miscellaneous randomness

1. i have never received valentine’s day flowers before, until this valentine’s day 2012. the funny thing is that on monday i kept telling my co worker’s, “i hope someone gets flowers tomorrow so i can take pictures of it and look at it!” and i was the only one that got flowers. *aaaaw!* and not only 1 dozen…but 2 dozen! i absolutely love flowers. they’re beautiful, looking at them makes me happy, they smell good…i grew up around flowers (plumerias and gardenias in particular) so i just love them.


2. i have been looking into finding a makeup brush set. during my online search for one, i decided to look up blogs about makeup brushes and stumbled upon a video clip from EnKore that compared makeup brushes to paint brushes! very neat and very interesting…i can’t seem to upload the video, so here is the link.

3. i made an impulse buy…i blame it on working with the personal assistant to the VP of our company. she used to work for sephora and has her “cosmetics certification” if i said that right. i spent a good few days talking to her about cosmetics and beauty products. i knew i was going to get into trouble discussing that with her, she is very knowledgeable. i also blame it on the particular item that i bought because it was a pretty popular valentine’s day gift to girls from their boyfriends and husbands. so…i bought the urban decay naked palette 2.



amazon is selling this palette for over $60. at sephora it is $50. i’m sure it’s going to be one of the best $50 i’ve spent. i’ve heard lots of amazing reviews on the naked 1 but i wanted the naked 2 first. eventually i will get the naked 1. =) i’ll put that on my wish list. i see a makeup and beauty products obsession coming on…as if i didn’t have it already.

4. rumor has it that the ipad3 is coming out soon, so i figure i’d wait until it does. for now, my apple gift cards must hang out in my bedroom. 

5. i have had a mac-n-cheese kick lately. sometimes i’ll make it for breakfast, too. i have no idea what’s up with that. and no, i am not pregnant. 

6. i had a gift wrap station in the hallway of northpark center from february 1 to valentine’s day. it was definitely one of the most fun experiences i have had at work. some of the popular items that i gift wrapped this holiday were christian louboutins, louis vuitton handbags, lululemon yoga gear, james avery jewelry, sperry shoes, michael kors handbags, perfumes, and those overpriced godiva chocolate covered strawberries. they better be wrapped, half a dozen costed $50. i was surprised that i did not wrap much from victoria’s secret. very surprised. 

7. my brother said i’d be a lot cooler if i knew how to make mocha cupcakes. thanks to my great friend, jessica, who gave me the big book of cupcakes by betty crocker, there is a mocha-caramel cappuccino cupcake recipe. all we gotta do is not put caramel and we’ve got a winner. i don’t hate caramel, my brother just doesn’t want it. i also looked at a recipe for oreo cupcakes. that sounds interesting. i’m definitely down for doing mocha cupcakes soon. i love coffee. 

8. i haven’t been liking my eyebrows lately. i think i need to get them shaped and trimmed. they’ve been just bugging me. that’s what happens when i get my dad’s eyebrows. but i love my dad, so i don’t mind TOO much. 

9. i have been doing terrible with my journal writing. shame on me…*sad face*

10. sometimes i refuse to log in to pinterest because i know it will suck me in for a handful of hours and i won’t care about anything else. and i thought facebook was bad!

that is all. 




i had to make baby shower cupcakes for my co worker’s sister’s baby shower. i saw this picture and thought it was cute:


the color palette i was working with was blue, green, and yellow. this is what i ended up with:


my little man helped me out by punching out blue circles. he was pretty happy that he got to help. and happier that i actually used the blue circles. =)


i have a co worker, madeleine, who made me a peach cobbler for my birthday…so for her birthday, i wanted to make her cupcakes…i knew she was in a book club, so i did some research of books for decorations.



i thought it was adorable…but i wanted it to look better…so this is what i came up with after 2 days of fondant coloring and blade slitting of little book pages (as shown in the first picture of the 2 pictures above)…



karon, my other co worker, got me an apple gift card for my birthday, so i wanted to make him a little something, too. he sings for his church, so i wanted to do musical notes.


this is what i came up with…after pulling up pictures of music sheets…



those were fun…but they were pretty hard. working with fondant is hard because my hands take a beating. every time i walk off to do something, i have to wash my hands well before i get back to the fondant, so my hands were super dry and unable to heal…until now! i’m in need of an amazing moisturizer right now…

my dear friend, jessica, also celebrated her 30th birthday…she is the one who gave me the cupcake holder for christmas, so i got to make her birthday cupcakes and display them in my cupcake holder!!









my favorite tool to pipe lettering is a ziplock bag. until i find something better, it will be a ziplock bag. i pipe better when i write in cursive. my print is good on paper, but awful on a cupcake. i don’t know why that is.

i found this yummy buttercream icing. that is what the white icings on the cupcakes are. on madeleine’s cupcakes, i used a chocolate icing, which i also loved. i don’t even like sugar icing but those 2 recipes turned out great. i was very pleased. =)

anyways, there you are! cupcake madness!!!!!!



my birthday last month

pardon my absence, as i have been terribly busy the past month…with my birthday week and making cupcakes and valentine’s day at work. without further ado, let me post a few (or a ton) of pictures to recap my birthday last month…

on my actual birthday (january 26), i had the day off from work. my sunshine, mishi, wanted to take me out for a cupcake date, so my friend, tiffany, and i met up with her for some sugar queen cupcakes!!! thank you, mishi, you are just the most wonderful friend in the universe! and the cupcakes were amazing, the new flavor that i tried was the chocolate and salted caramel cupcake! it. was. so. good!!!!! in every bite i tasted the rich chocolate followed by a little salt rock. it was awesome!!! after our cupcake date, mishi went back to school (she drove all the way to dallas in between her classes just to have cupcakes with me-i felt incredibly special!) i ran errands with tiffany and then a few of us met up for a casual dinner. it was a fantastic day. =)

on january 27, i was going to have dinner with my friends alex and tiffany. i figured that since it was a birthday dinner, i’d buy a “30 dress.” yes, that’s my excuse for buying a new outfit. but hey, it works. anyways, i spent most of the day just lounging around and relaxing before i got ready for dinner. alex picked me up and brought me to dinner. when we walked in, i saw a LONG…long…long table full of familiar faces…and looked around…and saw my friends…and cried. my friend, tiffany, had planned a surprise dinner for me. both captains of my 2 monday night pool teams were there…my best friend was there…my siblings were there…my dear, dear friends were there…that dinner was so hard for me to sit down through because i kept getting up to chat with everyone and take pictures and socialize. one of the waiters kept telling me to sit down and eat my food. i wanted to just walk around the entire time and hang out! and i need to send the restaurant a thank you card. apparently they comped everything i had ordered. that was the sweetest thing, ever. after dinner, i went to regal beagle, which is where i always go on my friday nights. more friends met up with me there, so i was really excited! thank you, all, for coming to my dinner and to my “after party.” it was very, very special and i have never had so much fun on my birthday before. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i was and still am overwhelmed. ❤ love love love!…and yes, i got drunk in the end.

thank you all for the wonderful birthday gifts!!!! i got a bunch of apple gift cards because i want an ipad2, but rumor has it that the ipad3 is coming out soon, so i should wait!!! =) i also got beautiful birthday cards, a new shaft for my pool cue from the guys i shoot pool with, the $300 swarovski crystal-encrusted bra and thong set from the victoria’s secret fashion show 2011 from alex and tiffany, and i got the amaaaaazing birthday card from NIQUEA.D papyrus that one of the captains of my pool team got me. thank you, penny! i absolutely love it and will be framing it!

thank you, everyone. i don’t feel a bit like 30, whatever it feels like. i feel great. and this year has just been amazing to me. i am going to be forever thankful for my friends and family for being such wonderful people in my life. i hope you are all having a blast this year, and i will be posting more pics soon! i did a ton of cupcakes lately and they have turned out pretty fun! that will be the next blog to post!…hopefully not weeks later, either!