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dress to impress


this project i’ve been working on….

or “these” projects, i should say….

they’re posted on my work blog, which i will link at the end of my message.

my district consists of real awesome people. we all have strong personalities, we blend very well together, we’re fun and funny. i love my co-workers. we’re very supportive of each other. we’re just really cool. some of my co-workers are in the pictures that are on the blog that just got posted.

i want to ask y’all for a favor…

i want tons of feedback on what you think of my project, or the remodel of my store, or whatever you see or read on the blog. it would really mean a lot to me for my co-workers to read about it. and i don’t mean comment on my blog, i mean comment on my work blog. say whatever you want to say, it’s open to your opinions and criticisms. i would greatly appreciate it.

i spent over 100 hours in one week working on the one dress that was featured in the press release. these are the people that i really appreciate and thank for helping me out, because i seriously could NOT have completed it without them:

-mary melissa, who is the personal assistant to the vice president

-jonathan leblanc, store manager of the papyrus shops of willow bend

-lauren schneider, custom print manager at papyrus shops of willow bend

-samantha mitchell, custom print manager at papyrus shops of willow bend

(can you guess where i spent my week working on the paper dress project? hee hee)

-my friend, tiffany, who helped me cut roses until 4:30 a.m.

-my sister and our friend, d, who helped me cut roses even though they had to sleep early for church the next morning. haha.

my store re-opened on april 1 and i decided to take april 2 off work…you know, to sleep in. yeah, guess what i woke up to? swollen fingers. i should have taken a picture of them but i was asleep for 20 hours total throughout the day. i was so beat. my fingers were so fat and swollen, i couldn’t even make a fist. i guess they got freaked out that i wasn’t curling paper or cutting up little pieces like i had been doing for over 12 hours a day. it’s thursday morning-ish (2 a.m.) and i’m still not sure if i’ve been caught up on sleep. ugh!!!

anyways, without further ado, swing on over to my work’s blog and tell me what you think, mmkay?



11 thoughts on “dress to impress

  1. Sounds like you work really hard!! Swollen fingers–yuk! I hope you get some RnR soon. And thanks for checking out my blog–I really, really appreciate it!!!

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