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halloween fun

on saturday, i decided to go to the oak lawn block party for halloween. i had never been there and i wanted to take pictures of all the neat costumes. obviously, that meant i needed a costume myself, so i had to brew something up. i used some of my nephew’s white face paint and slathered some black eyeshadow on my face and body…..teased my hair…..later on used some of my nephew’s tube of blood…..and this is what i got:



unfortunately, there is something wrong with my memory stick, so i have yet to upload the pictures from the block party. it was a blast, let me tell ya. so many costumes, i couldn’t even enjoy them all as much as i wanted to…or take pictures of them! but i will work on getting the pictures into my mac so i can show y’all. there are tons of great photos.


on sunday, i wanted to do something simple, like a devil…but ended up buying a tray of face goodies (paint, scars, glitter, etc.), so i decided to do up my costume a little more…….note, i have never worked with face paint before. i just wanted something that resembled flames…

these are some of my favorite pictures of sunday night:



it was a fun halloween weekend. finally…a halloween that beat halloween ’02 in hawaii!!!!!!!!!!! ❤




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