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happy 4th!

this is the third year in a row that i have gone to lucas for the 4th of july. lucas is in the middle of nowhere. there are 2 huge fireworks stands and behind them are fields in which you can blow up your fireworks and park carnival-style to watch them as close or as far as you want from the site. you can park so close that the fireworks can be right above you, but no matter how far you are from the site, you will get rained on by debris. i think my brother, sister, and i are the only ones that have gone to lucas all 3 times in a row. the group we go with has been different every year, but they have always been fun. this year was the best so far because my brother found the fireworks feature on my camera, so we got to capture some amazing photos. i had issues using the flash on my camera because there was SO MUCH debris and smoke in the air, so we had to improvise and use my sister’s iphone flashlight app and try different ISO/fireworks/auto settings. we got some great photos, and i have to share them RIGHT NOW……

i hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of july! 

the entry sign…


this was one of the first shots my brother took when he got my camera on the fireworks setting!


this was my favorite picture because it was one of my firsts on the fireworks setting! i was super excited!


this was my favorite photo that my brother took because he captured the firework on the right which was about to blow up and looks like a flower!


you can see the cars below…it was a packed house this year!


snacks, coolers of drinks, blankets, and cameras. check!


this is such a pretty one!


yay for fireworks!


love. this. photo!


great photo of my sister and tiffany.




the guys were fun to photograph!


…and another one…




time is up, blow up all your fireworks before you leave!




jammed music in my car so long that my battery died and these guys jumped my car! thanks, guys! =)


they probably didn’t believe that i’d blog about them. this is why i need business cards. lol.



xoxo! =)

8 thoughts on “happy 4th!

    • hahahaha, unfortunately it would be awkward if i used vista print. i am a custom print specialist for papyrus. there’s one thing for sure, and it’s that vista print has definitely come a long way from when they first started up! i just looked through their site a few days ago and boy, it’s definitely a business that gives you a lot of bang for your buck!

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