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the world’s most expensive cupcake

of course i’ve read about it.

i’ve seen the youtube clip featuring the making of it.

baked with premium amedei porcelana chocolate (a very rich chocolate made from cacao made from a very exclusive part of venezuela) and premium ugandan vanilla beans, the cupcake is covered in 23-carat edible gold sheets. the chocolate icing and chocolate decor is dusted and covered in gold dust. the cupcake is served with organic strawberries and served with a gold spoon. those are some of the details.

the founder of bloomsbury’s cupcakes in the dubai mall spent 5 weeks creating this cupcake. she wanted to make something expensive. of course, she got quite a bit of negative feedback after she unveiled the creation. i’m not gonna lie, i thought negative things, too. what’s $1,000 about it? i’m not spending $1,000 to eat gold. i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between amedei porcelana chocolate and belgian chocolate…or maybe even godiva chocolate. i probably couldn’t even tell the difference between a regular strawberry and an organic strawberry, shoot. am i paying $1,000 for the 24-carat gold cake stand that this cupcake is presented on? do i get to keep the cake stand? i don’t want to spend $1,000 on a cake stand. what exactly is $1,000, again? i’m just not sure.

other things that are under “the world’s most expensive” are (with their articles linked):

world’s most expensive hot dog at $1,500

world’s most expensive coffee at $700/lb. (and…it’s processed through a cat??? what?)

world’s most expensive burger at $666

and then you’ve got the forbes list of most expensive comfort foods from last year which included a baked potato, ice cream sundae, pizza, and a bagel. a $1,000 bagel? really?

if you could, FREE OF CHARGE, try THE ABSOLUTE BEST of something, what would it be? it doesn’t matter whether it would be the most expensive, i mean the FINEST. the finest of something. made from the finest ingredients. what would it be? it has got me thinking now. the first thing i thought of was a dessert. do i want to try the BEST red velvet cake out there because it’s the most disappointing flavor i have had in the past few years? do i want to try the best slices of raw tuna because that is one of my most favorite things in the world? do i want to try THE BEST MEDIUM RARE RIBEYE ever made? those are probably my top 3 right there. i would have said coffee but to be honest, i put ridiculous amounts of coffee creamer and sugar in my coffee that it would totally kill the true flavor.

if you could own the most expensive of one thing, what would it be? i would own the most expensive car. not the house-apparently the most expensive house, if i am not mistaken, is about $1 billion and is almost 30 floors high. i would definitely own the most expensive car out of everything available out there. i even have a pinterest board of dream cars.

enough babbling. if you haven’t already seen the making of the golden phoenix (yeah, this cupcake has a name), click here.

what do you think?

all this food talk is really making me hungry…


sierra lei


17 thoughts on “the world’s most expensive cupcake

  1. Wow – that has to be the tackiest thing I’ve seen in a good long time. And that’s probably the most polite thing I can say about that, except that for $1000 you better believe I’d be taking that cake stand and everything around it that isn’t nailed down!

    I’m in agreement with about trying the ‘absolute best’ red velvet – it’s a flavour I hold in such high esteem that it’s rare when I’m truly satisfied by it. Unless I’ve made it myself. And I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at some of that amedei porcelana chocolate, if only to see if I could taste the difference between that and Callebaut or Valrhona. Like the Pepsi challenge, but with chocolate. Ooh, there’s an idea…

    One final thought before ending my rant: money cannot buy taste or should I say, taste buds in this instance. The most expensive and absolute best are terms that are mutually exclusive. The absolute best of something is highly subjective and very often can cost little or nothing at all… Another thing that money cannot buy? Class.
    End rant 🙂

  2. I would to try the world’s most expensive red wine as that is something that is definitely better with price, although I usually stay at the low end ;o)

  3. See? Burgers really are the devil..psh! Fascinating read. 🙂 Just dropped by to tell you I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! You can swing by my entry about it to read up!

  4. I feel like eating that much gold leaf has to be unhealthy in some way, shape, or form! The mere thought of all those deliciously rich, carb-y things is making me hungry, too, though…

  5. The civet cat also called the Cacomistle’s stomach enzymes and acids help make the coffee less bitter. I have heard it’s good. I am actually curious enough to try it.

  6. I’m sorry but I make cupcakes all the time and they are heaven and they cost me £5 for a batch, so no way am i spending 1000 for a single cupcake that i will have digested in a couple of hours. And did you say 5 weeks to make it? what is it? A construction building? I’m sorry but i don’t even spend half an hour decorating a cupcake. I’m gonna eat it!!!! Crazy rich people..can’t stand them.

  7. I think I would want the world’s finset pizza. Just think of all the awesome flavor combinations with fine cheeses and expensive cuts of meats. Ugh, I want some damn pizza now!

  8. Hmm.. This is absolutely ridiculous. I cant think of a person that would be so excited to pay $1000 to bite into some gold that would probably jack up your digestive system anyway. LOL

    But I have to agree with you that red velvet is one of the most disappointing flavors out there. I thought I was the only one that felt that way because when I do mention that, I always get a bunch of weird side eyes from non-bakers/chefs/cooks. Personally when I taste red velvet, all I taste is salt. (Am I the only one?).

    And I don’t know about the rest of that stuff, but organic strawberries definitely have a better taste as do MOST organic things. Though I think you can taste the best organic flavors when it comes to milk and eggs.

  9. Reblogged this on PresqueSafe and commented:
    I’m a sweet-tooth addict! And this is an interesting read! Along with the links attached following all the existing expensive ‘cheap’ food out there, this also remains to stand as ridiculous. Pay me, and I will eat it though!

  10. Reading this post makes me hungry too! I have had some pretty amazing vegan desserts that would be on the top of my list of what I would want to eat if I could eat anything. As far as the most expensive, I don’t know… maybe a really unusual cut of meat, like the most expensive Mangalitsa pork chop.

    As for what I would own the most expensive of, I wouldn’t go for a house or a car. I would go for a stereo sound system. I have a Bose cd player which is quite wonderful, but if I could be surrounded at all times by the best music sound system money can buy, that would be sheer ecstasy!

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