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what are at least 3 things that you want to do for the first time before the year ends?


1. skydive.

2. do the bungee ride at the state fair of texas this fall.

3. eat at at least five 4-5 star restaurants that i have never been to.

4. ride the downtown trolley.

5. go to the big trade days flea market in canton.


10 thoughts on “question.

    • 1: I would like to cycle over the Gottgard Pass into Ticino.
      2: I would like my business to kick off!
      3: I would like to go back to Brussels for for Moule Frite:
      4: I would like to only do things that make me happy.

  1. 1) sell a knitting pattern that I designed and wrote – to anyone, I’m not picky…
    2) make croissants
    3) take boxing lessons
    4) ride my bike in some sort of a marathon (wowsers, dreamin’ big there!)
    5) reconnect with my estranged family
    6) The End

  2. 1. buy a paddling boat for some fun summer weekend trips with our family
    2. sew at least 5 skirts for myself
    3. improve my knowledge about wild food

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