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um, hi.

i am back from a blogging hiatus.

i am currently back home in saipan. i have been here for about 5 weeks now! it’s been pretty crazy, this summer….

i don’t really know how to condense the past few months into a blog! there are so many pictures i have taken, so many new friends i have met, so many new foods i have tried, and NO CUPCAKES baked. whaaaaaat!?!? i know. i highly doubt i can work with fondant on a tremendously hot and humid (and currently rainy) tropical island like this. there is no hope for a hair straightener on this island, let me tell you.

i don’t enjoy composing a blog on my iPad but it FINALLY has a data plan on it, so it will have to do for now. the internet connection here for my iPad is torture. i had been frequenting a particular coffee shop down the street from my house. with a purchase of a drink, they give a coupon code for 2 hours of wifi access. i enjoyed going there until after calculating, when i found out that it would cost me $200 a month for 2 hours of internet every day for a month. ummmm, i will stick to the 2G that i have on my iPad, thank you.

the food here is amazing. food everywhere is, really, but island food is to die for. well, and unhealthy…but the fresh fruits and veggies aren’t! dragon fruit is the newest thing i have tried. AMAZING! have any of you tried it!? who wouldn’t like a fruit that is color fuchsia!? i would definitely want to make dragon fruit cupcakes! it would pretty much just be hot pink vanilla cupcakes, really…other fruits and veggies commonly grown on the islands are coconuts, bananas, mangos, tangerines, taro, breadfruit, hot pepper, guava, and the list goes on. i can’t wait for mango season. i am gonna juice the hell out of those mangos…yes, i shipped my juicer here!

i have been eating a lot of tuna sashimi lately. raw tuna is my favorite thing, ever. I have currently had it 3 days in a row for dinner. i am a happy camper.

it is currently typhoon season, so we are getting quite a bit of rain. i arrived at the end of august, which apparently had rain every day of the month. i am glad i missed that. i don’t know how many power outages i have experienced here so far. waking up in a sweat is one of the worst feelings, ever.

that is all i have for now. stay tuned for photos and more fun info and events from this beautiful island of saipan, where i will be sippin’ on pretty drinks, tanning by the beach, attending fun social gatherings, and living the island life for the next YEAR.

have any of you readers been to saipan?


7 thoughts on “um, hi.

  1. I’ve not been to Saipan but I have tried a dragon-fruit – they look absolutely amazing but I wasn’t all that taken with the flavour. What did you think of it?

  2. Hi, Glad to have you back. No I haven’t been to Saipan. Maybe one of these days I will get out and explore this wonderful world of ours. I did enjoy the picture you posted. Such a beautiful sight. Take Care ~ Tameca

  3. Love hearing about your international adventures. Also, love all things Southern which includes “Texas”! Final note – really love stationary, paper and writing on it. Looking forward to hearing more!

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