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question(s) of the week

i wish there was a feature on this site that shows you where your followers are from. i can view where my visitors are from, but i’d rather know where my followers are from.


where are you currently located?

how long have you lived there?

what are your 2 favorite things about your current residence?

i am currently located in dallas, texas. in november it will be my 10th year here (major WHOA!!!!). besides the obvious “friends and family” answer, i will say that the first 2 favorite things that come to mind when i think of texas are the yummy medium rare ribeyes that i get to eat and the texan accents that i get to hear. it is definitely not the summer weather.Β 



sierra lei

31 thoughts on “question(s) of the week

  1. Hello from Shanghai! We’ve been residing here the last 6 months, I’m originally from Bali, Indonesia. My 2 favorite thing in here is the great opportunity to explore this fascinating place (learning something new every day!) and endless photo opportunity πŸ™‚

  2. BALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my mom’s favorite places!!!!!!! how did you end up in shanghai!?!? goodness, you’re just the first comment and it already blew me away! ❀

  3. where are you currently located? Reading, UK

    how long have you lived there? All my life (21 years)

    what are your 2 favorite things about your current residence? Close to London but not too close

  4. I’m a new follower, but I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog.
    I’m currently living in Thailand, and I’ve been here for about 4 and a half years.
    My 2 favourite things about living here is the food and beaches!

    • oh, i know. beaches are wonderful. i grew up around beaches and i will never take anything for granted again. when i moved to texas, i really missed them. especially beach sunsets!

  5. Kia Ora from Wellington, New Zealand. What’s great about Wellington? -people are welcoming (Kayi), it’s pretty on a sunny day (Zara) , and you can always get a good coffee (Phillipa)

    • that’s awesome! my new associate is from new zealand! i get to hear all the neat stories about where she’s from! and i did notice that new zealand is one of my top 5 countries of people who read my blog, which is really cool!

      • The Cracker Cowboy is so named because we raise a cattle here that love to hide in the saw palmetto and sago palms. The only way to oust them from the high brush is to crack a whip over their heads. This scares them out into the open. They are America’s oldest cattle.brought over from Spain in the 1600’s. Cracker cowboys were called Crackers, due to the sound of the whips they used. We still use them today and still raise the Cracker cow. πŸ™‚

  6. where are you currently located? New York, NY

    how long have you lived there? My whole life (technically). I grew up in The Bronx, went to school on Long Island, and am now in NYC

    what are your 2 favorite things about your current residence? The various food options we have and the photo opps πŸ™‚

    • NY is one of my favorite vacation spots. and you are right on the food-there is just SO MUCH good food there! heard the best voted chocolate chip cookie is over there, too! i love the accents there, the new york accent. it’s so cool!

  7. Hey! I’m in Dallas too! I moved here from Portland and have been so flipping hot! I can’t wait to move back home. But, I have to agree with you….the red meat here is simply amazing!

    • Oh! It will be 5 years in October when I moved here. It looks like I will be moving back around that same time. Yay! My two favorite things about Dallas: the red meat (see above) and I like how people make an effort with their appearance. Oregon tends to be super causal, but sometimes it just feels good to make “an effort”…not necessarily a HUGE effort, but something more than sweatpants with holes is a nice change!

      • oooooh, you are on the money with the whole “appearance” thing! you’ve got the girls that probably wake up at 5 a.m. to start doing their hair. i have never seen girls who go shopping look like they have spent HOURS getting ready before stepping out. one of the downfalls about this city is how shallow it is in some parts. in one bar a guy can ask, “so, do you like sports?” and in another bar a guy can ask, “so, what do you drive?” it’s ridiculous! but i do love it here!

    • fall is definitely my favorite season. are you planning on staying there longer or is there another state or country that you want to move to or try out? i was only supposed to live in texas for 2 years but it ended up being almost 10, which is insane! but it’s so much fun here!

      • Sometimes I think about living elsewhere. But I really do like it here and my life is here, so I’ll probably stay. I think rather than thinking about moving, I wish I had done that at an earlier age. But I do love Minnesota!!

  8. Currently located: Hawaii
    How long have I lived here: 22 years (but not 22 years in a row, I was a military brat)
    Two fave things about living here:
    (1) The really good weather.
    (2) The friendliness of most people here.

    Hope you have a lovely week!

    • my favorite things about hawaii are the weather, yes…and the kahlua pig. ono hawaiian bbq (is that what it’s called?) is unreal. i get my hawaiian food fix here because there are 2 L&L’s here and i’m SO THANKFUL that they taste just as good as the ones in hawaii, but the kahlua pig in hawaii takes the cake as one of the best things i have ever tasted in my life. the beachside nightlife down waikiki is another one of my favorite things. i could go on about this place! haha!

  9. I am currently living in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have been working and living here for 6 1/2 years, minus the 2 years in Iraq. My US place is in Florida. My favorite thing about here is I have a job, because those are hard to come by these days. I also love the diverse crowd that I work with. Life is good. πŸ™‚

  10. Born and raised in Singapore. That would be 30-something (cough cough) years! Lol. The best thing here? Food, of course! Local delights as well and international cuisines. And of course, my family is here. That can be good (or bad!) πŸ™‚

  11. I agree!! Greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. I’ve been living here since the day I was born.. so 53 years (shhh).. Two favorite things… gotta be friends and family:)

  12. Hi from Cwmbran, South Wales, UK. I’ve lived here since I was 13 (now in my late 50’s). I love it here, it’s a reasonably new town, less than 60 yrs old. It started as a miners village of just half a dozen cottages, one of which I now live in, it was built in the 1840’s. The town is in a valley & we have mountains around us, which I love walking on with my dog

  13. August will mark the end of my seventh year here in Tampa. I love the culture here (Cigar City, especially) and that there’s always a new place to try.


  14. I’m currently located in Brooklyn, New York. I lived here all of my life (58 years) via my grandparents who came to NYC in the 1890s.

    Good points: 1) all of my memories are here; 2) I have easy access to three major airports when memories grow stale.

  15. where are you currently located? London, UK

    how long have you lived there? nearly 4 years

    what are your 2 favorite things about your current residence? no need for a car because public transport is so good, and there is so many interesting things always going on in London (oh, but not the Olympics)

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