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i believe…

i believe…

…that it is acceptable to wear high heels or pajamas when going grocery shopping (my mom will be upset with the latter one).

…that guys should have their “guy time” like girls have their “girl time.”

…that delivered flowers should automatically forgive a boyfriend so long as the wrong that he did was not cheating, lying, stealing, or anything that would cause an end to the relationship.

…that is is okay to absolutely love something that you would never want to have or never want to do.

…that if you apologize for something you shouldn’t have said, it shouldn’t have come out of your mouth in the first place.

…that pink IS the happiest color. =)

…that there is no such thing as taking too many pictures.

…that i can live every day in dresses.

…that shy guys are the sexiest guys.

…that only 2% of the population of men can successfully pull off wearing v-necks.

…that dogs don’t belong in strollers.

…that if a kid has to be put on a “leash backpack thing,” they should just stay at home.

…that “birth to 5” are the most fascinating years of life.

…that there is something out there that can get me out of bed faster than coffee. i just have yet to find it.

…that writing in a journal is more effective and much cheaper than having a therapist.

…that it is okay to leave your clean laundry unfolded for days. that’s what an iron board is for.

…that there is such a thing as being “too nice.” guilty.

…in karma.

…that the twilight book is the worst piece of literature i’ve ever read.

…that it is okay to still have your myspace account.

…that you should never cheat on your hairdresser.

…that vertical stripes do not make you look bigger. but white dresses do.

…that it is okay to sacrifice comfort for style every once in a while.

…that no one cares how bad of a dancer you are. they just want you on the dance floor.

…that gay clubs are way more fun than straight clubs.

…that i’m more interesting on my blog.

…that i might get in trouble by about 5 things i’ve said here…



35 thoughts on “i believe…

  1. That’s a good one!! Um, what if your mom buys you the โ€kid leash โ€thing & your kid goes and gets it & puts it on herself? Of course, I sent it to Kid-To-Kid already, she’s 5! But I would be lying if I said she didn’t love that thing!

  2. So many things on this list I agree with. So many things.

    But out of all of them, I agree the most with the fact that Twilight is a terrible bit of….I cringe to even call it writing.

    • i…..die…..laughing………………………there was a big celebrity event for the movie THE HUNGER GAMES a few days ago and half the fans were in TWILIGHT shirts. i was like WTH is going on!? i think that book made all english professors angry.

  3. You lie! You are every bit as interesting in person as on your blog :). Plus there’s the added bonus of you saying ok so here’s what happened

  4. Get in trouble!!
    From whom…..
    The people?
    Who are the people?
    Always remember this
    You are the most important person to you.
    You are the people.
    I loved the truth in that! Great!

    • hi, john! i love your photoblog! it’s hilarious! very simple and very funny! i loved the “we will miss you, sue” caption! BAHAHAHA! and you know what, i need help on something..I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO COMMENT ON YOUR BLOGS!……..?? i can’t find the comment box or button to click to comment…am i missing something here? i did enjoy the coffee blog!!! i’d be clicking “like” on all your posts!!!

      • Thanks, Sierra! To comment– JUST under the photo title (and just beside the date) it will say either “0 Comments” or give the number of comments. You click on THAT (the number of comments) to add a comment or a “like.” It’s NOT obvious, and I’ve often wondered how many people don’t know to click there!

        It’s about the only thing I don’t like about the WordPress theme I’m using

      • i just found it! i swear, on the coffee blog, the comment box didn’t show up. i saw the “comment” button, so i tried another blog. on another blog the comment box popped up, but not on the coffee one. hmm….that’s not fair.

      • My apology! I forgot that I only allow comments for 15 days for this reason: I personally get annoyed when I indicate that I want to be “notified of follow-up comments” to a comment I’ve made on somebody’s bog, then the comments stop coming in my e-mail after a few days, and then sometimes a MONTH later a flurry of comments will start up again and clog my inbox about a post I’m no longer interested in. I’m sparing all of the subscribers to MY blog comments the same fate by cutting off the comments after 2 weeks.

    • haha! why, thank you! when i was in high school, i read cosmo magazine a lot and they have a page that is titled “it’s okay to…” and when i was writing this blog, it made me think of that. haha!

  5. I agree with most of these, although I was a leash kid at theme parks (but I turned out fine, I think).

    Thanks for the like on Wittyburg.com โ€” you’ve found a new follower in me:)

  6. Love your list. I agree with most of them.Guess i should make one of my own since I have lived so many years (75). Thanks for your ” like” on my blog.Please visit again.

    • why, thank you so much, miss linda naylor! i enjoyed stumbling upon your blog! i don’t know if i could have the patience to devote an entire day making ONE dessert, but i enjoyed reading that blog and i would love to read more going forward! i absolutely love your dogs names, miss biscuit and miss mocha. my associate at work has a dog named PANCAKE and i love it! i will definitely be learning a culinary thing or two (or million) from your site, as you have an amazing background!!!

  7. What a great way to tell people about yourself. I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my Twinkies with Warm Blackberry Compote recipe.

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