happy terrific two

today is my 2 year anniversary of blogging. 

first of all, i want to say thank you for reading my blog. and all of its randomness. 

i have enjoyed meeting as many of you as i can (via blog comments, emails, facebook, instagram, etc…). i have enjoyed reading your blogs. i have enjoyed trying your recipes and experiencing your life through your stories. i have enjoyed reading about ingredients i don’t even like, and have not “enjoyed” reading about your dating woes and disasters. but you are all fantastic writers, and that’s what keeps me reading. 

there’s nothing sophisticated or themed about my blog. it’s just a bunch of random experiences that i want to share. 

and with that said, stay tuned for more random experiences that i will still be sharing!

may you all have a fantastic week. =)


sierra lei











hockey time

i went to my first dallas stars game tonight. it took 10 years!? nuts!

my sister’s boyfriend invited 3 of us to the game, and i was excited ALL DAY TODAY.

i love watching sports live!!!

final score: dallas stars win vs. los angeles kings, 5-1. i even got me 5 coupons for free tacos at taco bueno!


derek and i during 2nd and 3rd period!

derek and i during 2nd and 3rd period!


next up, dallas cowboys games and longhorns games!!!!