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random blab.


very homesick.

both saipan and texas are my homes. and if anyone from this island craps on me for calling texas my home, my dad’s from texas-it IS my other home. i just spent a third of my life there.

i miss my friends. i just posted the photos from my going away party on my facebook page (scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to find my facebook contact) and i kept tearing up in the coffee shop. it’s only the second time i’ve gone through those pictures.

i’m still having terrible sleeping problems. in fact, i haven’t slept yet. it’s 10 a.m. and i’ve been up all night. wide awake. i’m gonna need to try this “warm milk” trick tonight.

follow my randomness on twitter @sierralei and if you have a twitter account, feel free to share it. i would love to follow. i’m still getting acquainted with it…

i’m thinking about buying a cricut expressions 2. do any of you own a cricut? i don’t know much about them but i know i really want one. haha.

that is all i have for now.

time to read more blogs…


8 thoughts on “random blab.

  1. Maybe one of my fine Texas stories will help with the homesickness? Try Texan by any name or It’s finer than Texas or most any of since cowboys and rustling galoots seem to go to and fro from state to state in my stories πŸ™‚ Hope you sleep better. JW

  2. Home sickness, especially for a place like texas can be very hard. I moved away from texas in 2000 and I still consider it home. Remember that everything changes, even yourself. In the end you get the final say about where you home is and what feels like home to you. Haters gonna Hate, don’t mind them to much.

    Hope that wasn’t too cheesy.


  3. Hello sweet-pea, Don’t know why you are having problems sleeping, but maybe you have to much to think about. So, try a vitamin called Melatonin the come in 3, 5, and 10mg. It is natural and our bodies make it, so maybe you need just a little bit more than your body produces. Have a great day and I hope to chat with you again. Keep me posted! B πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve never heard of cricut?? Not sure what it does.. but your friend above here is right, my daughter takes a Melatonin (over the counter, no prescription and completely safe) every night she has trouble sleeping.. I hope each day becomes a little easier! xx

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