the oreo cupcake

i made oreo cupcakes tonight. how appropriate that oreo cookies celebrates their 100th birthday this year. =)

and because i don’t really taste test my cupcakes, i will be having my co-workers do that for me tomorrow. 

i am backed up on the birthday cupcakes i need to make for my friends and co-workers, and i feel terrible. i have these great ideas for each person, but work has been keeping me busy lately. these oreo cupcakes are for the captain of one of my pool teams, duncan. i’d like to think he is one of my big cupcake fans. last year, i felt bad because i couldn’t make him cupcakes but i brought him some from my favorite cupcakery. the year before that i did make him cupcakes. 

i made this particular icing for the first time. it involved heavy cream. now i have all this extra heavy cream that i don’t know what to do with. darnit! must find recipes that require heavy cream because i hate wasting…there are no oreos that will be wasted. 

and here are the ones for this year.

in other news…

i think i will be attending a bridal show or two this weekend around dallas. i’m curious to see what goes on at different bridal shows, so i will be a “non-engaged” guest. hee hee. and hopefully i get to taste some cakes! woot! 

that’s actually all i’ve got for now. i have to get back to work at 1 a.m….