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shoe inspiration

i have a very dear friend name dorothy joy. i’ve known her since the 9th grade (don’t ask me how long ago that was). i haven’t seen her in over 10 years and when we text, we act like we live just down the street. i love this girl. she’s one of the kindest, sweetest, bestest (i know that’s not a word, but we went through grammar nazi school together, so i thought i’d throw that in) individuals i know. 

i secretly call dorothy “my cupcake soul sister.”

and this is why…

yeah. talk about cupcake/cake inspirations. if you think I’M AWESOME, check HER OUT!! ❤

she’s amazing.

she’s the only reason why i’d want to open up a bakery. she just makes it look so FUN. and then i thought of a more perfect idea: if she baked, i’d decorate…because that’s my favorite part. the decorating is so much fun. but she’s already such a good decorator. dorothy and i are going to bake it up one day, i know that for sure. we’re going to do more than just bake one day. we’re going to take over the world.

yesterday was my niece’s 3rd birthday party. last year, this was one of her gifts from someone, and of course, a picture was taken of it:

my friend, tiam, sent me this next picture while she was shopping yesterday:

this is one of the things i got my niece for her birthday:

do we see a pattern here? haha.

my niece is cute as a button:

….but she was too into spongebob squarepants to focus on me.

emma’s grandma made these fruity pebbles “cupcakes” which i think are super adorable. of course i took the one with pink sprinkles. duh.

i think that should be enough for shoes and cupcakes. and cupcakes.

i went on a movie date after the birthday party…

the movie was good. the company was good. it was a bit overwhelming, in a great way. do you ever get that feeling? you don’t even need to be doing something with that special someone to feel it. you could just be lounging on the couch listening to the college football he’s watching and thinking, “this is awesome. i love it.” i don’t require a lot to have a good time. when i’m around good people, it doesn’t take much to enjoy myself.

it’s the simple things…<3

a friend messaged me and told me to blog more about myself…

first of all, i credit my mom and dad for the person that i am. i didn’t have a perfect childhood, but i doubt anyone did. i don’t regret a single thing about it, either. when you grow up, look back at your childhood, and think, “gosh, i hope when i have kids, they’ll understand where i’m coming from…” then you’ll know your parents did right. everything i thought that mattered when i was a kid doesn’t anymore. the moments i thought that mattered, the emotions i felt that i thought mattered, the situations i put myself through that i thought mattered…none of it does anymore. the only things that matter are the things i learned in school and from my parents. be a good person, be patient, don’t do bad things, don’t expect anything in return-those are the things that matter.

i function on common sense. i’m a big daydreamer but i’m a realist. i believe that there’s a time and place for everything. i believe that good things come to those who wait. i’m a big believer in that. i believe that we should all do what we are passionate about. i don’t believe in doing anything for money. i am not a selfish person. i believe in random acts of kindness and being a good samaritan. i don’t believe in therapists-i believe in having good friends. i believe that a smile can make someone’s entire day. i believe that everything happens for a reason.

and that is all for now.


2 thoughts on “a bit of everything

  1. so sorry it took me a few days to finally comment! but yes me, emma, n lil rose love you tooooooo! awwww and emma was like mommy can i wear my cupicake shirt! damn i just haqd to put it up for the winter time! but ill take it out in a month!

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