throwback thursday 05/02/13

i love planning events and throwing parties.

well, i love planning and coordinating and working with color schemes and making party favors and executing perfect displays and finding great food and gathering big crowds and making sure people have a good time.

but i don’t like the whole “burning the midnight oil” part. that’s the part that kills me the most.

i decided to do throwback thursday posts. earlier this evening, i was looking through some old photos and bumped into the pictures of the baby shower i threw for my sister. oh, the memories…..

it was back in 2006. during the first part of my sister’s pregnancy, we didn’t quite get along. we were doing our thing, going our ways…but of course, i had to throw her a baby shower. i’ve never really planned anything ON MY OWN before, so i had no idea what i was doing, but i knew that a baby shower had to go down, and i was the one to make it happen.

i did my research. what elements are involved in a baby shower? food. check. cake. check. decorations. check. party favors. woohoo! check. diaper cake. diaper what?

my sister and i were working for a department store, and we were close to a lot of our co workers, so invited almost all of them. i threw out baby shower invites, but being from saipan, i did not have anyone RSVP. because i did not know how many people were really coming, i just made sure there was enough of everything for everyone-food, cake, snacks, and party favors.

the bath and body works semi-annual sale was going on and i spotted votive holders for $1. a dollar! what a steal! i bought every single clear, frosted white, and blue votive holder in the entire dallas DISTRICT. i drove to malls that i STILL do not know how to get to today. their votive candles were 2/$1. i bought enough vanilla and cotton blossom votive candles to match each holder. i found mini baby confetti, white and blue tulle, and ribbons at different stores and had an assembly team of 4 people assembling the party favors for 2 nights straight-me, my boyfriend at the time, my brother, and his girlfriend at the time. we were like santa’s elves in the workshop, cutting tulle, sprinkling confetti, and tying little bows-and then hiding them in huge tupperware bins under the bed so my sister wouldn’t bump into them if she came over.

i heard that a particular bakery sold THE best tres leches cake in dallas. i don’t even remember who the bakery was but i knew i had to have that cake. all i knew about the bakery was that it was in a bad part of town, so i had my brother go get it. the baby shower had 2 cakes. “more is better than less (do you watch those at&t commercials? you’ll get that quote, haha).”

the diaper cake situation. i discovered that it wasn’t edible-darn. but it was creative-yay! so i made one. you roll up diapers and form them into a wedding cake. easy. i don’t think my first one turned out bad at all.

six years ago was such a blur, especially when i had no idea what i was doing. i remember being so dang tired the day of the baby shower. there was only one picture taken of me from that day and i refuse to post it. i was holding a BUNCH of helium balloons and i wanted to cover my face with them because i looked and felt so terrible. i thought i had thrown a successful baby shower, but looking back at it, i think to myself, “oooh, knowing what i know now, i could really have made it 10 times better….” i would have made party favor tags. i would have done RSVPs. i would have made the cutest little cupcakes. i didn’t bake back then. i don’t think i started baking until about 4-5 years ago. but i could have made some killer cupcakes.

here are some photos i found online of the baby shower. they might not be much, but i thought they were pretty cool!






















it was fun.

i hope i find other good throwback thursday ideas moving forward!


what a lovely sunday

today was jessica’s bridal shower. i worked with jessica back in 2008. she had been dating her fiance, steven, for a few months. now, 5 years later, they are getting married. my, how time flies! the bridal shower was so much fun. i usually don’t like going to events if i don’t know many people, and i only knew jessica at the bridal shower but it was such a nice atmosphere with everyone chatting and meeting everyone. the hostess, one of the bridesmaids, was so very sweet and accommodating. she did a great job with the decor and food (i can’t BELIEVE i did not take a picture of the food! whatwasithinking!?!?). i love watching the opening of the presents because i find it very exciting. i got jessica the wilton ultimate bake and carry set, which was on her registry. i thought it would make a great gift coming from me, being a baker (well, i like the decorating part, but whatever).





that’s such a neat gift to give someone who wants to start baking! jessica got so many cool gifts, i was keeping a mental inventory of everything i wanted for my kitchen.

i am SO excited for jessica and steven’s wedding. i have watched the couple evolve over the years and i can’t believe the big day is quickly arriving. jessica was one of those girls who knew what she wanted before she got engaged. i slowly start to realize how much easier it is when a bride has a sense of what she wants for her wedding before she gets engaged. i’m going to be in deep trouble in that department. you’d think that since i work in a stationery boutique i’d know what i want. haha! not at all. i did jessica and steven’s wedding invitations and it took all of 5 minutes or something (totally over exaggerating but you get the idea). i didn’t expect to be able to go to the wedding because last year i had left the country, but i came back 3 months later, and now i get to go!!!!! i can’t WAIT to take photos of the wedding. the venue is SUPER BEAUTIFUL and absolutely breathtaking. it was voted as one of the best venues by the knot for 5 years in a row. i am looking forward to everything: the ceremony, the food, the cake, and everything in between. i think my photos will come out great because it’s a daytime wedding.

until those photos make it to the blog, here are some of the bridal shower photos. enjoy!


Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360



did i mention how excited i am for the wedding?



tgifridays, texas rangers, and tacos

on thursday night, after work, i met up with my friend jennifer to grab a bite to eat. tgifridays is having $3 thursdays. some of their cocktails and a bunch of their appetizers are on the $3 menu. not a bad deal.

this is what $16 looks like.

this is what $16 looks like.


i got home around 1 a.m. and had to jump right into bed because i had a long day on friday-work and then the texas rangers/seattle mariners game with jennifer. i love watching sports live, but i absolutely LOVE watching the rangers play. i love the food, i love walking around, i love taking a ton of pictures, i love going into the gift shops…and of course, watching the actual game. i never care about where i am sitting-i don’t ever mind sitting in a $6 seat because i know i am going to spend a million times more on food. friday’s game consisted of a cheeseburger, a huge order of garlic fries, cotton candy, and an ice cream sandwich. i also got me a yu darvish shirt! finally! two awesome highlights of the night (aside from the fact that everything during the game was a highlight): darvish was pitching and it was fireworks friday. I….LOVE….FIREWORKS….

here are a few pictures from the game:


Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 20130419_220617 20130419_221536 20130420_121348



texas beat seattle, 7-0. it was a great night.


i don’t remember much about what happened last night when i got home. i was so exhausted that it was all a blur. i’m surprised that i even took my shoes off. i didn’t even set my alarm to get up but i’m so glad i did. i was so excited for today because there was a taco festival in deep ellum. you know that if there is food, i will be overly excited. and, of course, so are half of all the dallas residents. because it was the first taco festival, the vendors did not know what to expect. let’s just say they are going to have to triple their food next year. we got to the festival around 1 and it started at 11. by the time we got to our first vendor, they were already down to 2 taco flavors-which were really good, though. they felt bad that they were down to only 2 flavors that they gave each of us coupons for $15 off our visits to the restaurant. by the time we left, which was around 4, we had only been to 2 taco vendors. that’s how long the lines were. i don’t mind long lines like that, it’s always expected at a festival. i thought it was a fun day. i brought my nephew along and he had fun. he only wanted one taco but after having it, he wanted 2 more. and then he went home and couldn’t stop raving about how awesome it tasted to his mom/my sister. what i didn’t like about the event was that there were not enough drink vendors. it was hard trying to find a drink other than beer. there was a booth that gave away free bottles of sparkling water, but i don’t like water. another downfall of the event was that the lines were so long that they were weaving in all directions. it was hard to tell which line was for what vendor. clearly, the space was not big enough to hold all the people (it was held on the street and it definitely needed to be spread out one more block). there weren’t enough tables and chairs for people to sit, so people were sitting in random spots all over the place. if you weren’t walking through people who were in line, you were trying not to step on people. but these are issues that i am confident would be resolved by next year. what i liked about the event was that the tacos were said to be no more than $2.50 each. they had live entertainment that we got to listen to while we were in line. the people watching wasn’t as great as the dog watching. there were lots of cool dogs walking around, so my nephew was pretty entertained by them. and the tacos i had were awesome, and definitely worth the wait since i got a $15 coupon. the taco festival was obviously such a hit, and i am definitely going back again next year…

here are a few pictures from the event today:


C360_2013-04-20-14-09-14_org Camera 360 Camera 360 C360_2013-04-20-14-24-47_org Camera 360 Camera 360 20130420_144636 Camera 360 Camera 360


and my weekend is not over yet. tomorrow i have my friend’s bridal shower to attend. i can’t wait. i have a ton of events coming up that i hope i can catch a breather in between.


what is the most exciting thing you have done or will do this weekend?


the dallas arboretum

i love flowers.

i’m an absolute sucker for flowers. i take pictures of flowers in grocery stores, i take pictures of pretty flowers on the side of the road, i love receiving flowers from anyone, i just love flowers. they make me happy, they cheer me up, they’re beautiful. i grew up around plumerias and hibiscus and gardenias, which are always going to be an island girl’s favorite flowers, but i just love all types of flowers-especially pink ones. oh, and did i mention that i love flowers?

the dallas arboretum held their annual DALLAS BLOOMS festival and i ended up going 3 times within the month. in fact, during my first visit, i got myself a yearly membership to allow me and one guest to visit the gardens for free with free parking (2 adults plus parking is $40 a visit and an individual membership is $79) but by the third visit, i upgraded my individual membership to a family membership which allows me to now bring 4 other guests (it was less than $50 extra). with the fun concerts coming up this summer and fall, i am sure i will be going to the gardens with my fun group of friends.

here are some fun photos i took during my 3 visits at the arboretum with my friends. this place is truly heaven on earth.

purply flowers...

purply flowers…

amazing flowers!

amazing flowers!

of course i had to do a jump shot!

of course i had to do a jump shot!

my friend, jennifer, who went with me on my first visit. i thought this would make a fantastic facebook profile photo for her. =)

my friend, jennifer, who went with me on my first visit. i thought this would make a fantastic facebook profile photo for her. =)

the pansy garden.

the pansy garden.


on the second visit, i managed to get a picture of the sign.

on the second visit, i managed to get a picture of the sign.

lots of photo shoots were going on all over the gardens.

lots of photo shoots were going on all over the gardens.

derek and i in front of SNOWBALLS!

derek and i in front of SNOWBALLS!

derek and i in front of a water wall.

derek and i in front of a water wall.


Camera 360




pink flowers!!

pink flowers!!


the tulips were thinning out but still pretty!

the tulips were thinning out but still pretty!


i had a blast. obviously i took more pictures than  these but i had to put up some of my favorites.


this is the prettiest place on earth.



rain, rain, go away…

yesterday i hung out with a few friends. we had lunch at misoya, a teeny, tiny japanese restaurant. yumm-o.



afterwards, we headed south to catch some sun because it was raining up north…

tailgating by the beach and talking stories was fun…

and then the rain caught up to us…



why does it have to be typhoon/rainy season!?!? so frustrating!!!!!



but that’s okay.


we hung out at the beach until night time, when we couldn’t even see each other in the dark.

it was fun.



halloween night.

i didn’t dress up too much for halloween night. i was already tired and ready for the holiday to be over. the week was fun, though!

the theme at the club was PIRATES AND WENCHES.

my friend gave me a pink cowboy hat as a going away gift when i left texas, so i had to wear it. =) also, it was my BREAST CANCER AWARENESS outfit before the month ended!



random blab.


very homesick.

both saipan and texas are my homes. and if anyone from this island craps on me for calling texas my home, my dad’s from texas-it IS my other home. i just spent a third of my life there.

i miss my friends. i just posted the photos from my going away party on my facebook page (scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to find my facebook contact) and i kept tearing up in the coffee shop. it’s only the second time i’ve gone through those pictures.

i’m still having terrible sleeping problems. in fact, i haven’t slept yet. it’s 10 a.m. and i’ve been up all night. wide awake. i’m gonna need to try this “warm milk” trick tonight.

follow my randomness on twitter @sierralei and if you have a twitter account, feel free to share it. i would love to follow. i’m still getting acquainted with it…

i’m thinking about buying a cricut expressions 2. do any of you own a cricut? i don’t know much about them but i know i really want one. haha.

that is all i have for now.

time to read more blogs…