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crazy busy

it’s been quite a week.

i’m falling very behind on my blog posts here.

on saturday i went to a quinceanera (i can’t believe i’ve been spelling that word wrong this ENTIRE TIME-i JUST googled it). i got to partake in the decorating at 9 a.m. to the ceremony at 4 p.m. to the dinner at 6 p.m. to the reception at 8 p.m. with my friend’s son’s soccer game in between the first two. that was a fun and eventful day! i met some great new people! pictures coming soon.

i’ve been getting my trunk full of toys and clothes and shoes to donate to a charity. if you have any gently used items or toys that you don’t make use of anymore, pack them up and drop them off at charity nearby. it’s the holiday season, and although every single day should be a time to give, let’s all rummage through our trunks and see what we can give as treasures to others. half of my trunk has toys that i bought but never gave away, shoes that i’ve not even worn twice, clothes with tags still attached to them, and cocktail dresses that i had enough pictures taken in. the starbucks french press that i bought 3 years ago almost made it to the trunk but i decided to hold onto it just a little bit longer. just in case.

today (wednesday), i am doing a radio interview for 103.7 lite fm that will air on november 27. it will be on the company i work for (papyrus) and gift wrapping for the holidays. it will be fun, i already know it…even though i got a good 24 hour head’s up on the whole thing! i did a bit of research to find either a youtube clip or an article with pictures on how to gift wrap and i haven’t found a good one. so i will make one coming up. some of them were close to how i wrap (i’m kinda lying), but they could have done without a few steps or they could have refined others. also, i will do a blog on how to make a bow from spooled ribbon.

this friday i will be attending the JEAN PAUL GAULTIER exhibit at the dallas museum of art and i’m SOOOOOOOO STOKED!! i will be going with 2 friends to meet up with a co-worker (i found out he was going this friday via his facebook, of course) and his friends. it. is. going. to. be. so. much. FUN.

i got invited by my amazing friend, mishi, to attend an indian party this saturday!!!!!!! i’ve never been to one and i’m going CRAZY about it! she’s even going to let me wear some of her indian garb! my camera is going to totally blow up in these 2 days!!!!!!!

on sunday i will be visiting a friend who will be home from surgery, and i will be toting 2 friends to the visit. i hope his surgery goes well this week and i send out best wishes and prayers to him. ❤


that is how my week is looking right now.

and then next week is THANKSGIVINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my favorite holiday. =)

more on that later.


for now: sleep.


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