one of the first blogs i posted…re-posted!


things about me that you might not know.

and might already know.

i love pink. i love soft things. soft sweaters. soft toys. soft pillows. soft fabrics. i love glittery things. pink glittery things. i love hats. i don’t wear enough of them but i have quite a bit of them. i love marker boards and RSVP pens, fine point only. i love flowers. i mean, I LOVE FLOWERS. especially pink flowers. every time i walk by bouquets of flowers, i take a picture of them. they’re beautiful and they smell good. i grew up around gardenias and plumerias and bougainvilleas and i wish i was still around them. they make me happy. i love smiley faces, whether they’re on a sticker or on someone i walk by. i love little kids, and i love little kids wearing glasses. i love toys. care bears and lego toys.

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