state fair of texas part 2

let me start off with my shoe inspiration real quick.

this picture was taken OF ME by my amazing friend, cory.

he has taken a few pictures of me shooting pool, and i do love these boots.

i just want to own 100 pairs of boots…


thank you, cory!! ❤

now, onto the state fair of texas part 2. today, i went with my sister and my little man (my nephew). the weather was about 60ish degrees, which is just too cold for me…but it warmed up later in the day. we rode the dart there and brought our canned goods to get our $2 admissions because it was the wednesday special deal. i wanted to eat before we went to the fair but my sister insisted that we eat everything on the fair grounds instead of my jack in the box breakfast that i kept whining that i didn’t get to have. when we got to the fair, we walked by a huge sign that said “ultimate fried burger” and i was sold. of course i base everything on what pictures of food look like…but fried pickles, fried onions, and fried cheese in a burger? yes, please. my sister’s 2 main things are a funnel cake and a turkey leg, so we got the funnel cake first. my nephew had to have a corn dog. that was lunch.

i didn’t know what to expect at the state fair today. the last time my sister went to the fair (maybe 5 years ago!?), we were there for only 2 hours because she fell sick. last year, i took my nephew to the fair with a bunch of friends and we stayed there ALL DAY. we’ve never been to the fair together…but it was fun!…aside from the fact that my nephew got so hyper that he was getting on our nerves. “i want to ride the big round thing!” which was the ferris wheel that he didn’t get to ride on. “i want cotton candy!” which we did give him. “I WANT SODA!” which we gave him very little of to get him to quiet down and get out of our hair. “i want to go home!” which we eventually ended up doing around 5 p.m…

my only goal was to take fun pictures. the last time i went to the fair with penny, we walked around and walked into every exhibit and every building and walked through the entire fair grounds….this time around, we saw the bird show, saw as many animals as we could, and took a ton of fun pictures. we took pictures with anything from the banana trees (of course, being that we’re island girls) to the fountains to the huge….huge…elephant we walked by….my nephew is quite the model. he just expects to be in every picture. so you will be seeing a lot of him…..




there you have it.

here is my 70+ picture blog of our fun-filled day. i thought the pictures were great. i didn’t edit any of them, which i loved about them even more. i think i got my fix of this year’s state fair. this year was the best year i’ve visited the fair because i got to experience it the most out of both visits than i have in the previous years combined. i got to experience the fair with an adult during the first visit and with a child in the second visit, so it was fun. i didn’t get to eat another buffalo chicken in a flapjack but i was fine with that. i was glad we bumped into the fried okra booth (my sister and i LOVE fried okra) and my sister ended up getting her turkey leg before we left, so she was a happy camper.

cheers to the 125th anniversary of THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS!


the state fair of texas 2011…in 60 pictures…

the state fair of texas is too much fun. there’s always so much to do and not enough time in a day to do it. i did a lot of things that i have never done before…like get free stuff…eat free food…test drive cars…shoot on a $10,000 roped off pool table…watch shows i’ve never seen before…it was too much fun. a day later, my calves are paying for it.

i told penny to watch out for anything i could use for my “shoe inspiration” and a few minutes after i said that, we found the GLUE A SHOE display cases! i loved those creative shoes!

when i take pictures, i seem to take WAY MORE pictures of the cars than anything else. if i posted all the pictures i wanted to post up, i’d probably give this blog a heart attack. besides, i want to go to the fair again, so i’ll be posting more pictures. =)