randomness 02/10/13

-i don’t have plans for valentine’s day. it is mainly because i know i will be working all day, gift wrapping. i usually go to dinner with my girlfriends and we have a blast, but i will have to pass on that this year. there will be a girl’s night out this weekend, so i am STOKED!

-i need to stop reading food blogs at night. i end up eating half my kitchen at ungodly hours. i just can’t stop reading food blogs. even the blogs about food i don’t even like. i still love reading them. although i don’t like some ingredients and foods, i still do appreciate a good blog about them……and i do love looking at pictures. some topics under my reader are: cupcakes, dessert, food, cooking, baking, weddings, stationery, photography, and tattoos. 

-i haven’t posted pictures from my birthday yet, and i really need to get on that. last night was my girlfriend’s birthday bash and it was a blast! 

-i have terrible taste when it comes to watching tv. i’m not a big tv watcher, never was as a kid. i’ve been finding myself in front of the tv more than i ever have been in my life, and i must be watching it on the wrong days. i’ve been quite obsessed with the bachelor-he’s from texas!…..and he’s handsome. vanderpump rules, real housewives of beverly hills, toddlers and tiaras are other shows i watch. i love top chef!! i watch arrow, the carrie diaries, and chicago fire on my ipad. if i were to start from season 1 and work my way through, my tv shows of choice would be: modern family, grey’s anatomy, house, downton abbey, and a few others. 

-bakers shoes has been shutting down their locations in dallas and it has been kicking up my shoe obsession. i have a terrible weakness for shoes. terrible. if all the shoes i’ve wanted from bakers came in my size, i’d have about 30 pairs in the past month. when the sales associate comes out and says, “i’m sorry, we don’t have it in your size” i breath a sigh of relief and think, “oh, good. i just saved myself $30 right there.” 

-the most recent apps i have added to my ipad are: amazon, groupon, and tumblr. i made my first 2 purchases on amazon a few months ago, i’ve never used groupon before, and i just got a tumblr account (sierralei). the apps i use THE MOST on my ipad are: facebook, pinterest, bejeweled, notes, and gmail. haha. what’s your favorite ipad/iphone app? i own an ipad, a macbook, and an ipod. my phone is a samsung galaxy s3. 

-i will go back to posting the NIQUEA.D jewelry i get to wear at work. my posts last year had a lot of pictures of me wearing beautiful jewelry. they will be coming back. 

-i have not baked since july. 

Valentine’s Day Qs…




1. Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day (or, since it’s on a week day, for the weekend)?

2. What is the best thing someone has done for you or given you on Valentine’s Day?

3. What is the best thing YOU have done or given someone on Valentine’s Day?

4. Do you enjoy the holiday? Why or why not?