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-sunday inventory consisted of me sitting in one spot for an entire 7+ hours, eating cookies, drinking both red bull and my coffee monster drink, and listening to pandora. radio stations of choice: britney spears, the blow, adele, and ODB. i don’t think anyone appreciates ODB at my work like i do.

-monday started the spring session for my pool league. i am on 2 teams but only shot on one team. i lost.

-tuesday inventory was a highlight because i discovered chocolate peanut butter bugles. it’s a party in your mouth if you haven’t tried it. pandora radio station of choice: britney spears.  after inventory, i went to check on how my tuesday night pool team did for the evening. unfortunately, they lost.

-wednesday was when i took pictures of my nephew in a bare field. i loved it.

-thursday inventory made me sick because all i ate were peanut butter cookies and more chocolate peanut butter bugles. and all i drank were red bull and coffee. and then i ate 2 cupcakes. pandora radio stations of choice: britney spears (big surprise), third eye blind, adele, and nicki minaj.

-friday woke me up with massive back pain, so the first half of the day was rough, but then i shot pool at regal beagle with my awesome friends and saw R. =) he got to meet some of my friends, so that was cool. i had a bit to drink, so i spent the second half of my night making sure i didn’t fall on my heels….! apparently he didn’t notice how messy i felt because he kept telling me how great i looked. aw…! i got to meet one of his friends, who was a sweet guy. so it was a great night!

-saturday was great because i got back to my store and missed everyone. the entire staff was on board, the energy was great, everyone was feeling good, i loved it. i got to see the new NIQUEA.D jewelry that came in which is SUPER GORGEOUS, so i will be taking pictures as i get to try them on! yay!

*this is my birthday week. for some reason, i’m nervous. it is also my oldest brother’s birthday!

*newly added pandora station: the bird and the bee

*i am not keeping up with my daily journal. i need to get on that. i don’t want a repeat of 2010.

*i decided to take off the 2nd new year’s resolution: to meet one new person every week and take a picture of them. i met at least 5 new people last night but didn’t get to take pictures of them, and i’ve already failed this mission from the first week. the coolest person i have met this month is, hands down, the tattoo artist that gave my friend/co-worker her tattoo. i should put that in a blog on it’s own. he was that cool.

*this week, i need to pack and move. and i’m hoping i get it all done or i’m going to have to go through this torture next week. i hate moving.

*one of the highlights of my week was talking to my dear friend, mishi. i call her my sunshine. we talked one night for over 3 hours this week. i devoted a blog to her, friendship is one mind in two bodies, which is about the LAST conversation we had that was this long! she is such an amazing friend.

*my sister’s boyfriend made crab/broccoli salad. it’s one of my favorite things ever:

that is all for now.


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