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random photos from saipan…august 27-september 28…

august 27, date of arrival. meet cupcake. she was given to me by my friend, tiffany, to keep me company during my stay here on saipan. here, she is sitting next to the first book of the worst trilogy ever made. #bigpurchaseregret


august 28. one of my favorite drinks on island.


august 28. my mom fried this fish for me for dinner, served with breadfruit. i totally threw it up half an hour later. i felt so bad. it was good but i guess my stomach was still being picky from all the nerves i had before leaving texas. i had trouble eating back then…


august 30. while on saipan, i would never suggest getting a steak for dinner. i stick to what the location is known for, and that’s raw fish and island food. i hope that prime rib i had the night before i left texas is enough to hold me over for a year…


august 31. it’s a road. by the beach. conveniently called BEACH ROAD.


august 31. cupcake and my BFF, 2 ball, hanging out at a japanese restaurant.


september 3. first time seeing dragon fruit at my dad’s rotary club meeting.


september 3. holy #@$%!!! a case of soda! on SALE!


september 5. look at those ships!!


september 6. a nicer photo of beach road.


september 7. represent.


september 7. i stalked a cupcakery called sweet escape one night…


september 8. the spa.


september 10. cupcakes from sweet escape. peanut butter chocolate chip was obviously my favorite.


september 11. my dad’s rotary club celebrated the september birthdays. look at that cake!


september 11. my dad blowing out the “candle.”


september 12. my dad and i at a ribbon cutting event for the expansion of one of the elementary schools.


september 24. got to tour the USS Cowpens, the cruiser. the USS McCampbell is the destroyer next to it.


september 28. the MMA fight.


that is all for now. or at least for this blog.










10 thoughts on “random photos from saipan…august 27-september 28…

  1. I can’t believe a case of soda is that much!! Ahhh *dies* Also, you guys have MMA on that little island? How fun!
    Love the Dad photos. Keep the pics coming.

  2. What an adventure!! I hope you make the most of every experience you have on the island! πŸ™‚ Though I would be hankering for a good steak after a week or two though… Stay strong πŸ˜›

  3. When I saw the first picture with the Fifty shades book in it, my first thought was “Oh no…” But then you said it was the worst trilogy and that made me very happy. And then I read on. Lovely pictures! Looked like a really fun trip you had. I’m putting ‘watch a MMA fight’ into the List of things I have to do before I die.

    P/s: Thanks for liking my post. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoy your photos, and your cupcakes in another post look amazing. Many blessings to you in your time in Saipan. πŸ™‚

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