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i had to make baby shower cupcakes for my co worker’s sister’s baby shower. i saw this picture and thought it was cute:


the color palette i was working with was blue, green, and yellow. this is what i ended up with:


my little man helped me out by punching out blue circles. he was pretty happy that he got to help. and happier that i actually used the blue circles. =)


i have a co worker, madeleine, who made me a peach cobbler for my birthday…so for her birthday, i wanted to make her cupcakes…i knew she was in a book club, so i did some research of books for decorations.



i thought it was adorable…but i wanted it to look better…so this is what i came up with after 2 days of fondant coloring and blade slitting of little book pages (as shown in the first picture of the 2 pictures above)…



karon, my other co worker, got me an apple gift card for my birthday, so i wanted to make him a little something, too. he sings for his church, so i wanted to do musical notes.


this is what i came up with…after pulling up pictures of music sheets…



those were fun…but they were pretty hard. working with fondant is hard because my hands take a beating. every time i walk off to do something, i have to wash my hands well before i get back to the fondant, so my hands were super dry and unable to heal…until now! i’m in need of an amazing moisturizer right now…

my dear friend, jessica, also celebrated her 30th birthday…she is the one who gave me the cupcake holder for christmas, so i got to make her birthday cupcakes and display them in my cupcake holder!!









my favorite tool to pipe lettering is a ziplock bag. until i find something better, it will be a ziplock bag. i pipe better when i write in cursive. my print is good on paper, but awful on a cupcake. i don’t know why that is.

i found this yummy buttercream icing. that is what the white icings on the cupcakes are. on madeleine’s cupcakes, i used a chocolate icing, which i also loved. i don’t even like sugar icing but those 2 recipes turned out great. i was very pleased. =)

anyways, there you are! cupcake madness!!!!!!



85 thoughts on “cupcakes

  1. Your baby shower cupcakes look fab! I have been trying to find inspiration for baby shower cupcakes as I am making some tonight and these are lovely, a really fresh alternative. I’ll pop some pictures of mine up once they are finished to share too!

    • thank you! my friend gave me an idea to make baby buggies out of cupcakes, but i think i’ll use them for later! and do post pictures of your cupcakes because i would LOVE to see them!!

    • thank you! those were one of my favorites to do! i have a baby shower i am co-hosting, so i’ve got to think of some fabulous decorations for that one!!!

  2. I love the books!! They are soo good πŸ™‚ How do you make the icing? I normally make a buttercream icing and pipe it on but I also like how you have done it too! πŸ™‚

    • oh! the white icings are buttercream icing and then the one with the books is just a plain chocolate icing! if i draw designs on the icing, then i just use a knife to smooth the icing over. on the musical cupcakes, i did a take on sprinkles cupcakes-how they have their icing piled SO HIGH. i was really liking how that buttercream icing turned out, so i decided to pile a little extra on there. haha. and i HATE SUGAR ICING! weird, because i love making cupcakes…!!! i love piping, though. i think it’s prettier and cleaner and more fun!

    • you know what my favorite thing to use for piping letters is? a ziplock bag. i don’t like piping letters or words with a metal or hard plastic tip. and all my icing tips for piping got thrown away by a ghost, so that’s why i’ve resorted to a knife until i get to a michaels or hobby lobby to get more tips. ugh!!

      • Ooh yes, I saw your comment about that! Such a good idea. Most of the greatest piping techniques I have used, are using a bag – You can snip how large you want it to be! I’m not very good at the writing though so might have to give that a practice!!

      • i think you’ll like using the ziplock because it’s small and easy to write with. i really should take a piping class, i heard some colleges have them. haha!!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA! wouldn’t it be COOL if we could overnight cupcakes? i’d be BROKE if i could have all the cupcakes i want sent to me! we’d need more than “fragile” stickers on the boxes. maybe “FRAGILE, THESE ARE CUPCAKES-KEEP BOX UPRIGHT!” stickers. hahahaha.

    • thank you!!! i swear, i’m not anywhere close to most of these baking bloggers. i feel like a little person, so i must refine my cupcake decorating skills to be up there with the most of them!!

    • thank you, thank you! i swear, i stay up until ungodly hours of the night reading and stumbling upon random blogs. i love it…until i have to wake up in the morning. haha!

    • thank you thank you! i hope the more i post cupcakes, the better they look. i’m anticipating the ones i am making for my friend’s baby shower in may to look SUPER GORGEOUS. *crosses fingers…real tight*

    • wait. you’re not a cupcake fan? aside from technology/electronics (am i correct?), what are you a fan of? and thank you for the compliment, i don’t think my friends realize the blood, sweat, and tears that i put into my cupcakes…but they do make good blogs! haha! i am a fan of your blog, and I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! that’s nuts! i admire your bucket list, and i would be super jealous if you learned even half those languages before i did.

  3. This made me want to go eat cupcakes. Something that I am Trying not to do. …

    That’s how good they look. Very…hey. I’m not going to think about this….i’m…not…

    • i would make a terrible catholic. i grew up in a catholic-dominant island but i never did all that “giving up for lent” stuff. i’d be screwed if i did. some things i’d cry if i gave up would be: coffee, red bull, mt. dew, rice (typical asian, but according to my co-workers, i’m “asian-adjacent”), tabasco/hot pepper, and pastries.

      and i finally got around to commenting on your blog. i just died laughing so bad when i read it. everyone takes a piece and raves about it and talks about how great it is-you did the exact opposite and you should just make it a weekly thing or something. find awful or crazy “anythings” and just *laughing again* critique it!

  4. It’s unbelievable That you are able to write so beautiful on such a small thing as a cupcake! Wow! I also really like the design of all of them but I guess that I’m mostly impressed by the books! How did you do the pages? I tried to do books once but failed on the pages, they just didn’t look real at all!

    • thank you!……i’m gonna need to start reading your blog. i think my eyes kept getting bigger as i was reading the titles…and i think my friend would enjoy reading your blog as well. i should tell her about it!

    • i think my favorite cupcakes (before the books) were the hello kitty ones i made…even though it took me 12 hours NON-STOP to do them. i wanted to strangle myself for putting myself through that pain.

    • thank you! i kinda get inspiration from reading up on other blogs or googling images! and by the way, your blog is ADORABLE! i’m in love with it! i should tell my friend about it since she just got married last year!!!!!

  5. WOW! That is amazing…you are very good at making cupcakes haha. I always end up eating nearly all the batter only allowing for like 1 or 2 to actually be made! Thanks for checking out my blog too πŸ™‚ Always appreciated… (I’m doing some videos for the next post so def check it out!)

    • i think i’m better at EATING cupcakes than making them. i went to a cake competition last night….i’ve never consumed that much cake and ICING in one day, EVER. i was seriously sick to my stomach…..i loved it!

    • they were really fun! i had no clue how to do them-actually, i usually have no clue how to do anything i do until i just wing it. i guess i should be glad that my associate is in a book club since that inspired me! now, i want to make doily-type designs with fondant. that’s my new project. and i have no clue where to start.

    • thank you, thank you! i need to get better at it…so i have to read other blogs to see what they do because i’m not anywhere as cool or as close as them! ❀

    • thank you! i really wanted to do some books that were open, but….i took me 2 days to do those little ones, i would have fainted if i did open-faced books. haha!

    • oh, yes! cupcakes are fun and less messy and you don’t have to cut them! that’s what i love about them! and your blog is amazing! i love it! i’m sure i’ll be learning a thing or two from you!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog recenlty! I love these cupcakes, especailly your books! I am impressed with your writing and that you just use a ziplock bag!

  7. You have steady hands, your writing is great! I use piping bag too with tip attachment number 2 or 3 to write on cupcakes. All the best.

    • i just bought a #2 yesterday! haha! and i was going to blog about everything i have bought this week! that’s hilarious! that’s pretty much the size of the tip i write with. i really want a #1, though…i want to try LACE designs!!!!!

  8. I really love the little books! They’re so cute. Your cursive is probably better than your print because cursive is more one continuous motion. My handwriting is pretty terrible when decorating in either cursive or print πŸ˜› Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Try piping right onto the cupcake top without a base frosting. I hate too much sugar frosting as well. Especially for kids cupcakes. Using chocolate looks best, but vanilla works too.
    Love your fondant work!

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