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a bunch of my friends raved about how much they loved this photo when i posted it on instagram. i took it at 3 a.m. after shooting pool for 7 hours. all i did was throw my hair down (to measure my bangs, because they’re in bad need of a trim) and add a filter. boom. done.

my sister recently got engaged. it has taken precedence over shooting pool now, and sometimes sleeping. i have realized how much of a perfectionist i am when i found myself spending weeks trying to decide on paper colors (wedding invitations) and ribbon shades. roll your eyes if you must but this is my only sister and the closest i will ever get to being this involved in someone’s wedding (excluding mine, which i do not have a plan for when the time comes). i want it to be PERFECT. i want it to be so perfect that my sister can’t stand it. save the dates, wedding invites, menu cards, escort cards, programs, napkins, you name it, i’m doing it all. some will be a surprise for the couple. i will ask my sister if i can share any information on the wedding, but for now, my instagram will only show abstract images of planning and preparation. it’s very exciting. i can’t wait to see my parents!!!!!!!

next week is restaurant week and I AM EXCITED! i will be dining at 3 restaurants i have never been to, so i am stoked. i will also be attending my sister’s wedding venue tasting and going to NOLA for my brother’s birthday weekend. there will be lots of food for the next week and a half. lots of new food. lots of good food.

for now, i will get back to sister-wedding stuff.

hope you all have a wonderful week!


3 thoughts on “short update

  1. Weddings are such a funny day. It is a real shame that so many couples are too stressed out to really enjoy the happiest day in their lives. I have photographed quite a few weddings both as an official and unofficial photographer. I was photographing my uncle when he got married and he looked like he was at a funeral. He look nervous. I felt like screaming out to him to smile. I was a guest at my cousin’s wedding and they had gone to dancing classes etc to prepare for their wedding dance. It was a spectacular dance and they were both so radiant. Luckily my SLR camera does stills and video and I filmed thedance. After the wedding, I received a very hopeful email asking if I’d filmed it. I tell you. Was I popular!! I took photos at my own wedding reception. The wedding wouldn’t have been complete without photos of me taking photos in my wedding dress. By the way, one of the weddings I photographed, the couple had a fight on their honeymoon and he flew back home to mum from their honeymoon. Meanwhile his new wife was advertising him as a missing person on milk cartons. Another friend of mine got the black tyre polish from the wedding car on her dress before the wedding. Weddings are lots of fun. Enjoy.

    xx Rowena

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