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nguyen wedding on june 23 in pictures

my friend, tony, and i went to his friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. it was held at the nylo hotel, conveniently located on SIERRA DRIVE! i was super stoked because i have NEVER seen a street sign with my name on it! we obviously did not leave until i got a picture!

beautiful wedding, beautiful and friendly couple, photo booth, balloon-making station, face painting station, great food, amazing cakes, and tons of fun!


awesome groom’s cake!


wedding cake!



tony got a letter opener! girls got purse holders!


they had 4 photographers.


face painting!


about to jump in the photo booth!


the object of this game is to take the little champagne bottle and run it up the groom’s right pant leg and down his left pant leg…haha.


halfway there! haha!


delicious cakes. i had a few slices. it was that good. =)


tony getting a DRAGON!


i got a 2 ball, he got a dragon!


photo strips!


i want this chair…but in a jumbo size.



sierra drive!!!


i know i’ve been falling behind on my blogging, so i’ve been trying to throw up as many photos as i can. i couldn’t wait to post those 4th of july photos up last night, so i had to interrupt the order in which my blogs were posting.

cupcake update: i have not baked since my last cupcake post. there has been too much going on lately, so it has been put in the backburner for now.

hope y’all have been enjoying these pictures!


4 thoughts on “nguyen wedding on june 23 in pictures

  1. Wow, the pictures turned out awesome. Such a great wedding and had lots of fun with Miss Sierra. I’m taking credit for the “bottle through the pants” game lol.

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