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i’m alive.

boy, has it been a long week…..

for those of you who just walked in, i work for papyrus, a stationery boutique. since last year, we have been doing creative projects and window displays. my first project was making a wedding dress out of custom printed invitations, paper dresses and inspirations (click there to see the dress in a previous blog). another project i did was cut out hundreds of butterflies to have them flutter all over the window. i’ve also done huge cascading flowers down the window. some were fun, some made me want to scream. but nothing was like what i did this past week. i will post pictures of the behind-the-scenes process of doing my latest project. i gave my facebook page the final product of the project, but more pictures will be posted on my work blog. i will link it to my blog when they get posted this week.

i decided to break down all the happenings of the past week into separate blogs. since the pictures for my project are in the process of being thrown up this week, i have decided to blog about the bakery i visited last week. a bride ordered a cake topper for her wedding on march 30th, and we had to expedite her order so she could get it in time. as i was working on my project, i had to deliver the bride’s cake topper to her bakery, romano’s bakery. i have been wanting to go to that bakery forever, so i was super excited to deliver my bride’s cake topper. while picking up my jaw off the ground every 2 seconds, i got to chat with the baker who created last year’s cake for the 2011 platinum cake competition. i even got to take a picture of it, among others. they didn’t compete in this year’s cake competition (i tasted cakes blog) because they were too busy. that’s a great excuse not to join a cake competition. they had a cake showroom which made me so hungry. i just wanted to eat everything in there. just sit and eat cakes…they were so beautiful. the baker was just the nicest man ever. he asked me what i did, he talked about working for delicious cakes (one of this year’s platinum cake competition competitors) for almost a decade, he told me about some of the wedding cakes he was in the process of working on for upcoming weddings. he was such a great guy, and he’s so extremely talented. he handed me a stack of their company business cards/flyers. i just wanted to sit and talk and tour the kitchen, but i know that would have gone too far. i had a project on my own that i needed to get to, so i thanked him and went on my merry way. here are some pictures of my visit to the award-winning romano’s bakery…












a few of my favorites were the cake with the 3 bows that is also featured on that magazine page in front of it. it’s gorgeous! i obviously loved the white cake with the fuchsia ribbon around it because i love pink. i love the “slathered icing” look so i liked that white cake with the pink flowers on it. the ombre cake was adorable, i loved it! it also could have been used as my inspiration for the project i worked on this week, which was ombre.

which was your favorite?


35 thoughts on “i’m alive.

  1. Sounds like you had a hectic week!
    I would pick the “champagne” coloured wedding cake with the satin bows and sparkly bits, too. You wouldn’t dare call it beige.

  2. definitely not “beige”! i had more than a hectic week. hectic would have been slow-paced for what i just went through. i hope to never have another week like this AGAIN.

  3. Thanks for the likes on my posts! I absolutely adore the pictures you’ve post of wedding cakes and cupcakes, I’m a bit of a wedding- AND a bakery freak myself even though I’m not as developed as you seem to be! Big hug from Barcelona

  4. yummy!! not sure if i can pick. i like the baseball cake, the bow cake, the casino cake… i better stop there. No wonder i can never pick a cake in bakery. interesting job!

  5. you know, it’s surprising but i really like the one with the flower cutouts. it’s simple but cute 🙂

  6. im intrigued by the cake that has the fondant cut out flowers, never seen that before! but the one that really caught my eye was the brown and white one with the bows. GORGEOUS!!! Did you talk to the baker about an internship? LOL

  7. WOW! Those are amazing! Did they taste as good as they look? My favorite is the white-on-white cake, the one pictured before the pink ribbon cake.

    My husband and I had a small, white-on-white cake at our wedding almost a year ago: http://emilyandjoel.shutterfly.com/pictures/290 The paisley pattern was a reoccurring theme, and each tier was a slightly different pattern, like the tiers on my wedding dress. We wanted something small enough to fit on this awesome antique cake stand I had; also, we wanted to spend the money on the best possible tasting cake! We had two flavors: Chocolate with a Grand Marnier ganache, and dark chocolate with a chocolate chile ganache. Every bit as good as that sounds!

    Thanks for liking my post on our futuristic dessert party! I hope you found something delicious to inspire you!

    • oh. my. gosh. your pictures were AH-MAZING! i loved the cake, the different yellow dresses, the “pretend this is the tunnel of love,” the fun fun fun pictures and poses, and that DRESS!!!!!! i love your dress!!! *falls over* yes, i totally flipped through all your pictures, i loved them!! you totally made me hungry with your wedding cake, and i hope you have a great first year anniversary coming up next month! gaaaaah! of course i’ll be stopping by your blog more to see what goodies you post!!! ❤

    • hey, and it made it into a magazine page, that means something. but these pictures don’t do these cakes justice. these cakes were breathtaking in person. just ridiculous. *sigh* i wish i was that good…..

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  9. Thank you for visiting my site and the “like”. 🙂

    I love cake!! My favorite is the triple layer white with dye-cut blue flowers (at least that’s what it looks like to me).

  10. Beautiful wedding cakes! It would be such a dream to one day make wedding cakes for money! I like the one with black feathers. Looks very elegant and unique! Although I’m not a big fan of fondant, which is what many wedding cakes are made with these days! haha..

  11. Those are stunning! I love the one in the second photo and the third. Oh they take my breath away. I made cakes for awhile but these blow mine completely away! I made my daughter’s wedding cake and I wanted to do it similar to the one with red ribbons as she had a red ribbon on her dress. But she wanted something else and due to a miss communication and other problems the cake was a disaster. But so was that marriage so oh well. And I will not make the next one.

  12. Hi Sierra! Thank you for the sweet write up on our bakery!! Our baker had a great time chatting with you. We really appreciate your love for our work. Have a wonderful day! Amy @ Romano’s Bakery.

    • OH MY GOD, ROMANO’S BAKERY COMMENTED ON MY BLOG ABOUT THEM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *FAINTS* i was very intimidated by the baker (was his name pedro? shame on me for forgetting). he was a celebrity to me, i was so nervous. i was determined to drop that bride’s cake topper off just so i could get a chance to visit the bakery. i was so glad i did. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FOUND MY BLOG ABOUT YOU GUYS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL THE FEEDBACK AND LOVE THAT YOU HAVE GOTTEN ON THIS POST! ❤

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