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bits and pieces of the past few days…

my shoe inspiration for the WEEK comes from a lovely lady name Melina Rasa.

fun. sassy.

flirty. sexy.

juicy couture. hello kitty.


there’s my mini poem for melina.

friends and family are the best inspirations, that’s for sure. melina shared this picture on my facebook and i fell over in my chair. i follow her facebook because i love her look. i love her sense of style. i love her magnetic personality.

she’s too cool for school.

thank you, melina! ❤

if anyone sends me pictures of themselves in their sassy heels and sandals, they WILL be my shoe inspirations. so bring it on, sisters…

on my facebook, i asked for everyone to give me at least 3 words that describe me, in their opinion. i’ll accept answers via blog comment, text messaging, email, facebook comment, facebook message, phone call, handwritten letter, google+, twitter, smoke signals…you get the idea. i’m working on a project, and i want all my friends and family to get involved in it. i basically want my friends and family to write about me without me having to come up with something that might not be true. so if you’re reading this, and you have yet to list at least 3 words that describe me, please do so, and THANK YOU! and thank you to all of those who have facebooked/texted/emailed me already!

my niece, emma, has a birthday party tomorrow.

this is her first birthday photo:

she’s cute as a button, yes.

this is her second birthday photo:

i had to post that photo. it was adorable. she was determined to lick all the icing off each of the disney princesses.

she went from her tomboy birthday to her girly birthday. we’ll see which theme this next one is.

she’s absolutely adorable, it kills me.

i bought a pair of heels today. i wasn’t too happy with the ballet flats i wore with my dress. i don’t know how i thought 5″ heels would be way better than a pair of flats. breaking in 5″ heels at work isn’t the best idea, but once i do break them in, they’re gonna be my favorite pair of work shoes. the UPS guy said my heels were “hot.” he loved them. in fact, a few hours later, he brought his other UPS buddy to come and check them out, but i was in my flats for the meantime. i’m sure his co-worker thought, “you seriously brought me in here to look at a girl’s shoes? and she’s not even wearing them?” they said they’d check back with me on monday. that’s hilarious. i need to ask them for their names. i don’t like not knowing my UPS guy’s name. they’re both new…or at least new to the mall…

i really should get some rest. i’m having my hair trimmed in a few hours. i’m so excited. the girl who cuts my hair is the only person who has touched my hair in the US. one day, over 5 years ago, isabel asked me to be her “guinea pig” at her hair school and i said yes. i fell in love with what she did to my hair and have not gone to anyone else since then. she has dyed it red, black, purple, and pink so far. she’s given me layers, sideswept bangs, and straight bangs. tomorrow i’m just getting a trim. a much needed trim. the one that makes me hope i don’t get scolded by her because the last time i got my hair trimmed was in may or june. but i refuse to go to anyone else. when you have a good “anything” you stick with it. =)

have a good night, y’all, and a great weekend.


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