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butterflies and princesses

last year i blogged about the baby shower of baby showers. click HERE to see the baby shower madness.

today we celebrated ashton’s 1st birthday.

the theme was butterfly princess. the colors were lime green, purple, and hot pink.

it was so cute. and it was a blast.

ashton’s grandparents own a mexican restaurant in colleyville, costa vida. there was a taco bar at the birthday. last year, for the baby shower, it was a fajita station. the food just keeps getting better and better. i ate 3 plates today. veggies and ranch dressing, crackers and cheese (the cheese was in the shape of a CROWN. a crown!), fruits, and chips with salsa, guacamole, and queso.

and then there’s the dessert table. oh, boy.

ashton’s grandmother made the cutest butterfly cake. she has never worked with fondant before. you would have never guessed, the cake was sooooooo cute. i gained 5,000 calories just looking at the dessert table. there were cookies and chocolates and marshmallow lollipops. i made pink and purple rice krispy treats and butterfly cupcakes. i was going to make crown-shaped sugar cookies using the same crown cookie cutter from the baby shower, but i was piping grass on the cupcakes until 5 am, so i didn’t get to the cookies.

the decorations around the house were amazing. the entrance had a sketch of baby ashton that one of her relatives did for her. the staircase had all the gifts. there was a table for the guests to sign in and take party favors. balloons and tulle and butterflies everywhere. it was just so cute and fun and bright.

it looked like a million bucks and costed next to nothing. it’s all about shopping sales and finding great bargains.

the party was awesome. my friend’s family is amazing. they’re so easy to talk to and so much fun to be around.

here are a ton of photos from the party. i had a long day today (after the party, i had a work dinner to attend…and it was at a mexican restaurant-haha) and i am exhausted.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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7 thoughts on “butterflies and princesses

  1. Sierra,
    You forgot to mention the incredibly lovely invitations you tediously made!!! Thank your for your thoughtfulness and gifting us with not only your creativity, but also your presence!! The cupcakes were ADORABLE and the pink and purple treat bars were delish too!! We appreciate your friendship!
    Durelle (aka P)

  2. oh my goodness wow. What amazing treats! Am a huge fan of marshmallows, so especially excited to see what you did with those. Thanks for sharing. What a cool spread and what a lucky birthday girl and party guests. Appreciate you stopping by foodforfun for the spring scones. Always enjoy seeing you in my “kitchen.”

  3. Love a party with a theme, colors that coordinate and all that! I got into (and still do) every detail of my kids’ b-day parties. I clicked on your link to the baby shower post and was blown away by the beautiful desserts you made!! 🙂

  4. I gasped out loud when I saw the high chair with the tutu netting on the bottom of it. So adorable! What gorgeous cupcakes, too! Wow. She is one lucky little girl! Thank you for sharing with us.

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