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i looked through my iphoto to find a picture of anything i took a year ago…and the funny thing is that my gravatar image (that would be the thumbnail picture of me, right?) is actually a photo that i took exactly one year ago. so there you go! but if i was to post a picture of THREE years ago, these are some pictures of my little man (a.k.a. my “rent-a-kid”…or “nephew” if we want to keep things simple) and i when a bunch of us friends and kids went to the park for some football and fun:


that was one of my most favorite days of taking pictures. we all wore white shirts and blue jeans and the kids (all age 2 at the time) looked super cute and were fun to take pictures of. the weather was nice and it was just a great day. so there’s a bit of a “blast from the past.”

i love reading blogs…or looking at pictures. i love pictures. i love everything visual. the topics of blogs that i love reading are art, photography, fashion, makeup, pastries, dating, and cupcakes. yes, i have a tab for “cupcakes” and a tab for “pastries.” haha.

*art: i have always loved art. i wanted to be an artist when i was little. i love monochromatic art. i love abstract art. i love graffiti. i love cartoons. i love caricatures. i love watercolors. i love sketches. it’s easy to tell what i like because when i see something, my eyes get big. haha.

*photography: i’m just a gal with a sony cybershot camera, nothing fancy. but i can take a trillion pictures in a small amount of time. i just like taking pictures. if i had to frame every picture i took that i loved, i’d need a few houses. i love looking at photographer’s websites. i wish i could be photographed to look editorial. i loved watching “america’s next top model” because there were so many behind-the-scenes activities going on in the show. if a photographer came up to me and said, “i would love to shoot you one day,” I’D BE ALL FOR THAT! that would be so cool! photographers do amazing work, i can’t even get into it. THERE ARE SOME that i am far from fond of. one of my favorite photographers is dave lachapelle. very colorful and crazy.

*makeup: another reason why i love photography. i love looking at the makeup job that is done on the models. i have NEVER been taught how to put on makeup, so i thank youtube for that. i have come to the conclusion that the “crease” eyeshadow look is not for my eyelid type, but the smokey eye definitely is. i love beauty products, but i hate the fact that they’re really costly. i am constantly looking for tips on how to put on makeup, how to have good skin, and how to buy products. i guess the first step is to drink water. that is something i RARELY do and should start getting on. eek!

*pastries/cupcakes: since they’re both in the same category…and they’re self-explanatory…need i say more? haha. i love pastries. i love flaky pastries, mini desserts, cupcakes, moist cakes, marshmallow icing on anything, and AMAZING decorations. when it comes to my love for cupcakes, i actually just like the decorating part. and eating cupcakes, of course…i don’t usually eat my own cupcakes because i am around them all the time. i have taste testers for that. sometimes i’ll have one friend taste test, sometimes i’ll have a few friends. i love reading dessert blogs and food blogs. and when they have pictures, I LOVE THEM MORE. everyone asks how i stay skinny (currently weighing in at 112 lbs.)…i don’t really know. i just say “don’t exercise, eat everything you want, and don’t ever sleep.” but i shouldn’t be saying that because i’d really love to start being fit (toned all over) and start getting into a healthier lifestyle. and, like i said, i guess the first step is to start drinking water…i really don’t enjoy things that don’t have flavor…ugh.

*dating: i’m just a very curious person about the personal lives of others. dallas is such a shallow city. i don’t mean to talk crap about it, but there are trophy wives left and right and up and down in this city. it is quite hard to make friends that you know you WILL keep for a really long time. people think they’re better than you. material things matter. and after your late 20s, kids start popping up and it’s not just dating single people anymore-it’s dating single parents. people’s dating lives are very interesting to me. why people break up, why people stay together, why people keep leaving each other and coming back, there are so many reasons. i am such a sucker for love stories. how he proposed, what he gave her for valentine’s day, what he did to make her day better when she was feeling down, i can’t stop hearing or reading about it. i have some friends who have some of the most amazing boyfriends and husbands i have ever heard of. after over 10 years of marriage and he still gives you flowers at least once a month? he serves you breakfast in bed? he had flowers delivered to you AND your single friends on valentine’s day? where do you GET THESE GUYS? it’s amazing. i have yet to read stories like these in blogs, so maybe i’ll have to do more reading…as if i don’t already do enough.

-this week was my sister’s birthday week. this was us on her birthday week FOUR years ago:

when she turned 21 (8 years ago), i started a tradition of getting us matching outfits for her birthday and taking her out to dinner, whether or not she had a boyfriend. on this night, i took her out for a fondue dinner (her request). this was also the year that we did 2-day celebrations, so this next picture was us the next day when a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday (again):

it was the middle of the night. we were hot and messy. but still dressed identical. =) and for future reference, she is always on the right and i am always on the left. haha.

i really should get to bed. it’s past 3 a.m. and i have to be up for work at 9 a.m…and i will be hating myself.

don’t get on pinterest, sierra….don’t get on pinterest………………………………