bits and pieces of the past few days…

my shoe inspiration for the WEEK comes from a lovely lady name Melina Rasa.

fun. sassy.

flirty. sexy.

juicy couture. hello kitty.


there’s my mini poem for melina.

friends and family are the best inspirations, that’s for sure. melina shared this picture on my facebook and i fell over in my chair. i follow her facebook because i love her look. i love her sense of style. i love her magnetic personality.

she’s too cool for school.

thank you, melina! ❤

if anyone sends me pictures of themselves in their sassy heels and sandals, they WILL be my shoe inspirations. so bring it on, sisters…

on my facebook, i asked for everyone to give me at least 3 words that describe me, in their opinion. i’ll accept answers via blog comment, text messaging, email, facebook comment, facebook message, phone call, handwritten letter, google+, twitter, smoke signals…you get the idea. i’m working on a project, and i want all my friends and family to get involved in it. i basically want my friends and family to write about me without me having to come up with something that might not be true. so if you’re reading this, and you have yet to list at least 3 words that describe me, please do so, and THANK YOU! and thank you to all of those who have facebooked/texted/emailed me already!

my niece, emma, has a birthday party tomorrow.

this is her first birthday photo:

she’s cute as a button, yes.

this is her second birthday photo:

i had to post that photo. it was adorable. she was determined to lick all the icing off each of the disney princesses.

she went from her tomboy birthday to her girly birthday. we’ll see which theme this next one is.

she’s absolutely adorable, it kills me.

i bought a pair of heels today. i wasn’t too happy with the ballet flats i wore with my dress. i don’t know how i thought 5″ heels would be way better than a pair of flats. breaking in 5″ heels at work isn’t the best idea, but once i do break them in, they’re gonna be my favorite pair of work shoes. the UPS guy said my heels were “hot.” he loved them. in fact, a few hours later, he brought his other UPS buddy to come and check them out, but i was in my flats for the meantime. i’m sure his co-worker thought, “you seriously brought me in here to look at a girl’s shoes? and she’s not even wearing them?” they said they’d check back with me on monday. that’s hilarious. i need to ask them for their names. i don’t like not knowing my UPS guy’s name. they’re both new…or at least new to the mall…

i really should get some rest. i’m having my hair trimmed in a few hours. i’m so excited. the girl who cuts my hair is the only person who has touched my hair in the US. one day, over 5 years ago, isabel asked me to be her “guinea pig” at her hair school and i said yes. i fell in love with what she did to my hair and have not gone to anyone else since then. she has dyed it red, black, purple, and pink so far. she’s given me layers, sideswept bangs, and straight bangs. tomorrow i’m just getting a trim. a much needed trim. the one that makes me hope i don’t get scolded by her because the last time i got my hair trimmed was in may or june. but i refuse to go to anyone else. when you have a good “anything” you stick with it. =)

have a good night, y’all, and a great weekend.


monday, monday…

monday is my favorite day of the week. it is also my longest day of the week…well, unless i have the day off from work. i usually get up at 7:30-8:00 a.m. (depending on how much i want to conquer the world that day), then go to work until 5 p.m., then go shoot pool until 2 a.m.

i saw a note for me in the morning:

last week i had written cards for a bunch of family and friends, and this particular client was one of them, so i knew he had received my card in the mail. he was one of my 13 callers for the morning. he thanked me for the card and for thinking of him, and told me that he was on his way to the post office to deliver me a letter and a CD. he works in the music industry. a few months ago, he had invited me and another coworker to see an australian band perform in dallas, but he had to later cancel and apologize to us, as the band wasn’t able to get their passports in time. the CD that he was going to send me in the mail is of that particular band, so i’m pretty stoked about that! he said that in the letter he wrote me, he was asking me to take a trip with him to australia…for a month. what a wonderful gesture, but  i don’t know how something like that would fly by my bosses. “hey, can i go to australia with a client for a month? i know, i know it’s the holiday season, but it’s AUSTRALIA, MAN!”…………….umm, not so much…….(i wonder if i said “yes” would he fly me by saipan…hmm….)………..but yeah, i WISH i could just hop on a plane and go. it was nice of him to offer, though. i’m still excited to get a letter in the mail. woot!

my client that i’m doing the hello kitty cupcakes for stopped by to pick up her son and future daughter-in-law’s wedding napkins. i showed her the pictures of the hello kitty fondant heads. she said they were “perfect.” gosh, are some people just really easy to please. tomorrow i will start making the 48 hello kitty fondant heads.

i went to the “mall post office” and took pictures of the 2 hello kitty window displays i walked by:

swarovski had both their windows displaying their new swarovski crystal hello kitty line. everyone is MORE THAN WELCOME to buy me ANYTHING or EVERYTHING from this collection. ADORBS!

then on my way back to work from the “mall post office,” i took a picture of the new store called HELLO PRETTY:

the store is right below ours. and that ends my hello kitty inspiration for the day…

since i’m on the theme of inspiration, here is my shoe picture of the day:

it’s true. and i do own that magnet.

i saw the guys from chase bank today, and i thought about how easy it would be to make little chase logos for cupcakes. i will be attempting that task tomorrow after work. to make little chase bank cupcakes. they don’t know about my blog website, so they’re not going to read about this until afterwards. =) they’re a fun group of people. it’s always nice to be around a fun group of people.

i saw “miss mimi” today. she works at one of the perfume counters at neiman marcus. she’s one of the sweetest ladies ever. she always talks about how beautiful i am and how beautiful my face is. she’s such a self-esteem/confidence booster. if i’m ever having a bad day, i should just go to her. she used to give me little perfume samples. she’s the best.

when i got home to change before pool league, my nephew was drawing:

“look, ra ra, this is me in the shower (him in the middle with a square which i’m assuming is a towel), and this is mommy and this is daddy!………..HAHAHAHAHA! MOMMY’S SO SMALL!” of course mommy’s so small, she’s not even 5′ tall and your daddy’s about 6’6″ if i’m not mistaken, kiddo. he drew himself with a BIG HEAD. i hope that means he’s going to be smart. hahaha.

i was finally able join the team i have been wanting to be on for a while. one of their players had some personal issues to work out, so he had to drop off the team, which left a slot for me. i played my first match on the team tonight, and i won.

this was my opponent. he is a skill level higher than i am. i didn’t go into the match thinking i was going to win, but i just made sure to play smart and follow all the rules that i was taught in the past 3 1/2 years. my old team broke up in april and we are all now playing on 3 different teams this session, so i don’t get the little pep talks that my captain/pool best friend, tim, gives me. in my very last game for the win, i had the 5 ball on one rail and the 8 ball on the opposite rail of the table. first of all, i call the 5 ball “tim’s ball” because i think it’s his favorite one (mine is the 2 ball), and i remembered a shot he taught me that would take me back to the 8 ball. i executed the shot very well and turned to my team mate and said, “tim taught me that shot!” then i made the 8 ball and i won my match. =) i was pleased. and our team won 5-0. “welcome to the team!” penny exclaimed. THANK YOU!

i went to check on how my friends were doing with their team…and this is what i read on their scoresheet:

hmm. it looked like a lot of pool players had “romo fever” tonight. there were lots of “i did great in the beginning and lost in the end” stories. maybe next time, guys.

y’all have a great night.


hello, world…


i have until september 17 to make 4 dozen cupcakes with fondant hello kitty heads. i spent the first part of my day off trying to get out of bed so i could hit up the dangerous store that is michael’s. someone in the house thought that my icing bag and metal cupcake frosting tip were disposable, so i had to buy new ones.

this is always the first aisle i go to when i am in michael’s…whether or not i need baking supplies. i just want one of everything that wilton produces. maybe in the future i will start buying duff’s products. i’m not all about to go “ace of cakes” on everything just yet. that’s way too much fondant for me to want to deal with.

as i was checking out, i bumped into some little hello kitty tin heads. adorbs. but they didn’t have purple bows.

it was an unusually busy day at michael’s today. each line had over 10 people, whining and complaining about how ridiculous the long lines were. i thought, “oh, so you expect to be the only customer who shops here.” i don’t understand. the lady in front of me told the cashier girl how it was  “bad customer service”  to have long lines at the registers. i’m sorry, lady, but it’s long lines like these that keep this store that you love so much to stay OPEN FOR BUSINESS. i can’t figure out customers like that. if there were only 2 cashiers at the registers and 50 customers in line, then i would understand if anyone complained. but it wasn’t the case…so moving along…

when i walked out of michael’s, i had the urge to swing by DSW to look at some shoes…you know, because it was right next door…but i looked at the time (it was 5:45 p.m.) and i knew that if i walked in, the sales associates would hate me for being another customer that walks in right before closing. i hate doing that. and i can’t be in a DSW for 15 minutes. it doesn’t make sense. i just wanted to look at some shoes…not buy them…maybe. i sat in my car for 5 minutes, convincing myself to just drive home, and then i left. when i pulled out in front of DSW, i noticed 5 ladies all walking in. i’m sure the sales associates loved that.

i got home with my supplies from michael’s and my free box of ritz crackerfuls from CVS. i’m loving these CVS coupons that give me free candy and snacks!

i was not pleased with my first hello kitty head. i couldn’t find my exacto knife so i had to cut the fondant with a parer knife. i don’t even like cutting fondant immediately after i roll it out because it’s still sticky. i prefer letting it sit to dry up a bit so my edges can be cleaner. i had my sister print out a picture so i could use it as a guide. i used mini m&ms for the eyes and the nose. i’m still not sure if i like the bow or not. i’m tempted to use a flower cut out because the bride and groom are getting married in the bahamas. i figure a flower would be more tropical. any thoughts? as far as the whiskers, i used black icing…and you can definitely tell that i can’t pipe LEFT HANDED! this first try is going in the trash.

my nephew always wants to help me so bad, but he ends up giving me a headache. it’s my fault. every time i start something, i ask, “wanna help me with this, punkin?” and after about 10 minutes it turns into, “DON’T TOUCH THAT! I SAID….DON’T. TOUCH. THAT!” he wanted to jam the mini m&ms into my white rolled out fondant. he wanted to take a flower cutout and press it into my white rolled out fondant. he wanted to, and did, press his fingers into my white rolled out fondant. i can’t ever have my back turned to him when i’m working with cupcake decorations. it ends up being a hot mess.

in my third attempt, i shortened the whiskers. and i’m still unsure about that bow. i’ll try a flower cutout tomorrow. i made sure to separate the yellow and brown m&ms from the other colors in case my nephew got into the m&ms containers…but i obviously forgot that he doesn’t even like chocolate. how did we get this lucky?

sometime this week i need to make cupcakes for the tellers at chase bank. they’re such a fun group of people. i was thinking of making the blue logo out of fondant and surprising them with it. we’ll see. i don’t like talking about something i want to do and not following through with it.

i feel as if i should have had some cool introduction to my first blog post, but i figured that i should just get straight to the point and act like i’ve been blogging for years.

besides, this is kinda how my blogs are going to be moving forward…so here you go.