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randomness for 03/21/2012

-exactly 3 years ago, this picture was taken of me and my sister: 

my sister and i went to a birthday party…and bought matching dresses and flowers. =)

-i was reading a bunch of blogs today…most of them were on baking, pastries, cupcakes, weddings, photography, tattoos, and art. i read a lot of blogs. a ton of blogs. i’m obsessed with them. there are a lot of trends when it comes to certain topics. in baking, there were lots of breads that were made this week. in cupcakes, there were lots of irish car bomb cupcakes and green cupcakes, because of st. patty’s day. gluten-free cooking has been pretty big lately, too. i’ll read about anything when it comes to cooking. 

-my store (papyrus) shut down today for a 10 day remodel. we will have a grand re-opening when it is complete. i am very excited. the pictures will be posted on the papyrus custom printing blog. that is the blog for the texas papyrus stores. if you are not familiar with the company, we are a stationery boutique. we sell greeting cards that will blow your socks off, we sell custom printed stationery (wedding invitations, business cards, napkins, whatever you want personalized-do you want an ipad cover with your name on it? we do that, too), we sell journals and books and picture frames and wrapping paper and gift bags and note card sets, and we started selling jewelry (why jewelry? we have always sold jewelry, and they are gift items). i am working on a big project for my store’s grand re-opening. i will be making 3 dresses out of different papers. and they will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! the pictures will be posted on the papyrus custom printing blog when they are completed. IF YOU THINK MY CUPCAKES ARE COOL………prepare for what i’m about to create…i have about 10 days to work on 3 of what took me 7 days to do 1 of last year. so it’ll be like the tv show “dinner:impossible” by chef robert irvine. haha. i like how i just connected my project to food…..

-one of the first cupcakes i’ve done were these:

these were done for the captain of my pool team 3 years ago. 

these were the types of cupcakes i made regularly a few years ago, too: 



i usually indicated which cupcake was what based on the decoration. =) these were my pre-fondant days. they were fun and simple.


it’s almost 2 a.m. so i best get to bed. there are lots to do for PROJECT PAPER DRESSES: 


have a good day, y’all!


12 thoughts on “randomness for 03/21/2012

  1. Dear Sierra Lei,
    I popped in to look around your site, and I think it is a most delightful personal blog. Searched on Google, and now I know about Saipan and where it is located. You learn something new every day!
    Regards from

    • why thank you! ❤ i'm glad you appreciate it!!! yeah, i'm from a tiny, tiny island in the middle of NOWHERE. it's amazing how i survived on a place so little…!!!!!!

  2. I love the classic Sierra cupcakes! Those were some of my favorites!!! & I can’t wait to see this new creation!!

  3. Papyrus is my favorittttttttee. I love writing letters and only a few companies carried papyrus in new jersey. I was dying to go to the huge store in New York the one time i ever got to go to NYC, but it was christmastime and radio city had just let out, so all that happened was i got stuck in a mob of people in front of the papyrus store! HAHA!.

    • there are a ton of stores in NYC! there are 2 in grand central station alone, it’s nuts! i do love the store, it’s fun and i’m glad you appreciate it! if you send me your address on my facebook, i’ll even send you a few goodies from my store that i have collected over the past 5 1/2 years! i’ve been sending my friends some so they can give them to their friends!!!

  4. Awesome cupcakes:-) Also, love this: “that it is acceptable to wear high heels or pajamas when going grocery shopping.” Nice. Thanks for liking my bananarama pan bread post.

  5. Thank you for stopping by CakeyKate! I am quite jealous of your job in a stationery shop, I could easily spend a whole afternoon in a stationery shop! Your cupcakes look awesome, much love from across the pond 🙂

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