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randomness in the past few days…

i made it to oktoberfest on saturday evening. i brought my friend, jennifer, with me. it was quite fun. i went to oktoberfest and all i got was a trunk full of toys…oh, and a taylor swift poster!

on sunday, jennifer and i hung out again. i don’t remember the last time i hung out with a friend 2 days in a row. wow! we went to lunch and we roamed the allen premium outlet. i noticed some stores have their argyle sweaters out for fall. i love argyle.

random thought….

i can’t wait for THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS….

the winner for best taste of 2011 went to BUFFALO CHICKEN IN A FLAPJACK.

the winner for most creative of 2011 went to FRIED BUBBLEGUM. um….ok. no, thank you.

the dish i want to try this year is the DEEP FRIED PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE.

some shows/exhibitions i want to see are the CIRQUE SHANGHAI, the BMX BIKE SHOW, the AUTO SHOW, the PIG RACES, the DOG SHOW, the AMAZING DOBERMAN SHOW, the 24M: DRIVE4COPD MONUMENT, the FALL GARDEN EXHIBITION, the MAPAPA AFRICAN ACROBATS, and about 30 other shows/exhibitions…this is going to be a good year!

on monday morning, a guy gave me a red rose. he is one of the guys who delivers shipment to neiman marcus in the mornings. i’ve never talked to him before. he practically couldn’t talk to me besides catching my attention to give it to me. he just kept stuttering. the only thing he managed to say correctly was when he said, “excuse me” to catch my attention. i guess i couldn’t talk either, because i was in shock that he was standing in front of me with a flower. i’m surprised he didn’t bump into something or hit something as he was walking away from me. he just kept looking at me and smiling as he walked away. i don’t know what to say to that. i don’t think i’ve ever made someone that nervous, ever. there is the RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS for that day.

here are some pictures from yesterday (tuesday, september 20):













































































after work yesterday, i got off work and picked up my nephew and sister to do some shopping for our niece’s birthday party this weekend. i’ve come to the conclusion that clothes last longer than toys, so we did a little clothes shopping. i allowed my nephew to pick everything he thought i should buy. i give him kudos for having pretty good taste for a 5 year old. he was attracted to some headgear so i took a few pictures of him.

the highlight of my day yesterday was when i got home. or shall i say “was within 5 minutes of when i parked my car.” my nephew came running up to my car, and as i opened my door, he leaned in and whispered, “PURPLE.” there were a lot of jumping high fives going on along the sidewalk.

he comes home every day with a color which depends on his behavior at school. purple is the best color he can get. that means he was a good boy and he paid attention in school. i told him that if he got purple for an entire week, i’d get him a present. my sister told me that he is determined to get purple every day.

by the time i got home this evening, he was already in bed. i asked my sister what color he got today. purple.

my nephew is very easy to please. i am very thankful for that. i could buy him a little pack of stickers and he’d be a happy puppy. i was thinking of his prizes being school-related. he loves my marker board. he loves to write on it. i could buy him a marker board and some erasable markers and he wouldn’t even know that his prize would benefit him in school. he’d always want to write his letters and numbers on it. i could buy him alphabet stickers. i could buy him a coloring book. he’s been into “coloring in the lines” lately. my prize options are endless.






One thought on “randomness in the past few days…

  1. Im so glad to hear he’s doing better in school!! & ur right Im sure he’ll love anything you get him!!! ❤ the pictures!!!! He looks SUPER CUTE in those hats-they give me ideas for Mackenzie! lol he looks like a lil Josh in that one hat!! ;p

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