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01/05/2012 random post

it’s an ungodly hour of the night and i’m back to being a night owl…again.

here is a bunch of random thoughts….

a junior high/high school friend of mine is getting married back home (saipan) on the 7th. one of the downfalls of working in the retail industry is that there is no vacation time around the holidays (and that would be in between october and february). i would have loved to be at the wedding, and would have loved to see my parents who i haven’t seen in 3 years (*sob*), and would have loved to bask in the saipan sun during these cold winter months. but for now, best wishes to my friend and her soon-to-be husband! i wish them all the best. =)

after work, i grabbed a late dinner with a friend. we chatted over finger foods, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert at TGIFridays because it was the only place open late on a wednesday night. we happened to sit next to neat wall decor…and of course, since i have my camera handy at all times, here are 2 winning pictures of the night:





during our late-night girl pow wow sessions, we can talk about anything with or without substance…like the crazy night out we had a few days ago…or the cute boys we recently met…or figuring out where i should live in the next few months…or dating, in general.

which brought up an idea for my blog…

should i start blogging about my dating life?

i’m about to turn 30 and i’m single. 

(alright, so i began blogging to post up shoe and cupcake inspirations on top of posting about everyday random acts of kindness and the positive things that happen in my life…and then i started posting tons of pictures of events that i’ve attended, on top of posting about the jewelry i wear to work…..and now DATING?…..yes.)

but wouldn’t that make for a good blog topic every once in a while? i guess it would if the stories were interesting. i’m not sure how exciting my dating life would be. but the characters that pursue me are pretty interesting individuals, that’s for sure.

i will make sure to change the names of each individual, to prevent embarrassment and shame.

JUST KIDDING…on the latter part, not the former.

i might even go as far as asking y’all, the readers, to name each person i talk about. that would be fun. but let’s not get carried away with the nicknames or anything…we’ll keep it simple.

and with that being said…

i am suppose to meet someone this week….i don’t like to say, “go on a date” because i’m stubborn and it sounds too official. also, it was suppose to be a “date” but because i’m still recovering from being sick earlier this week, eating wouldn’t be a great idea since my tummy still needs to take baby steps before it starts consuming food like a starving man….i didn’t even feel well after eating finger foods tonight. bleh. so this indian dining experience has to be put on hold until a later date (it sounded great, though…like one of those dates in which it would take me 4 hours and 23 outfit changes to get ready before i decide on a cute top and jeans in the end…and maybe a paper bag to breath in and out of because i’d be way too nervous). we might just make it a coffee-grabbing deal instead.

but back to this guy. he’s 35. he’s hispanic. he’s handsome. he’s a libra (for all you zodiac-crazy friends of mine). and he’s very passionate about traveling…which i’m very envious of, because i would be completely content with visiting half of the places he has. he just got back from spending a month out of the country for “christmas break” as i like to call it. must be nice. i can already predict the dialogue when we meet:

him: so how was your christmas?

me: so what was the first thing you ate when you got there?

him: and how was work this holiday season?

me: so did you eat any good dessert?

him: so what are you doing next week?

me: what was the best thing you ate there?

oh, of course i’m gonna wonder if he took pictures of his food, but i already know he didn’t….because only crazy people do that…

why did i tell my mom that i was going on a “date” this week? now she’s going to be sitting around with her phone in hand, waiting for me to call her…every day…until i do. and then she’s going to want to know every detail. i guess i better meet this guy so i can give her good mother/daughter girly gossip. now that i think about it, that would be fun. we have discussed boyfriends in the past, but not prospects or “first dates.” *getting nervous*

i’m going to end this topic now before i ruin anything…tune in later on this week for an update on whether it was a hit or miss or epic fail. thank you.

in other news…

i have a new journal for 2012. and yes, it’s a moleskine. it’s the moleskine 2012 daily diary/planner. it has a page per day, so it will force me to write in it every day. it can’t be hard to write a page a day, right? WRONG. i failed miserably in 2010-not even half the journal was written in. i was very upset. so this year, i am determined to write/draw/scribble in it every day. whether it’s a full page of a terrible rant or a scribble of a song lyric or a drawing of something that i got bored and doodled, i will have something in my journal every day. that is one of my resolutions.

what is my other new year resolution?

to meet and blog about one person a week. that’s 52 new people i meet for 2012. these will not be people i already know-they must start off as complete strangers. i will accept them if they are friends of friends, so long as i have never met them. this one might be hard because i could spend weeks hiding under a rock…so i guess i better be social…and i better be social OUT of the pool hall. i do meet some interesting individuals there, though. my camera will be with me, and there will be pictures of these new and potential friends. =) cheers to this adventure!

my other resolutions are personal, but once achieved, i will definitely blog about them. =)

i haven’t shot pool in weeks…and it feels kinda good…i’m not sure whether i will be shooting pool by the end of the year or not. we’ll see about that. more on that in another blog.

i guess i should get some rest now. thank you for reading my random junk of the evening. =)



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