baby shower madness…

it was a crazy weekend…

we (my friend, tiffany, and i) baked, piped, iced, floured, shaped, rolled, dyed, mixed, burned, and actually taste tested for 22 hours.

here’s another “blog in pictures” that i will caption for you all. i co-hosted a baby shower for a friend, and although a million things went wrong (i totally burned a batch of lemon cupcakes…what in the world!?), the best made it on the tables. haha.

oh, and if timing couldn’t be any better, our friend gave birth today! almost 24 hours after the baby shower, baby ashton was born. there was a miscalculation in due dates and how far along our friend was, but she was very aware of her body and knew that ashton was not going to make it another month. so i’m glad we all got to enjoy the food and fun and desserts, because if the baby was born during the shower…i don’t know what would have happened! haha!


good lemon cupcakes. burned lemon cupcakes.

figuring out a font for the sugar cookies…

attempting to doodle for the sugar cookies…

graham cracker crust for the reese’s peanut butter mini cheesecakes!

after this batch, i decided to cut the peanut butter cups in half, horizontally…

the peanut butter cups looked too tall in the mini cups…

strawberry cake pops!

these reese’s peanut butter mini cheesecakes were….so…..good…….

more cake pop prepping…

this was when i wanted to give up. just give up. we had a dipping disaster.

piped the lemon cupcakes with a lemon pudding down the middle, topped with white icing. i put less batter in the cups to give me a more flat top to write on.

the letter “A” for Ashton.

pink crowns!

baby’s first monogram!

oreo truffles with some drizzle…

mini nutella cheesecakes!!!…the only one dessert i had at the baby shower other than fruits! and they were AWESOME!

the mom-to-be’s favorite, old fashioned rice krispy treats! with some pink icing. =)

some “disaster dipped” cake pops that ended up looking good on the plate!

the cookies, ready to rock and roll…

ta da!!! the dessert spread!

we cut up some of my note cards with squiggly scissors and made little description cards, like at buffet restaurants!

the lemon cupcakes on what was a light fixture that our friend’s mom turned into a serving platter! it was insanely gorgeous!

here’s the light fixture, with a platter, with jewels hand applied on the ends, and doilies on top. isn’t this the neatest thing EVER!?

i noticed that no one touched these oreo truffles. i think it was because they were not in a good spot. so we moved them. and then they disappeared.

strawberries. they were to be dipped in sour cream (whaaaat!?) and rolled in brown sugar and chopped nuts. so good!

veggie tray, marshmallows, and oreo truffles.

baby’s got some napkins already.

our friend’s mom is such a creative genius..turning her kitchen bar into a dessert heaven using different heights and painting a hat box pink, turning it upside down, and decorating it to be one of my favorite things on that table!

the cookies and cheesecakes.

the delicious chips and dip spread….

our friend’s parents own a restaurant called COSTA VIDA. let’s just say that after my juice fast diet, i will be paying them a visit. the food was so good, it was…unreal.

cute plates!


a diaper tricycle cake!

a fun, sassy PRINCESS cake!

an adorable cake! it even had a little bible on top!!

a cute cake with the baby’s name on it!

a heart-shaped cake with the baby’s name on it!

little washcloth cupcakes!

the winner of the diaper cake competition! tulle, leopard print, and sofie the giraffe!

prizes for the diaper cake competition and games. they included stationery, cute magnets, jewelry, victoria’s secret scents, gift cards to victoria’s secret, bath & body works, and dinner for 2 at costa vida, and more!

the entrance to the shower.

a photographer was on site to take pictures and print them out quickly so we could take them home with us! how fun!

voting on the diaper cakes. hmm….serious face.

opening gifts before the diaper cake winners are announced!

after 2 hours of sleep, my partner finds some time to herself…and the diapers.