randomness at 1 a.m.

-i have a hard time watching tv….probably because i grew up not watching it. yesterday, i decided to explore the channels beyond the food network. i watched “my crazy obsession” which was…insane! it was the episode in which one wife had a collection of 5,000 mickey mouse toys/figurines and a lady had a wig obsession. i’d never collect mickey mouse anything, but i’d probably want to own about 10-20 wigs. it would be fun to have short hair for a day or two. the other show i watched was “wife swap” which was also crazy. the wife (husband/wife income is $200,000+) who has their kids take a shower for the length of only 2 songs and makes them pay for their plane tickets on their family vacations trades off with the wife (husband/wife income is $40,000) who is obsessed with her 12 year old son (who is her best friend) and has never slept in the same bed as her husband of 19 years. i don’t think i picked good shows to watch. are there any shows y’all recommend?

-i’ll admit, i’ve been enjoying my MYSPACE music player. after being curious as to why 1 million users were added to myspace  and discovering the music player, i decided to give it a try a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying it. every time i remember a song that i like, i just add it onto my player and hit “save.” it’s a clusterbunch of songs of all genres, but i love it.

-my parents have an anniversary coming up. i don’t know how many years it has been, but it has been long enough for me to be proud. or long enough for me to want the same number of anniversaries, and more.

-i have decided to finish off the session shooting pool on my 3 pool teams before taking a break. that might be a nice way of saying “quitting the sport” but i’m not sure. it hasn’t been fun in the past year and work has been taking up more of my time for me to commit to shooting pool. aside from my close circle of buddies (a.k.a. “the friends i hug when i either say ‘hi’ or ‘bye’ to), i don’t really care for the others. it’s kinda hard being a girl in a room full of men. i’m sure most girls absolutely love it, but it’s pretty irritating. it’s irritating getting hit on every night. it’s irritating hearing tasteless and inappropriate things from immature men. it’s irritating having new girls come into the leagues and think they’re the new “it” thing. little do they know that men will have their way with these girls, and after a year, a new batch of girls will come in and the process will start all over again. if i was on the team i had 2-3 years ago, i’d most likely keep shooting pool. it was a good team-and by “good” i don’t mean award-winning, even though we were. it was the team chemistry that i loved the most. we practiced together, hung out together, and had fun together. we were structured and organized and disciplined. we were very supportive of each other. and on friday nights, we’d all text each other to meet up at a bar to hang out, and we’d have a blast. those were the good times. i don’t miss the part in which i did pool drills until 2 a.m. because those weren’t fun. but those drills made me the pool player that i am now. i’m alright. i’m a decent shot for a girl, but i’m not the pool player that wants to be THE BEST. if i wanted to be the best, i would be it by now. but other things matter to me at the moment…like wanting to spend more time with my nephew because i get lucky if i even see him once a week now…or spend more time alone because i am constantly surrounded by people…or spend more time doing other activities that i enjoy, like bowling or going to the movies or reading. i used to shoot about 30 hours of pool a week. nowadays i shoot about 5-8 hours, and i can’t even be doing that anymore. i don’t want to be doing that anymore. i have a baby shower to plan and i have a friend who is getting married this summer. i want to focus on THOSE. and focus on hitting the pool every chance i get over the summer.

-i want the new ipad coming out. i will get the new ipad coming out. but i will wait until the lines die down, because i will never be one of those people who stand in line for 3 hours for ANYTHING.

-i like the song “we are young” by fun. i can see myself singing it at the top of my lungs if it comes on the radio when jennifer and i hang out.

-dating is so hard nowadays. why couldn’t i just settle for one of the rich guys that passed through years ago and called it a day? oh, because i have standards. and because money means absolute nothing when it comes to dating. and because i want to do everything right the first time. right. that’s why i’m still single.

that’s all i’ve got for lately.


200 mph

i’ve been so busy lately!!!!!!!!!!

but here are little bits of what i’ve been up to…

*i’ve been obsessed with gotye’s song “somebody that i used to know” featuring kimbra. and i’ve been into the black keys lately. i want to attend this year’s edgefest to see them live. anyone want to go with me?

*i’ve been apartment hunting and i found an apartment that i want. the awesome thing is that my best friend and his wife are apartment hunting as well, and the apartments we looked at has 2 vacant apartments that are in the same building, one on top of the other! it would be awesome to be neighbors AGAIN!

*one of my friends is getting married this summer and i ordered my bridesmaid dress today. it feels so official now! i am so excited. this is going to be a fabulous wedding. there will be no pictures posted as the day draws near. they will be posted AFTER the wedding. i can’t wait!

*one of my high school buddies from saipan came in to town this past weekend and it was great! it was the second time i have seen him since 2000 so hanging out with him helped my homesickness. i drove him all around dallas. we went to the bar i frequent on friday nights, we went bowling, we went driving around the rich people homes, we went to eat hawaiian food, and we went to the dallas galleria mall. i had a small dinner arranged for him because his birthday was on sunday and i had to drive to austin (where he currently lives) for work, so i couldn’t spend his birthday with him. but thank you, joe, for coming to dallas. it’s my turn to visit you in austin! fun stuff!

*i shoot in 3 pool leagues this session, 2 on monday nights and 1 on tuesday nights. that means mondays and tuesdays will be my long days because i’d work in the morning and shoot pool at night.

*over the holiday season i was working at northpark center. now i will be working at dallas galleria. a few great things about dallas galleria is that: there is a taco bell and jamba juice in there, the h&m (that will open in late march) is across our papyrus store, and the nestle tollhouse shop is 2 doors down! how is it that 2 of the 3 things i mentioned is food related? so typical.

*new bella pilar cards came into the store. and they are super cute. i will be posting an image blog on the bella cards because i know there are crazy bella pilar fans out there.

*my girl scout cookies have come in weeks ago and i’ve been so busy that i haven’t been able to pick them up yet. i feel terrible because i’m holding the cookies back from all my friends who want them and i don’t want a little girl wondering if a stack of cookies are going to sit in her house forever. i really need to buy my cookies and deliver them to my friends/coworkers.

*i am co-hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, alexis. she is having a baby girl and we are planning a baby shower in may. that will keep me busy on top of my friend’s wedding in june. it’s going to be a FUN-FILLED SPRING! i’m picturing this baby shower to be elegant and feminine and pretty. dusty pink and champagne is what i’m envisioning. and then when i get that visual, i think of a baby shower that victoria beckham would have for her daughter, harper. more details later.

*my pinterest is sierra lei. you can see some baby shower ideas on one of my boards…as well as my pinterest basically being a virtual wish list. i swear, that site is so addictive!

*i am composing a blog on my obsession with tattoos. just a little bit about it, it will be titled “artistic encounter” which is the name of the tattoo shop that inspired me to write the blog. it will feature the likes of stephanie gunter aka “stephanie vixen” (wife of the owner/pinup model), rodney carrera (the really cool tattoo artist i met that worked on my coworker’s tattoo), and michelle katiussa (the photographer that shoots stephanie…who does amazing work on beautiful tattooed girls). it will take me a while to complete the blog, as it takes me forever to compose a blog focused on one subject that i end up being pleased with. so stay tuned.

*i want to make oreo cupcakes. enough said.

*i decided not to blog about my dating life. it’s just always a disaster and although it would make for entertaining reading material, it would just end up reading like this: “i dated someone and then i got too busy to further it….then i dated someone and got too busy to further it….” and that’s not entertaining. so what have i decided to do? keep mum on my dating life, period. done.

that seems to be it for now. where have the past 2 months gone!? time flies when you’re having fun! it has definitely been such a great year so far!!! i’m speechless, it has been that awesome.