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you have nothing to worry about…

after i had posted the last blog (01/05/12 random post), i got a little worried…i thought, “great…now i’m going to have to go on this date since i blogged about it…………….or just delete the blog………but people have already read it and are wanting me to post about the date after i go on it……unless i cancel the date…..but i’ve already told my mom about it and she’s really looking forward to hearing about what a disaster/success it turns out to be…..” ack!! 

leave it to me to make a coffee date seem like i’m having a blind date in another country. it’s just coffee, sierra…geez.

so i went on it. 

it’s not so much “dating disasters” that i have experienced in the past as much as it is past experiences with meeting people for the first time and it turning into a disaster. i’ve met quite a few people online that i have built friendships with. everything seems great, we share common interests, everything is cool……until we meet. boy, would you love to read those stories. they’re so horrific, i won’t even go there. so it would be normal for me to expect that.

as i parked my car outside starbucks, i sat for a moment. then i grabbed my phone and texted my friend: “i am right outside…terrified.” first time ever. i don’t think i’ve ever been this chicken before. i looked at the coffee shop-it seemed like there were 30 people there. what if i don’t recognize him? i hate that part. so i decided to call him and ask him if i beat him there. he had just parked, too. i got out of my car, hung up the phone, and there he was walking up to the front a few feet from me.



it’s all in the hug when it comes to me. 

half hug. full hug. full-on embracing hug. light hug. hug with a rub on the back. hug with pats on the back. hug with one hand. there are many types of hugs.

this one was a full hug.

it took about 1.4821 seconds to know i was giving him a full hug.

what a great first impression, i guess. haha. 

and everything was relaxed from there….phew.

so we  grabbed some drinks (HE DOESN’T DRINK COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?), had a seat outside (the weather was ah-mazing…70 degrees in january? YES, PLEASE!), and talked.

talked for 3 hours.

talked about life, dating, religion, kids, traveling, friends, family, pool, you name it. it was pretty awesome. i don’t even know what to say.

i love having long conversations. about everything and anything. just talking….and talking…and talking…i’m usually the one listening, so it was very different that i did a lot of talking. it was pretty fun. it felt like i was being interviewed with all the questions i was asked. i love answering questions. it was pretty fun. =) it was 3 hours of laughing and great conversation. that was pretty much it.

so where does it go from there? do you have chemistry? do you not have chemistry? do you go on another date or hang out again? when?

we decided to get together for lunch next week. he happened to pick sushi…at one of my favorite places. now i’m excited!!!

…and then we went our separate ways. he went to meet up with his friends and i did the same with mine.

the night was great. when i met up with my friends, it turned into a semi-reunion. i hadn’t seen some of my friends in as long as a year, so it was awesome. we all just hung out and had a jam of a time. i had a blast.

so that’s that. i’m kinda smiling about the whole thing. the whole night. it was a success. it just added to the fact that my 2012 is going to be nothing short of amazing. cheers to that!

do any of you have horrific first date stories? i really want to know them.

for now, hope you all had a great weekend, and have an awesome week ahead!



One thought on “you have nothing to worry about…

  1. I haven’t had bad first date stories. It’s been so long since I’ve had a first date, so I love living vicariously through other’s. However, from my friends’ files: one guy she brought home started to seduce her by freak dancing her chair. I don’t think it went further than that.

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