dress to impress


this project i’ve been working on….

or “these” projects, i should say….

they’re posted on my work blog, which i will link at the end of my message.

my district consists of real awesome people. we all have strong personalities, we blend very well together, we’re fun and funny. i love my co-workers. we’re very supportive of each other. we’re just really cool. some of my co-workers are in the pictures that are on the blog that just got posted.

i want to ask y’all for a favor…

i want tons of feedback on what you think of my project, or the remodel of my store, or whatever you see or read on the blog. it would really mean a lot to me for my co-workers to read about it. and i don’t mean comment on my blog, i mean comment on my work blog. say whatever you want to say, it’s open to your opinions and criticisms. i would greatly appreciate it.

i spent over 100 hours in one week working on the one dress that was featured in the press release. these are the people that i really appreciate and thank for helping me out, because i seriously could NOT have completed it without them:

-mary melissa, who is the personal assistant to the vice president

-jonathan leblanc, store manager of the papyrus shops of willow bend

-lauren schneider, custom print manager at papyrus shops of willow bend

-samantha mitchell, custom print manager at papyrus shops of willow bend

(can you guess where i spent my week working on the paper dress project? hee hee)

-my friend, tiffany, who helped me cut roses until 4:30 a.m.

-my sister and our friend, d, who helped me cut roses even though they had to sleep early for church the next morning. haha.

my store re-opened on april 1 and i decided to take april 2 off work…you know, to sleep in. yeah, guess what i woke up to? swollen fingers. i should have taken a picture of them but i was asleep for 20 hours total throughout the day. i was so beat. my fingers were so fat and swollen, i couldn’t even make a fist. i guess they got freaked out that i wasn’t curling paper or cutting up little pieces like i had been doing for over 12 hours a day. it’s thursday morning-ish (2 a.m.) and i’m still not sure if i’ve been caught up on sleep. ugh!!!

anyways, without further ado, swing on over to my work’s blog and tell me what you think, mmkay?



randomness for 03/21/2012

-exactly 3 years ago, this picture was taken of me and my sister: 

my sister and i went to a birthday party…and bought matching dresses and flowers. =)

-i was reading a bunch of blogs today…most of them were on baking, pastries, cupcakes, weddings, photography, tattoos, and art. i read a lot of blogs. a ton of blogs. i’m obsessed with them. there are a lot of trends when it comes to certain topics. in baking, there were lots of breads that were made this week. in cupcakes, there were lots of irish car bomb cupcakes and green cupcakes, because of st. patty’s day. gluten-free cooking has been pretty big lately, too. i’ll read about anything when it comes to cooking. 

-my store (papyrus) shut down today for a 10 day remodel. we will have a grand re-opening when it is complete. i am very excited. the pictures will be posted on the papyrus custom printing blog. that is the blog for the texas papyrus stores. if you are not familiar with the company, we are a stationery boutique. we sell greeting cards that will blow your socks off, we sell custom printed stationery (wedding invitations, business cards, napkins, whatever you want personalized-do you want an ipad cover with your name on it? we do that, too), we sell journals and books and picture frames and wrapping paper and gift bags and note card sets, and we started selling jewelry (why jewelry? we have always sold jewelry, and they are gift items). i am working on a big project for my store’s grand re-opening. i will be making 3 dresses out of different papers. and they will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! the pictures will be posted on the papyrus custom printing blog when they are completed. IF YOU THINK MY CUPCAKES ARE COOL………prepare for what i’m about to create…i have about 10 days to work on 3 of what took me 7 days to do 1 of last year. so it’ll be like the tv show “dinner:impossible” by chef robert irvine. haha. i like how i just connected my project to food…..

-one of the first cupcakes i’ve done were these:

these were done for the captain of my pool team 3 years ago. 

these were the types of cupcakes i made regularly a few years ago, too: 



i usually indicated which cupcake was what based on the decoration. =) these were my pre-fondant days. they were fun and simple.


it’s almost 2 a.m. so i best get to bed. there are lots to do for PROJECT PAPER DRESSES: 


have a good day, y’all!


paper dresses and inspirations

back in february, all 4 dallas stores had the opportunity to make wedding dresses out of wedding invitations. we were sent torsos and instructions on what dress to make, but each of us took our own routes. i made a strapless princess ball gown. 


a couple came in to the store one day and were in awe of my dress. jill and jay were their names. sweet couple. jill said she wanted to do something similar for the singles group at her church, so we exchanged business cards to keep in touch. unfortunately, i was so tied down with work for the next few months that i failed miserably to keep in touch, but she would pop in every once in a while to let me know that she still wanted to do a paper dress. my ball gown did not last throughout the summer because a kid fell on it and the waist dropped, so i had to make a more simple design. 



later on, in october, jill popped in again and had confirmed that they were going to do a paper dress for the singles group at their church. we chatted for a bit to throw out ideas and suggestions, as the singles group was going to have a dinner event in early november and they needed to get crackin’ on it. i felt terrible because i wasn’t able to offer much help after that day and the event came and passed by the time jill popped back into the store about a week or two later. BUT SHE TOOK PICTURES OF THEIR PAPER DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s gorgeous! the single ladies made faux wedding invitations and letters to their future husbands and pasted them onto a torso and everyone loved the idea and the dress turned out to be a big hit! i was thrilled. and i was ecstatic that jill sent me pictures!!!!!

the first picture is of the dress, which i thought looked AMAZING, the second picture was taken while the dinner event was going on, and the third picture is of the lovely couple that got inspired by my wedding dress back in february. 

thank you, jill, for sharing your pictures with me and for having fun making the beautiful dress with your ladies! 




“See what you inspired! Thank you so much, Sierra!” 




october 21-october 23

the past 7 days have worn me out.

last friday, i worked in the morning and found out that there was a dress being overnighted from LA for me to be modeling at the unveiled dallas bridal show. the dress was designed by rami kashou of project runway (season 4). kashou started working with papyrus last year when he was asked to design a paper dress for a fashion night out event. this is what he created, which you will see on our papyrus posters around the country:


here is a model wearing the dress that was unveiled last year at the century city mall papyrus location:


i knew this was not the dress that was being overnighted, for two reasons:

1. i can’t see how someone would ship a box THAT BIG and that quick.

2. the model looks 6 feet tall. there’s no way i’d be able to fit in that dress.

if you are curious to see more of rami kashou’s paper dresses, all you have to do is google “papyrus paper dress” or “rami kashou paper dress” and look at all the images. they’re fabulous.


anyways, back to my story from friday morning. my boss called and wondered what dress size i wore. he asked, “are you a size 4?” and at that time, i didn’t know why he was asking, but i was so tempted to joke around and yell, “ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!?!?” i held back, though. that was when he told me about the rami kashou dress, and i immediately thought, “i better eat 7 meals a day for the new 2 days if i want to fit in that dress!” my boss said that i was going to be the only one wearing that dress, and we were going to MAKE. IT. FIT. he was informed that it was a size 4, so we discussed everything from the realistic options like having to wear padding or stuffing the dress to the ridiculous options like getting last minute boob implants. haha! then we just decided to wait until the dress got in so i could drive over and we could figure it out.

obviously, i needed shoes to match the dress…so i hopped over a few stores down to look at what cream/gold/bronze/copper shoes they had since my boss said it was in that color range. i narrowed it down to two pairs:


i chose the one on the left…and after i purchased them, my boss chose the one on the right. of course.

after my shoe purchase, the dress arrived at northpark, and i was on my merry way to take a look at it.

good thing we didn’t stress too much about the dress being too big, because the dress fit. the dress is not a size 4. the dress is a size 0. perfect, minus the fact that i couldn’t breath in it for the first 2 minutes. after a few breathing exercises, i had everything under control.

i had to try on the dress in front of the store because it was the only spot that had room for me to walk around in and have people around me, so we tried on some jewelry. our northpark location is the only location in dallas that sells our NIQUEA.D jewelry/accessories line. i got to try on some awesome blingy necklaces and earrings as customers gawked at the fact that i was wearing a paper dress. people were walking by the store, staring in and pointing at the dress. some came in to touch it. it was pretty funny because i had on an argyle sweater and black tights underneath, so it didn’t look as great. but it sure did knock everyone’s socks off as they walked by…

the fitting was successful and my jewelry was set aside for sunday, so that was awesome.

after work, i met up with some business partners and shoe ladies at blackfinn in addison. i decided to take the opportunity to break in my new heels. the ladies noticed my shoes and loved them. awesome. there were some pictures taken of our shoes, but i have yet to receive a copy of that. i mingled around for a little bit before i headed off to regal beagle to meet up with some friends. i didn’t stay long as i knew i had to wake up early the next morning.


…the next morning came fairly quick. as in 5:45 a.m…

here are a few pictures of the next 12 hours…


i had more pictures, but they aren’t loading. ugh.

but yes, it was just a day of shoes, shoes, and SHOES. shoes in my car, too. i am a closeted shoe freak. no one can tell because i only wear black shoes to work and i wear a select few to shoot pool, but i have……a ton of shoes. i just want to own 1,000 pairs of heels and boots and i’ll be a happy camper.


after my day of shoes galore, i had to run home to get my things ready for the bridal show. i was going to be spending the night at my coworker’s place in euless, so i had to make sure that i didn’t forget anything.

the absolute worst part about the next 9 hours was finding black bobby pins. it took 3 hours around plano and euless to find black bobby pins. seriously!? i’m just glad we found them before the insane thunderstorm arrived!

as the internet was acting up due to the thunderstorm, it took us a while to figure out hair and makeup for the bridal show. my boss wanted “dramatic makeup.” he sent us a picture of how he wanted my hair, which was a casual updo that the beautiful jessica alba had done with her hair. she had her hair braided down the side and the rest thrown up into a messy bun (no, my picture is not uploading…ugh!).

we ended up “taking a nap” from 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. which was brutal.

the next 3 hours were spent on my hair and makeup. all i did was sit as bobby pins were stuck in my head and half a can of hair spray was applied to my hair. i later counted how many bobby pins were in my hair. to get a “casual updo” for my hair, it requires 89 bobby pins. we totally overestimated, as we bought about 200. the most bobby pins i have had in my hair was 180+ and that was about 10 years ago. when i was in my beauty pageant (2001 MISS NMI UNVERSE), my sponsor (who was a hairdresser) had turned my hair into a bouquet of flowers. imagine that! yeah, that required an entire bottle of conditioner to detangle. but it was beautiful.



if you look behind those stunning ladies in this last picture (ha!), you can see the first rami kashou dress on the posters. and if you look on our necks, we are sporting some serious NIQUEA.D jewelry from the northpark store. it was fun.

the day was fun. i completely forgot that i was only running on an hour and a half of sleep. papyrus happened to be the only custom printing/stationery vendor at the bridal show, which was awesome. we had brides submit their information to enter into a raffle for $250 off their wedding invitations. they were all about that!

there were flower vendors…photography vendors…bridal dress vendors…linen vendors…cake vendors…entertainment vendors…there was a mini donut vendor. of course i tasted a few samples! as well as the cake booth that was giving away samples of their 4 layered cake slices and the booth that was giving away sandwiches (jonathan: “who serves sandwiches at a wedding?” good point, but i’m not complaining).

i hope our picture makes it into D MAGAZINE. the photographer for the magazine took a few pictures of us, and well…it’s not like there’s always a girl wearing a paper dress at a bridal show, right? look out for their upcoming issue. i know i will.

i wish i took more pictures, but my camera just wasn’t working. i had to bring my ancient kodak digital camera that takes AA batteries. i bought a new pack of batteries, but for some reason my camera would not turn on. i was so bummed because my sony digital, which died in march, could have taken some AMAZING pictures of the bridal show…and of that ridiculous dress in the faux wedding scene hallway (which i did take 2 pics of from my camera phone and showed you above). but i hope you enjoy what i posted. i thought the peacock wedding cake was awesome. the peacock theme and teal/purple color scheme was pretty big this year with my clients.

after the bridal show had to come an end, i drove home and passed out for 14 hours.