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april in (captioned) photos

the mall flyer featured our store. sweet!


i need a desk job...


because when you have money, you can afford to put eyelashes on your benz...


this is what some of 100 baby shower invitations look like.


100 baby shower invitations CAN fit in my mailbox!


2 michaels and 2 hobby lobbys in 2 hours...


our inspiration sock monkey was named albert.


hangin' out with the friends on april 20.


prizes for the diaper cake competition are brought to you by PAPYRUS.




"yes, i'll take one of everything, please...."




i die.


i love street chalk.


this could have been 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. or 5 a.m....i don't know...


this was the inspiration photo that i was using to make my sock monkey cupcakes...


this is what my sock monkey CAKE looked like.


a few cupcakes tipped over en route to the party, but here is the final product.


new line of cards at papyrus...love them.


this is going to be my best friend in about a week.


love this top.


all i did was tie a bow on a gift for a lady and she gave me a FRESHLY BAKED COOKIE. anyone can win me over with pastries. =)

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