweet. now, years later, they’re grown up, married, and living together. i swear, i feel so old now. but very happy.

here are some photos of the wedding. cheers to jessica and steven on your marriage. may you celebrate MANY, MANY years of happiness together and may GOD bless you with the happiness that you both deserve. come and see me for baby shower invitations when the time comes. haha!!! love you both!


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randomness 02/10/13

-i don’t have plans for valentine’s day. it is mainly because i know i will be working all day, gift wrapping. i usually go to dinner with my girlfriends and we have a blast, but i will have to pass on that this year. there will be a girl’s night out this weekend, so i am STOKED!

-i need to stop reading food blogs at night. i end up eating half my kitchen at ungodly hours. i just can’t stop reading food blogs. even the blogs about food i don’t even like. i still love reading them. although i don’t like some ingredients and foods, i still do appreciate a good blog about them……and i do love looking at pictures. some topics under my reader are: cupcakes, dessert, food, cooking, baking, weddings, stationery, photography, and tattoos. 

-i haven’t posted pictures from my birthday yet, and i really need to get on that. last night was my girlfriend’s birthday bash and it was a blast! 

-i have terrible taste when it comes to watching tv. i’m not a big tv watcher, never was as a kid. i’ve been finding myself in front of the tv more than i ever have been in my life, and i must be watching it on the wrong days. i’ve been quite obsessed with the bachelor-he’s from texas!…..and he’s handsome. vanderpump rules, real housewives of beverly hills, toddlers and tiaras are other shows i watch. i love top chef!! i watch arrow, the carrie diaries, and chicago fire on my ipad. if i were to start from season 1 and work my way through, my tv shows of choice would be: modern family, grey’s anatomy, house, downton abbey, and a few others. 

-bakers shoes has been shutting down their locations in dallas and it has been kicking up my shoe obsession. i have a terrible weakness for shoes. terrible. if all the shoes i’ve wanted from bakers came in my size, i’d have about 30 pairs in the past month. when the sales associate comes out and says, “i’m sorry, we don’t have it in your size” i breath a sigh of relief and think, “oh, good. i just saved myself $30 right there.” 

-the most recent apps i have added to my ipad are: amazon, groupon, and tumblr. i made my first 2 purchases on amazon a few months ago, i’ve never used groupon before, and i just got a tumblr account (sierralei). the apps i use THE MOST on my ipad are: facebook, pinterest, bejeweled, notes, and gmail. haha. what’s your favorite ipad/iphone app? i own an ipad, a macbook, and an ipod. my phone is a samsung galaxy s3. 

-i will go back to posting the NIQUEA.D jewelry i get to wear at work. my posts last year had a lot of pictures of me wearing beautiful jewelry. they will be coming back. 

-i have not baked since july. 

i’m back.



at 6:30 a.m. on november 13, 2012 i left saipan and came back to texas. 

i haven’t blogged in 2 months and i wish i had because SO MANY things have happened…like packing back up and moving halfway around the world all over again.

i had planned on being back home for about a year or two, but plans change and things change, so i was brought back to texas. that is pretty much it in a nutshell for anyone who is wondering. if i were to explain, in detail, everything that happened while i was back home, that would be a long blog on it’s own…but i have 2 months worth of stories to cover, so i’d rather move forward.

i miss saipan, but i have missed texas during the 3 months that i had been gone. it felt like going from 200 mph to 30 mph while i was back home, and then when i got back to dallas, it felt like everything went right up to 500 mph because i had arrived during the holiday season and right before thanksgiving. i slid right back into my job of 6 years at papyrus, which i was thankful for. it always feels great to know that you are welcome back. i was moved to northpark center in dallas and it was such a fun-filled holiday season at that mall. the gingerbread competition was held in the hallway right outside our store and i had actually documented the entire thing (duh!). the gingerbread community competition is an annual event at northpark center. about 20 architects and designers and companies get their teams together to form their assigned piece (coffee house, hospital, stadium, etc…) for the gingerbread community. they have a time frame in which they must complete their pieces (like FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE!) and place them on the display table. the gingerbread community is then up for display for about a week before each piece is auctioned off by the end of the week. here are a few pics i took:












i could have made gingertown dallas 2012 pictures an entire blog on its own since i took so many pics but there are a handful that y’all will enjoy. 

during the holidays, another great sight to see was vitruvian park. 





that place is truly magical during the holidays. every single tree is lit in one solid color. i just love visually popping sceneries. 


the highlight of the holiday season was the launch of my gift wrap station at northpark center. located in the corner of the luxury hallway near nordstrom and taking over the gingertown dallas 2012 spot, my gift wrap station was constructed…








the wrap station was incredibly busy that we didn’t get to take pictures of it. i was working up to 12 hours a day, gift wrapping. it was complete madness, i tell ya. but it was loads of fun. it really was. and it started me fondness for foot products as well! hahahaha! i would come home with the most painful aches in my feet…i started soaking in eucalyptus epsom salts and i loved it. i recently hit up the body shop’s flash sale a few days ago. they had 50% off all their skincare and i bought a few of their foot products. they’ve been wonderful and they will come in handy when my gift wrap station gets set back up for valentine’s! it will be up from february 1-14. i am super stoked. and i will take more pictures. =)


there are tons of other pictures i would like to share, but i’m sure i will take equally great ones moving forward into the year. 

my birthday is exactly a week from now and it’s going to be a fun-filled weekend. i will be starting my search for a birthday dress this week. i’ve already bought the shoes from bakers because they have a liquidation sale going on. 


did any of y’all make a new year’s resolution for 2013?




this was my NYE face. 

hope you all have a great evening!

rain, rain, go away…

yesterday i hung out with a few friends. we had lunch at misoya, a teeny, tiny japanese restaurant. yumm-o.



afterwards, we headed south to catch some sun because it was raining up north…

tailgating by the beach and talking stories was fun…

and then the rain caught up to us…



why does it have to be typhoon/rainy season!?!? so frustrating!!!!!



but that’s okay.


we hung out at the beach until night time, when we couldn’t even see each other in the dark.

it was fun.



halloween night.

i didn’t dress up too much for halloween night. i was already tired and ready for the holiday to be over. the week was fun, though!

the theme at the club was PIRATES AND WENCHES.

my friend gave me a pink cowboy hat as a going away gift when i left texas, so i had to wear it. =) also, it was my BREAST CANCER AWARENESS outfit before the month ended!