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me. me. and more me.

things about me that you might not know.

and might already know.

i love pink. i love soft things. soft sweaters. soft toys. soft pillows. soft fabrics. i love glittery things. pink glittery things. i love hats. i don’t wear enough of them but i have quite a bit of them. i love marker boards and RSVP pens, fine point only. i love flowers. i mean, I LOVE FLOWERS. especially pink flowers. every time i walk by bouquets of flowers, i take a picture of them. they’re beautiful and they smell good. i grew up around gardenias and plumerias and bougainvilleas and i wish i was still around them. they make me happy. i love smiley faces, whether they’re on a sticker or on someone i walk by. i love little kids, and i love little kids wearing glasses. i love toys. care bears and lego toys. i love feeling young. i love sundresses and skirts and high heels and boots. i love all things girly and feminine. i love head bands and necklaces and bracelets and blingy rings. i love bold nail polish shades. i don’t get manicures because i think i do a good job with my own nails. i love a good pair of jeans. a flirty, fun, sassy pair of jeans. i love perfume. i love everything that smells good: fresh cut grass, the out-of-the-shower scent, sandalwood, flowers, bakeries, clean air, men’s cologne, catholic churches, coconut, pine sol, clean laundry, eucalyptus, coffee. scents can bring memories that can take me back to high school. i love it. i love writing. i’ve had a journal since i was young. i can’t go a day without writing so much. i love writing letters. i love sending cards. i love surprising friends. i love random acts of kindness. i love people who are considerate. i love people who say i made their day when i didn’t know i did anything in the first place. i love making people happy. i love listening. i love being the friend that everyone feels they can rely on. i love coming to the rescue. i love helping. i love helping friends solve problems. i love taking naps. i love cuddling. i love lip gloss. i love stripes and polka dots. i love taking pictures. sometimes i wish i could hold on to facial expressions and pretty things and moments forever, so i take a ton of pictures. i love looking back at them and thinking about how happy i was in that moment…which makes me happy. i love toe socks and i love argyle. i love the beach. and when i say “the beach” i mean a beach that overlooks the ocean. a beach with blue waters. like the beaches in saipan. i love all 4 seasons during the year. i love winter because it’s a good excuse to cuddle and drink hot chocolate. it also makes me eat way more ice cream for some reason. i love ice cream, yes. i love spring because that’s when all the flowers come out, and i love flowers. i love summer because i was born in that weather. i love fall the most out of all the seasons because it’s not too cold, not too hot, and not as wet and muddy. it’s just right. i love guitars and pianos. i wish i played both of them. i love handbags. handbags and high heels are my weaknesses. and food. i love anything with grommets. i love tulle and satin. i love getting butterflies in my tummy. i love holding hands and getting kisses on the cheek. i love people who open doors for girls. i love rainbows and lightning. i love fireworks. i love hot air balloons. i want to ride in a hot air balloon one day. i love reading books and doing find-a-word puzzles. i love amusement parks, festivals, carnivals, and state fairs. i love flea markets and malls. i love sightseeing. i love white button down shirts and black slacks. i love corn dogs and cotton candy. i love mt. dew, red bull, and coffee with tons of sugar and cream. i love driving with the windows down in the middle of the night. i love doing nothing and having a good time. i love board games and game nights with friends. i love making lists of anything. i love art. i love gentlemen. i don’t believe chivalry is dead. not at all. i love bookstores and coffee shops. i love it when my nephew sees me and his face lights up. i love plaid. i love shooting pool and bowling. i love listening to a song i enjoy so much that i put it on repeat for days. i love hugs. I LOVE HUGS. i love giving compliments. i love teaching. i love the first bite i take of dessert. i love trying new restaurants. i love my family and my friends. i love people who appreciate the simple things in life.

the end for now.

10 thoughts on “me. me. and more me.

  1. i love your use of lowercase. i love your short sentances. i love less is more. i love the fact that you just stimulated my imagination. i love intelligent, beautiful woman. i love randomness. i love my adhd and both of my poles. i love being called koo koo crazy. i love owning a pink hugo boss shirt. i love defending that shirt. i love corn dogs too. always have. don’t know why. i love wanting to know you. i love being a classicly trained chef. i love thank you cards. i love the word dichotomy. {} i hate uppercase. i hate being forced to use uppercase so other that other people can understand my sentances. i hate complication. i hate everything must be in it’s own place because i am that person. i hated paying $275.00 for that shirt and another $175.00 for the burberry tie that had to go into the bag along with the shirt. i hated walking past the cufflink case after i had already purchased the shirt and the tie. i hate soy corn dogs. always have. i know why. i hate not knowing you. i hate thank you cards not made by papyrus. i hate the taste of hallmark envelopes. i hate the taste of their glue too. i hate the word that is opposite of dichotomy. i hate being right back where i was before. i hate that i could not find cute chefs anywhere in your list of things you love. i hate liking your facebook page only to not see many pictures of you. i hate saying goodby. – you are an amazing writer blogger or whatever we are called. i look forward to reading more. thank you for liking my last post. it made my day. – tuddypum

  2. i love it… give us more loves… you’ve seriously inspired me to put up a list of my own loves on my bathroom mirror so I can see it every morning 🙂

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