random thoughts. a recipe. future plans. and stuff.

warning: this blog is not in any chronological order…or in any organized format. i’m sure it will be randomness that will bounce around from thought to thought. enjoy.

i realized that i didn’t post a picture of the decorations of those lemon cupcakes that i baked a month ago. they were done for a captain of one of my pool teams, penny. she’s the best. she’s one of the most thoughtful friends i have. she helped me during my juice fast by informing me about which store was selling their fruits and veggies at what prices. i’m terrible at shopping so she saves me a lot of money! she shoots on both 8 ball and 9 ball teams, so i decided to make little decorations! i know a lot of the guys were envious. too bad because i don’t replicate the decorations i create (don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because i want them to be exclusive for the person i’m making them for). here they are:

8 ball and 9 ball cupcakes!

alrighty then. the recipe for the mini nutella cheesecakes…here we go!

mini nutella cheesecakes, done on may 25, 2012

the recipe makes 12 mini cheesecakes:

for the crust:

-6 oreos without the cream filling. i throw away the cream filling. you can eat it. i actually don’t like sugar icing or filling.

-1 tbsp butter (i put 1 1/2 because…well…i love butter?)

—->preheat oven to 325 degrees.

—->crush the oreos until they are fine. my friend had a PAMPERED CHEF chopper, so i went to town with it and then threw them in a sifter so i could make sure it was VERY FINE…pre-PAMPERED CHEF CHOPPER, i was taking a hammer to the oreos in a ziplock bag. i. will. never. do. that. again. SHOOT ME.

—->after you crush the oreos, melt the butter and stir it in with the oreos. distribute them into the 12 muffin cups. i don’t like pressing the oreos with my fingers. i use the bottom of a spoon and twist the muffin cup around as i press down on the oreo crust. it works much faster. (i really should have taken pictures of this process, i’m sorry, y’all…)

for the filling:

-4 oz. of cream cheese which should be room temperature and soft.

-1 tbsp of sugar (i never really measure, to be honest. i just take a heaping spoon and throw it in)

-a dash of vanilla

-2 tbsps of nutella (i, once again, use heaping spoonfuls. why not?)

-1 egg yolk

—->with a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese until it’s creamy. mix in the rest of the ingredients, scraping the bowl in between mixing. use a little spoon to distribute the mixture into the muffin cups. it will be enough to fill each cup.

—->bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. i pull them out after 12 minutes.

my brother was my first taste tester. he loved them but he said he couldn’t taste the nutella. he’s ALL ABOUT tasting the nutella. so what i did was throw some nutella in a piping bag and zig zagged a design on the top of the cheesecakes…for more nutella goodness. and there you have it, folks! i did more nutella cheesecakes for my friend’s bridal shower this past weekend and although i love my new dozen pan, i had to run to the store to get a 24 mini muffin pan.

new toy!

i want to make more “mini anythings” with this now…yay!

rewinding a little bit…

i think i have a post-it on my forehead that says “HIT ON ME NOW” because i’ve been experiencing something unusual with guys lately. i got hit on by 2 different guys while just grabbing a drink in a gas station one night. i got hit on in the parking lot of a bar once but i think the guy was hammered off his butt and shouldn’t have been driving. i met a guy who ended up wanting to know where i was every night, and would invite himself over. no, i don’t hand my number out like candy. i was doing a friend a favor and that backfired on me. darnit. *glares…….then laughs* one of my guy friends had some epiphany in the middle of the night that i was “the one” and when i say “the one” i mean “the one he wants to be with because he knows that i think his kids are adorable and he wants to date someone to share his responsibilities.” yes, my friend said he wants to date because he wants someone to help him with his responsibilities, aka his kids, because their mother abandoned them. wow. that’s pretty…..crazy. and then he instantly fell in love with me around 2 a.m. of texting me during one of my late night baking adventures and i pretty much lost all my interest in being his friend. because you don’t do that. and you don’t get drunk and call me at 3 a.m. thinking it’s cute, either. another guy friend decided to be brave as well and try to transition from “guy friend” to “potential boyfriend.” that didn’t work, either. especially when i haven’t seen you in over 6 months, buddy. what are we going to have, a text message relationship? some of my guy friends have gotten pretty ballsy lately, and it has failed on their part. and it makes me sad sometimes, because it just….makes our friendship take an uncomfortable route. one of my married friends asked me if i thought he was cute. what!? what does it matter!?!? it was the way he asked it that threw the red flag up. i swear, some people…

people wonder why i’m single. it’s been almost a year. the answer is this. it’s because i have spent a majority of the year being hung up on a guy that won’t give me the time of day. story of my life. i’m surrounded by great guys and my dumb self is too fixated on someone who genuinely likes me but is not ready to commit. that’s who i am. i’m the girl that you can see yourself settling down with, but you’re not ready to settle yet because you still want to be a boy. the past year has really dragged me down because i couldn’t snap out of it. when you’re told by a few guys about how wonderful you are, but are also told that you’re the type of girl that shouldn’t ever be hurt…therefore they don’t want to pursue you…it kinda hurts for a while. but then it also saves you from wasting your time. i am fully aware that i am not perfect. i know that i may have those days in which i might blame my boyfriend for something he never even did, maybe because i’m just in a bad mood or i’m PMSing (fine, i’ve never done that before, but still). i am fully aware that i make mistakes on a weekly (or even daily) basis. i might have an argument here or there that shouldn’t have even be made in the beginning. i’m not perfect. but if you think i am, then fine. i’ll just find someone who is as “perfect” as i am. and i’ll most likely think of him the way the guys think of me. oh, story of my life.

i feel like deleting those 2 paragraphs, but i’ll just move along…

last week, i decided to get a kiddie pool, some bubbles, water balloons, water guns, and a slip n’ slide for the backyard so my nephew and i could have a wateriffic day after he got out of kindergarten. i ended up babysitting my niece as well, so we had a mini water park set up in my backyard and went to town. i don’t get to be a fun aunt as much as i want to-in fact, i don’t remember the last time i was a fun aunt, and that makes me sad…i must do it more often.

it’s not a slip n’ slide, it’s an army crawl mat!

on may 25, in between my late night baking adventure, i went bowling with a bunch of friends. i love bowling. i mean, I LOVE BOWLING. i don’t think i’m good but i don’t care. i even convinced duncan to wear his gray v-neck because i found a gray v-neck that i apparently bought sometime i-don’t-know-when that still had the tag on it…so we took a picture together.

the crew. we fight to be the worst bowler or the best bowler.

of course my name is CUPCAKE! our results after game 1.

we were v-neck twinkies!

after hours dining with….aunt jemima?

i enjoy hanging out with friends at least once a week and doing activities that don’t include shooting pool. i want to bowl every friday night now. woot!

i was going to post about the 10 day juice fast that i did, but it’s past 2 a.m. and i have to be up in 5 hours for work. that was the reason why i asked the question about the nicest thing you have done for yourself.

my friend is getting married this week. i am one of her bridesmaids. i am going to have one heck of a week this week. it’s going to be so much fun and so draining at the same time. but that’s usually what happens when you have fun. =) my friend, tony, will be my date, as usual. i blogged about him being my wedding date back in october, here is the blog. he will be my date for this week’s wedding, and i will be his date for a wedding at the end of june. it’s going to be fun, as always! i have a wedding in may, 2013, and guess who will be my date to that one!!!…..yes, tony. =)

i apologize for not responding to many comments posted on my blog. this month has worn me out. i thought i wouldn’t be as busy this year as i was last year, but it seems to be a repeat. hopefully things slow down enough for me to have a few days by the pool and a few chances to do more activities this summer!!

i really should go to bed now…


i’m alive.

boy, has it been a long week…..

for those of you who just walked in, i work for papyrus, a stationery boutique. since last year, we have been doing creative projects and window displays. my first project was making a wedding dress out of custom printed invitations, paper dresses and inspirations (click there to see the dress in a previous blog). another project i did was cut out hundreds of butterflies to have them flutter all over the window. i’ve also done huge cascading flowers down the window. some were fun, some made me want to scream. but nothing was like what i did this past week. i will post pictures of the behind-the-scenes process of doing my latest project. i gave my facebook page the final product of the project, but more pictures will be posted on my work blog. i will link it to my blog when they get posted this week.

i decided to break down all the happenings of the past week into separate blogs. since the pictures for my project are in the process of being thrown up this week, i have decided to blog about the bakery i visited last week. a bride ordered a cake topper for her wedding on march 30th, and we had to expedite her order so she could get it in time. as i was working on my project, i had to deliver the bride’s cake topper to her bakery, romano’s bakery. i have been wanting to go to that bakery forever, so i was super excited to deliver my bride’s cake topper. while picking up my jaw off the ground every 2 seconds, i got to chat with the baker who created last year’s cake for the 2011 platinum cake competition. i even got to take a picture of it, among others. they didn’t compete in this year’s cake competition (i tasted cakes blog) because they were too busy. that’s a great excuse not to join a cake competition. they had a cake showroom which made me so hungry. i just wanted to eat everything in there. just sit and eat cakes…they were so beautiful. the baker was just the nicest man ever. he asked me what i did, he talked about working for delicious cakes (one of this year’s platinum cake competition competitors) for almost a decade, he told me about some of the wedding cakes he was in the process of working on for upcoming weddings. he was such a great guy, and he’s so extremely talented. he handed me a stack of their company business cards/flyers. i just wanted to sit and talk and tour the kitchen, but i know that would have gone too far. i had a project on my own that i needed to get to, so i thanked him and went on my merry way. here are some pictures of my visit to the award-winning romano’s bakery…












a few of my favorites were the cake with the 3 bows that is also featured on that magazine page in front of it. it’s gorgeous! i obviously loved the white cake with the fuchsia ribbon around it because i love pink. i love the “slathered icing” look so i liked that white cake with the pink flowers on it. the ombre cake was adorable, i loved it! it also could have been used as my inspiration for the project i worked on this week, which was ombre.

which was your favorite?


i tasted cakes…

i got sick eating cakes last night. and i loved it.

last night was the 3rd annual platinum wedding cake competition held in dallas, texas. eight bakeries were chosen to compete for “best taste” and “best in show.” the former was chosen by a panel of judges and the latter was chosen by the crowd.

first of all, i really hope i get to attend more of these events. heck, i’ll even attend an elementary school’s cupcake competition if they had one. anything to eat pastries for free! there were also free appetizers and an open bar!  i don’t drink so i sipped on some coca cola classic.

as far as the cakes went…they were all beautiful. gorgeous. now, the flavors…some were a total HIT and some were a complete (dry) MISS. if there is something i absolutely can’t stand, it’s dry cake.

before each cake, i will introduce the bakery and flavor of the cake…and what my taste buds thought of each one.

contestant #1, OPULENT CAKES

Orange Grand Marnier Cake. delicious, and i loved the icing, whatever it was. i had the chance to taste their cake last year at the dallas bridal show i attended in october…they had a 4-layered slice sample that had a different flavor for each layer. might i say that i went nuts. it was one of the most amazing slices of wedding cake i have ever tasted. and i know that wedding cakes don’t usually come with 4-layered slices…but each of those flavors were just amazing. so i was excited that i got to taste test their cake again…and pleased that it was just as delicious. as far as the design goes, i thought it was gorgeous. if you stood in the far back of the room, away from the cakes, your eyes would most likely catch this cake first because of the pop of color. i posted some pictures of some of the cakes that opulent cakes did for the dallas bridal show in october, and if you want to see them, click here to be directed to that blog. i wore a dress made out of PAPER that day! it was fun!

contestant #2, THE CAKE GUYS

White Cake with White Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Fruit Filling. mmmm, delicious…that raspberry was amazing, that icing was amazing…mmmm….and just to let y’all know, the cake was on a generator that spun it around so you could see the cake from front to back, because it was so highly ornate! i also posted a picture of what the cake looked like as i was putting it in my belly. standing in front of the cake is chef chad fitzgerald of the cake guys, who is on TLC’s Next Great Baker. this cake…or shall i say “cake dress”….DUH, TOOK FIRST PLACE FOR BEST IN SHOW! as they did last year, too…i asked chef chad how long it took to decorate the cake and it took about 14 hours non-stop. amazing! each fondant “flower” with the feathers were applied individually to the bottom part of the cake. craziness!!!


White and Black Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Filling with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting. unfortunately, i don’t remember how this cake tasted…hm. i feel bad, but then again, in a competition that requires you to stand out, i think it should be important to come out with a flavor that makes a statement. as far as the design goes, i love a white on white presentation, but i could have done without about a quarter or a third of the flowers. my co-worker said that they should have added an extra tier and i agree. this cake was definitely the shortest and smallest out of all the competitors. then again…it was the shortest, smallest, and plainest out of all the competitors. but it was still cute.

contestant #4, SUGAR BEE SWEETS

Vanilla Cake with Honey Banana Jam and Cream Cheese Filling. what a DELICIOUS cake!!!! what a very unexpected burst of flavor! talk about a party in my mouth!!! as far as the design, i loved how clean the cake looked. i also enjoyed how it was the only cake i noticed that i thought of using for other occasions-think of a gentleman having his 50th birthday party. it was very simple, yet very elegant. this design took 3rd place for BEST IN SHOW. 

contestant #5, DELICIOUS CAKES

Vanilla Cake with a mix of Buttercream and Cream Cheese topping, then Raspberry Mouse over Raspberry Liquor Cake with Butter Sauce. umm…there was A LOT going on with this cake flavor…it was an overload of icing. it felt as if i ate a tub of buttercream icing. i looked at the open bar and thought, “i really could use a gallon of water right now to wash this down…” as far as the design goes, i loved the colors of the cake. i thought this was the “busiest” looking cake out of all of them. i didn’t like the tiers that had the covered pearls, especially the bottom tier. it looked unfinished. i loved how “spring” the cake looked, though. 

contestant #6, LEGACY CAKES

White Chocolate Cake with a White Chocolate Ganache and Chambord Buttercream. yummy cake, the white chocolate ganache was on point. i was really enjoying all the white chocolates! it’s not too overwhelming as a flavor. the design was absolutely gorgeous. i especially loved the fondant gathered tiers. in case you don’t notice, this is an 8-tier cake. the base is also a tier! the piping on the gray tiers were just amazing. i don’t know how these chefs do it. i just don’t know. this design took 2nd place for BEST IN SHOW.

contestant #7, CAKE CAROUSEL

Amaretto Cake with Lemon Mousse Filling. this cake was divine. i was very, very upset that chef kelli duffy did not take a win for flavor this evening, i thought this cake flavor was so light and refreshing, definitely something i would have loved to have a HUGE piece of after any type of dinner because it’s not heavy. the cake texture was perfect and the lemon mousse filling was delicious that if i had to eat them separately, i would have really enjoyed each alone. did i mention i was upset that they didn’t take a spot for best flavor? ugh…i loved the design of the cake. i love how clean it looks and how simple it is. the pop of color was pretty and the tiniest details on the cake were flawless.

contestant #8, ESSENCE CAKERY

Cassata Cake with French Mousseline, Raspberry Jam and Cream Cheese Frosting. umm…my co-worker said it best…”it’s like i’m eating cornbread.”  it definitely was the most unusual cake texture out of all the cakes i tasted, but i’m not sure if that was in a good way or in a bad way. i googled “cassata” and based on what i read, i didn’t get that from the cake i had. in fact, i didn’t eat the entire piece. it just didn’t do anything for me, unfortunately. as far as the design went, i loved the blue, quilted tiers. i loved how the design faded into a nice, smooth fondant. i think if the columns were removed, i would have enjoyed the cake design more.

i had a blast tasting all these cakes. i have a blast anywhere there is food, really. haha! but they are usually never pastries! i thought the designs were all very gorgeous, and i commend anyone who does cake because i don’t know if i’d have the patience to do it. i don’t know if i’d be able to work with fondant in large pieces, and i don’t even have a big kitchen to work in, so that would frustrate me. the night was definitely inspiring as far as design and flavor went.

what a yummy night!


october 21-october 23

the past 7 days have worn me out.

last friday, i worked in the morning and found out that there was a dress being overnighted from LA for me to be modeling at the unveiled dallas bridal show. the dress was designed by rami kashou of project runway (season 4). kashou started working with papyrus last year when he was asked to design a paper dress for a fashion night out event. this is what he created, which you will see on our papyrus posters around the country:


here is a model wearing the dress that was unveiled last year at the century city mall papyrus location:


i knew this was not the dress that was being overnighted, for two reasons:

1. i can’t see how someone would ship a box THAT BIG and that quick.

2. the model looks 6 feet tall. there’s no way i’d be able to fit in that dress.

if you are curious to see more of rami kashou’s paper dresses, all you have to do is google “papyrus paper dress” or “rami kashou paper dress” and look at all the images. they’re fabulous.


anyways, back to my story from friday morning. my boss called and wondered what dress size i wore. he asked, “are you a size 4?” and at that time, i didn’t know why he was asking, but i was so tempted to joke around and yell, “ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!?!?” i held back, though. that was when he told me about the rami kashou dress, and i immediately thought, “i better eat 7 meals a day for the new 2 days if i want to fit in that dress!” my boss said that i was going to be the only one wearing that dress, and we were going to MAKE. IT. FIT. he was informed that it was a size 4, so we discussed everything from the realistic options like having to wear padding or stuffing the dress to the ridiculous options like getting last minute boob implants. haha! then we just decided to wait until the dress got in so i could drive over and we could figure it out.

obviously, i needed shoes to match the dress…so i hopped over a few stores down to look at what cream/gold/bronze/copper shoes they had since my boss said it was in that color range. i narrowed it down to two pairs:


i chose the one on the left…and after i purchased them, my boss chose the one on the right. of course.

after my shoe purchase, the dress arrived at northpark, and i was on my merry way to take a look at it.

good thing we didn’t stress too much about the dress being too big, because the dress fit. the dress is not a size 4. the dress is a size 0. perfect, minus the fact that i couldn’t breath in it for the first 2 minutes. after a few breathing exercises, i had everything under control.

i had to try on the dress in front of the store because it was the only spot that had room for me to walk around in and have people around me, so we tried on some jewelry. our northpark location is the only location in dallas that sells our NIQUEA.D jewelry/accessories line. i got to try on some awesome blingy necklaces and earrings as customers gawked at the fact that i was wearing a paper dress. people were walking by the store, staring in and pointing at the dress. some came in to touch it. it was pretty funny because i had on an argyle sweater and black tights underneath, so it didn’t look as great. but it sure did knock everyone’s socks off as they walked by…

the fitting was successful and my jewelry was set aside for sunday, so that was awesome.

after work, i met up with some business partners and shoe ladies at blackfinn in addison. i decided to take the opportunity to break in my new heels. the ladies noticed my shoes and loved them. awesome. there were some pictures taken of our shoes, but i have yet to receive a copy of that. i mingled around for a little bit before i headed off to regal beagle to meet up with some friends. i didn’t stay long as i knew i had to wake up early the next morning.


…the next morning came fairly quick. as in 5:45 a.m…

here are a few pictures of the next 12 hours…


i had more pictures, but they aren’t loading. ugh.

but yes, it was just a day of shoes, shoes, and SHOES. shoes in my car, too. i am a closeted shoe freak. no one can tell because i only wear black shoes to work and i wear a select few to shoot pool, but i have……a ton of shoes. i just want to own 1,000 pairs of heels and boots and i’ll be a happy camper.


after my day of shoes galore, i had to run home to get my things ready for the bridal show. i was going to be spending the night at my coworker’s place in euless, so i had to make sure that i didn’t forget anything.

the absolute worst part about the next 9 hours was finding black bobby pins. it took 3 hours around plano and euless to find black bobby pins. seriously!? i’m just glad we found them before the insane thunderstorm arrived!

as the internet was acting up due to the thunderstorm, it took us a while to figure out hair and makeup for the bridal show. my boss wanted “dramatic makeup.” he sent us a picture of how he wanted my hair, which was a casual updo that the beautiful jessica alba had done with her hair. she had her hair braided down the side and the rest thrown up into a messy bun (no, my picture is not uploading…ugh!).

we ended up “taking a nap” from 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. which was brutal.

the next 3 hours were spent on my hair and makeup. all i did was sit as bobby pins were stuck in my head and half a can of hair spray was applied to my hair. i later counted how many bobby pins were in my hair. to get a “casual updo” for my hair, it requires 89 bobby pins. we totally overestimated, as we bought about 200. the most bobby pins i have had in my hair was 180+ and that was about 10 years ago. when i was in my beauty pageant (2001 MISS NMI UNVERSE), my sponsor (who was a hairdresser) had turned my hair into a bouquet of flowers. imagine that! yeah, that required an entire bottle of conditioner to detangle. but it was beautiful.



if you look behind those stunning ladies in this last picture (ha!), you can see the first rami kashou dress on the posters. and if you look on our necks, we are sporting some serious NIQUEA.D jewelry from the northpark store. it was fun.

the day was fun. i completely forgot that i was only running on an hour and a half of sleep. papyrus happened to be the only custom printing/stationery vendor at the bridal show, which was awesome. we had brides submit their information to enter into a raffle for $250 off their wedding invitations. they were all about that!

there were flower vendors…photography vendors…bridal dress vendors…linen vendors…cake vendors…entertainment vendors…there was a mini donut vendor. of course i tasted a few samples! as well as the cake booth that was giving away samples of their 4 layered cake slices and the booth that was giving away sandwiches (jonathan: “who serves sandwiches at a wedding?” good point, but i’m not complaining).

i hope our picture makes it into D MAGAZINE. the photographer for the magazine took a few pictures of us, and well…it’s not like there’s always a girl wearing a paper dress at a bridal show, right? look out for their upcoming issue. i know i will.

i wish i took more pictures, but my camera just wasn’t working. i had to bring my ancient kodak digital camera that takes AA batteries. i bought a new pack of batteries, but for some reason my camera would not turn on. i was so bummed because my sony digital, which died in march, could have taken some AMAZING pictures of the bridal show…and of that ridiculous dress in the faux wedding scene hallway (which i did take 2 pics of from my camera phone and showed you above). but i hope you enjoy what i posted. i thought the peacock wedding cake was awesome. the peacock theme and teal/purple color scheme was pretty big this year with my clients.

after the bridal show had to come an end, i drove home and passed out for 14 hours.



i had a great weekend!

first of all, let’s start with a shoe inspiration!


























my sister modeled 2 pairs of heels for me. thin heels, sparkle, PINK…there’s a lot of good going on with both those pairs!

i just want a thousand pairs of high heels right now….*sigh*


i went to a wedding (reception) yesterday (october 15, 2011). it was beautiful.
















































































































the night was great, the food was great, the company was great. at the wedding tony and i attended 2 weeks ago, i got to snatch one of the centerpieces. i was able to do so at this wedding, too. after the reception, we went to blackfinn in addison to meet up with friends and another wedding party group. it was a blast, hanging out with good company. i also ended up going home with a bouquet of flowers gifted to me at 2 a.m.!!!!!!


























wow, i got flowers from one wedding and two guys! ❤ so sweet!

AND HOW ABOUT THEM RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today (october 16, 2011) is boss’s day. unfortunately, my boss was not feeling well today so he didn’t get to come to work to this:


































i try to show my appreciation as much as i can…whether it be with a simple “thank you” or a gift…and i mean show my appreciation in general, not just for boss’s day. every day. we all never know when we are appreciated. sometimes the little things can make a person’s day. i always feel good when people thank me for something that i do. that’s all i need and i’m a happy camper. =)


here are a few questions that were asked today. i figure i’d answer them for the world to read….

what makes you tick?

-what makes me angry? being lied to. when people tug on the sleeve of my shirt..for some reason it sets me off. there are other ways to get my attention, and i prefer that it not be tugging on the sleeve of my shirt. umm…what else. i’m sure there are a few others, but i can’t think of them at the moment. i don’t like being around obnoxiously drunk people…the ones that breath down my neck and stick their face in mine and hang onto me and try to kiss me. yeah, i get that a few times. i don’t like it.

what makes you happy?

-oh, wow. i could go for days on this one. food. my nephew. my family. my friends. flowers. the color pink. writing. listening to music. driving with the windows down in the middle of the night. hanging out with friends outdoors at night. shoes. cupcakes. sightseeing. museums. soft things. feeling productive. midday naps. ice cream. snow-lots of it. game nights with friends. making people happy…to name a few…

what makes you really sad?

-when unfortunate things happen to good people. when i think i’m being ignored. when my friends don’t want to talk to me about certain things. when my nephew says i’m too busy to play with him. that last one goes straight to the heart. valentine’s day also makes me sad. but it’s hard to be sad because my favorite color is pink and i see it for days prior to the day. =)

what do you like to do on a rainy day?

-sleep in!!!!!!!! i actually like to use rainy days to clean and do laundry, if i’m off from work. if someone wants to play in the rain with me, i’m down for that. those would make good pictures. =) but this isn’t saipan…people don’t run around in the rain here. darn.

do you like to cuddle?

-yes. i’m a girl. don’t we all?

what cheers you up when you’re sad?

-food. starbucks (iced tall/grande with whip white mocha). blink 182. a good friend. and getting lost in a book store.

what is your favorite season?

-fall. it’s like spring, but with not as much rain, and the temperature is nice. summer is my next favorite because i’m a pacific islander, i love heat. this 2011 texas summer was a little too much for me, but the past 8 were great! spring is the next season because i love flowers. i don’t dislike winter, but i have long hair, and i hate shocking people when i touch them. also, even though i wear them, i’m not fond of turtlenecks.

how do you drink your coffee?

-with 2-3 spoons of sugar and lots of flavored creamer. it turns into, “would you like some coffee with your cream and sugar?”

what is your greatest fear?

-rejection. even the slight possibility of getting turned down just eats me up. dating and job interviews are the worst.

where do you want to live when you get married?

-in a house. within a painless driving distance from my nephew. and i like to have neighbors, so that rules out the country side. but i don’t want to live in the city. but i’ve never thought of this question, so i might change my mind a year from now!

what is on your bucket list?

-sky dive. travel…and travel A LOT. visit all 50 states. ride a hot air balloon. own a ferrari. those are a few, and those will happen.


that is all for now.


so……about 2 months ago, my dad told me that there is a russian couple that lives in saipan. they have a 12 year old daughter that collects the quarters for all 50 states but she’s missing one. oklahoma. my dad asked me to find an oklahoma quarter and send it to her. i found one later that night. one of the ladies on my pool team was nice enough to give me the oklahoma quarter that she found in her quarter stash, so i sent it to the little girl with a pretty card. my dad said she was so excited that she called her relatives in russia to tell them about my card. how sweet. well, i just sent her a US virgin islands quarter and told her that her collection is not complete. now i need to find a puerto rico, american samoa, guam, and northern mariana islands quarter. the northern mariana islands happens to the be rarest one in the entire batch of quarters, but i’m not worried about that one. my dad said he got me a roll of BU (brilliant uncirculated) NMI quarters. woohoo! i think they’re the prettiest quarters…not because that’s where i’m from or anything…but this is why:

The Northern Mariana Islands quarter reverse design represents the wealth of the islands in its natural resources of land, air and sea.  Near the shore stands a large limestone latte, the supporting column of ancient indigenous Chamorro structures.  A canoe of the indigenous Carolinians represents the people’s seafaring skills across vast distances.  Two white fairy tern birds fly in characteristic synchrony overhead.  A Carolinian mwar (head lei) composed of plumeria, langilang (Ylang Ylang), angagha (peacock flower) and teibwo (Pacific Basil) borders the bottom of the design near the inscription, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS.  The mwar is symbolic of the virtues of honor and respect.

there you have it. the latte stone, canoe, birds, and best-smelling flowers in the universe all in one quarter:








i miss home. and my parents. it’s definitely in reverse order.


big things have been happening lately. big things are about to happen. i need good vibes and good energy and good wishes from everyone!

have a wonderful week, y’all!


my wedding partner in crime, tony…

my buddy, tony, has asked me to be his wedding date numerous times in the past few years. we recently went to a wedding on october 1 and it was too much fun!!

here are a few pictures of the weddings we have attended together…

MAY 11, 2008


NOVEMBER 15, 2008


JULY 30, 2011


OCTOBER 1, 2011:



we have another wedding coming up. i can’t wait. weddings are too much fun. and they taste so good.