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my head hurts

quick 3 a.m. post.

here it goes…

i haven’t posted a blog in almost 3 weeks. that makes me sad. and want to cry, a little bit. i don’t like it when i don’t get to compose a happy post because i’m “too busy.” i should never be “too busy.” maybe i was facebooking and “pinterest-ing” too much. *sigh*

i think i will just do a picture post of everything that has been happening in the past month…and include pictures of my paper rose dress since the blog for my work got taken down and no longer exists. we’re not going to discuss that. ever.

i did make sock monkey cupcakes. i started at midnight on saturday and ended at 9 a.m. saturday morning. yeah. uh huh…yeah…that was an adventure. my friend, tiffany, helped me with them and i am eternally thankful for her doing so. this is the second time she has helped me pull an all-nighter. i’m going to kick myself if i do it for a third time around. pictures of the sock monkey cupcakes and cake will be posted in the picture blog.

i am co-hosting a baby shower on may 6. of course i took control of the dessert portion of the shower. what is on the dessert buffet menu? i can’t say, because it’s a surprise. i will say i am aiming for about 10 desserts (overachiever much?) so we will see how many i end up making. what are the other details of the shower that i can share? there are 98 guests invited to this shower. talk about a small, intimate party, huh? haha. because it is a diaper-themed shower, we decided to have a diaper cake competition. now, note that the diaper cake competition was when we had about 50 guests being invited. but i’d really like to see about 60 diaper cakes littered all over the house. NOW THAT WOULD BE FUNNY! we have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for the diaper cake competition winners that include gift bags filled with handmade boxes of stationery, jewelry, trendy recyclable bags, solid perfumes, and other goodies from my work, PAPYRUS…as well as gift cards for victoria’s secret, bath & body works, and dinner for 2! yeah, talk about ridiculous prizes! i do like to think everyone gets a little spoiled when i’m involved…………the desserts that i want to make will pretty much look like a party idea off a pinterest pin. or a magazine cover. the colors of the baby shower/baby’s room are shades of taupe, gold, rose, blush, beige…very elegant…antique…feminine. i am most looking forward to the diaper cake competition. i want to see what everyone creates with their diapers. i have not started on my diaper cake at all…and i keep leaning towards not doing it…or doing it…but i do want to do a diaper cake since i have this idea in my head….but DO I HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT!? that’s the big Q. i have been frequenting hobby lobby and michaels almost every day now, and i have to KEEP TELLING MYSELF that what i put on the diaper cake WILL BE RIPPED APART at one point, so i shouldn’t be buying certain things. it will all make sense after may 6 when i post the pictures up IF I DO THE DIAPER CAKE. stay tuned.

on may 7, after the baby shower………………………………………..i am going on a 10 day juice fast.

yeah. ten days of no meat. or coffee. or candy. or cake. or red bull. or taco bell. or corner bakery. or chocolate chip peanut butter granola bars. or popeye’s chicken. OR FOOD.

i just typed that and re-read it about a million times…over and over. my eyes got bigger after every “no” and i think they watered for a second.

and in the back of my head, the curious voice says, “i wonder what a handful of strawberries, a pear, a cucumber, a handful of spinach, half a watermelon, a lemon, and grapes would taste like in a cup…”

and then i get excited.

and then my friends are going to freak out when i tell them that it’s not only a 10 day juice fast, but a 23 day “raw diet.” or should i say “garden diet”? or Eden Diet as it is better known for…

i think all my cupcake loving friends that know me just cried. i can feel the tears.

the reason why i am starting on may 7 is because it will end just in time for my friend’s wedding! so STAY TUNED for my juicing adventures!

if any of you have been on a juice fast before, or have juiced up some yummy recipes, you feel free to share them, as i am so excited to make up my own!

i will explain more of why i decided this juice fast when it’s not 3 a.m. in the morning…


for now, i must get some shut eye. i can’t believe i even blogged this late.



8 thoughts on “my head hurts

  1. I’m blogging less.. work and life interferes and that makes me cry too! I’d love to see photos of your baby cupcakes.. and look forward to your juicing experiments! That’s something I should do!!

  2. Hi Sierralei! I would love to see photos of your sock monkey cupcakes and paper rose dress (and everything else!). Thanks for the visit to my blog, and for the like! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  3. Have you ever done this juice or raw food diet before? If not be very careful. I ended up the emergency room three times in one night after doing it. I ate a peanut butter sandwhich which sent my stomach into a nightmare of a spasm. It was worse than labor and I can’t believe that anything could be worse than that.

    Can’t wait to see all of the goodies you have and will make! I am working on a paper dress but very very slowly. Still on the frame right now.

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