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tuesday, september 13, 2011:

tuesday is usually the hardest morning for me. it is mostly credited to shooting pool for hours the night before and then waking up with lower back pain. it could also be credited to shooting pool in HIGH HEELS for hours and having to bend down further over the table, which might be the reason for the lower back pain. haha! i’m not sure….

shoe inspiration for the day:








it’s a blank card. and it’s fabulous. and it’s got multi-colored stones all over it. and it could be yours for $12.95.

i spent the second half of my work day driving around dallas to pick up paper for a client who needed it ASAP.

george bush is so nice to drive on because i’ve only hit traffic all of two times since i’ve driven on it this year…but it costs an arm and a leg of toll fees, and that’s most likely why there’s never traffic.

yes, i was parked while i took those pictures.

traffic is so painful sometimes. when i drove to northpark, i looked over at the the traffic going north and…yeah…not pretty. the best time to catch me on the phone happens to be when i’m stuck in traffic. it’s either that or listening to some good jams that keeps me from wanting to just leave my car because walking always seems faster when i need to get anywhere on 75 at 5 p.m…

when i got to our northpark location, i was finally able to see the NIQUEA.D (pronounced “nikki-dee”) products that launched recently.










beautiful, girly things.

i spotted a necklace i wanted:











i’m sure i can find a party or event to wear it to…

now, as for the NIQUEA.D greeting cards…wow…one card immediately caught my eye and i.have.to.have.it.for.my.30th.birthday…











yes…this is a sierra birthday card right here, folks. all $28 of it. i believe it comes presented IN  A BOX, too! isn’t it gorgeous!?!?

for my 30th birthday, i am only requesting birthday cards from PAPYRUS….and shoes! =)

more “sierra’s 30th birthday” details later.

after work, i had to get the ingredients for the buttercream frosting. i don’t like shopping alone, so i brought a shopping buddy with me. he spotted the sale section, which is great, but nothing what we needed:











all i remember after this was getting home, coloring some fondant blue (which was a pain, actually, because i used a liquid dye, which made the fondant VERY SOFT), rolling half of it out, talking to my mom on the phone, and waking up 14 hours later…….



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