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13 thoughts on “travel companions

      • haha!! Darn!! I hear you. Have been interviewing at a few beauty stores though, so that might be fun too! I get around in the retail world because i am a college student and people like to tell me that they’re fine with my insane schedule and then want to smack me like, two weeks into working for them! LOL!

    • oh, man…i have about 100 of those bags in the smaller size in my trunk, you’d THINK i did! how sad! but i could introduce to you the picture: we have 2 shopping bags from PAPYRUS (stationery store) that holds wedding invitations in them (boxed up by the vendor who printed them). the pink bag holds my work laptop and my personal laptop. the purse holds all the pens (among other things, like my journal, an address book, work journal, etc.) that i use at work (i’m not a pen snob, i’m just possessive of my pens)…and the most important…the pink shiny cup with crystals on the rim. that holds what fuels me in the morning: FOLGERS COFFEE. amen! what do i do? drink coffee and sling paper. hee hee!

    • hahahahaha! love it! the only mistake i made was on monday when it rained cats and dogs. i got soaked going to my car because…the umbrella was in it. UGH. some things SHOULDN’T be in the car!

  1. LOL I’m similar I always have at least one bag with me in addition to my handbag/purse! 🙂

    PS. Sierra I’ve tagged you in my latest blog post – it’s a getting to know different bloggers game – check it out if you would like to participate! 🙂

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