i should be blogging every day…

i have too much to say on a daily basis, but once i get on my computer, my brain goes blank. this is why i should write everything down. i have personal jotter cards, a journal, a pocket calendar, an address book, and a planner in my purse and i can’t even write down what i want to put in my blogs. i should just write them on my hand so i don’t forget…

so here goes my past few days…

yeah, i’ve never been this obsessed with anyone’s cupcakes. sugar queen cupcakes are cupcakes i want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. i love how dense and moist their cupcakes are. but these cupcakes weren’t for me. they were someone’s special surprise a few days ago. 


the papyrus holiday cards have arrived! and the HANDMADES are prettier than ever!! i’m so stoked! guess which one in that picture i will be getting! i love our papyrus handmade boxed sets. they come in a box of 8 cards and lined envelopes for $24.95. they can have anything from felt cutouts to gems, laser cuts, glitter, ribbons, and more. i had the picture enlarged so y’all could see the embellishments on the cards. enjoy.


i had a nice and relaxing past few days. it’s rare that i don’t think about doing work when i’m at home, so the past 2 days felt like a semi-vacation, which was nice. my dad would get a kick out of the fact that i probably watched more sports in the past 2 days than i have in the past year. that’s probably including the movie “moneyball” that i watched recently…i’m not sure. haha.


i have the motherload of all cupcake projects.

150 cupcakes with purple high heels.


so i did my research…

this was the best decoration i saw online, but i don’t know if that’s edible…if it is, then that’s one TINY BRUSH being used to make that zebra print on there!

when i was told that the color was purple, i IMMEDIATELY thought of these gorgeous cupcakes that my friend, michelle, made last year. she made them for her daughter, and i thought they were AH-MAZING:

that purple/silver combo is one of my favorite color combinations. this picture looks like it came out of a magazine. i love following michelle’s facebook because she bakes and makes these amazing creations that i’ve either never heard of or never tried…like PIG CAKE! i have known michelle for about 10 years now. back when i was 19 (now you all know my real age), i went to a valentine’s dinner with my mom, aunt, and grandmother. a few days later, my friend, grace, told me that michelle saw me at the dinner and wanted me to join the 2001 MISS NMI UNIVERSE pageant. first reaction: NO. second reaction: WHAT!? third reaction: take grace with me to watch “miss congeniality” with sandra bullock to see what this beauty pageant business was about. fourth reaction: if one of the most beautiful women on the island tells you to join a beauty pageant, you take it as a great compliment and you join it. i think all of us looked at michelle as the women we wanted to be-she’s so elegant and feminine and classy. she was engaged at the time and would tell us stories of her then-fiance-now-husband and all the sweet things he would do for her or surprise her with. we were just a bunch of giddy girls every time michelle told us stories. i loved it. i loved that year. now michelle is happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. she’s such a beautiful fairy tale. ❤ there’s my little story and picture inspiration that michelle kindly allowed me to post! thank you, michelle!

in between thinking of what i could do for the cupcakes, i got the chance to pick up my little man from school! he’s my favorite shopping partner, so i decided to plan a trip to michaels right after the school pick up. i was hoping to find edible silver paint, but i didn’t find any. i found silver powder, though. and halloween products:

i always have fun when my nephew poses for pictures and gets creative!

my mom told me that i needed to take my nephew on a mc donald’s date…well, she told me this months ago…but better late than never. besides, he knew it was going to happen.

walking into michaels…

“ra ra, can we get something to eat in here (michaels)? i’m actually hungry” (“actually” seems to be his word of the month)

“no, punkin. there’s no food in here. what do you feel like eating?”

“i think we should go to mc donald’s. i’m sure there’s one around here somewhere.”

there you go, mom. proof that i have completed my task. he needs about 5 more years on him before i take him out to a dinner date like you want me to do. i can handle him in any store and any fast food place, but NOT in a restaurant. not yet, at least.

the project high heel cupcakes will be for october 22, but i decided to try cutting some today just to get some creative ideas going. i bought a bunch of magazine last week to read up on some current trends:

back home, in saipan, my mom and i would stock up on our monthly magazines. i decided to start that habit again, just to make sure i’m up to date with everything that is going on in the fashion world. one of these came in handy when i was looking for pictures of heels that i could cut out…i didn’t know whether i wanted to do one type of heel or a few. i decided to do 3 pairs of heels:


all my supplies were brought to you by wilton. it’s a good thing i am starting early on this project because i don’t like the first run i did on the shoes. i want embellishments on the shoes, definitely. the silver powder didn’t show up how i thought it would. the pearl sprinkles will not be used on the shoes because they just don’t look right. there will be some painting, but i also want BLING. hopefully there is such thing as edible crystals. little edible crystals. i could make these shoes look spectacular with NON-EDIBLE supplies, but i’m too scared that someone might take a bite into the decoration on accident. i’ll do more decoration research before i decide on how to decorate the shoes. for now, i made 4 blank cut outs of each shoe because i dyed and rolled out a lot of fondant and i didn’t want to waste it.

my shoe inspiration is one of the cut outs that i blew up to fit the whole page and taped to my bedroom wall:

i thought that was just a graphic until i found out that it really is a shoe….that costs about $530. woooooo! that brand, jellyfish, sells hand painted shoes and accessories that are out of CTRL. they’re so cool, and that shoe is just insane!

my next few weeks are going to be jam-packed with tons of fun and work. parties. weddings. the state fair of texas. TAYLOR SWIFT! pool league. project high heel cupcakes. business training. the beginning of the holiday season. where has the year gone!? i wish i blogged earlier this year so i could read back on how the past 9 months flashed before my eyes. this has definitely been the busiest year i have had to date. “time flies when you’re having fun.” wow, it’s so true. i have many, many people to thank for that. and that leads me to my next paragraph.

next year is going to be big. it’s going to be my year. it’s not so much the part about being the big 30 (although it’s not all that bad), but more because all good things will happen. and i’m excited. i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited going into the next year as i have been lately. i thank all my friends and family for their support in the decisions that i make and have made.

on that note, you all have a good night, and enjoy my little fondant fun:


a bit of everything

shoe inspiration

i have a very dear friend name dorothy joy. i’ve known her since the 9th grade (don’t ask me how long ago that was). i haven’t seen her in over 10 years and when we text, we act like we live just down the street. i love this girl. she’s one of the kindest, sweetest, bestest (i know that’s not a word, but we went through grammar nazi school together, so i thought i’d throw that in) individuals i know. 

i secretly call dorothy “my cupcake soul sister.”

and this is why…

yeah. talk about cupcake/cake inspirations. if you think I’M AWESOME, check HER OUT!! ❤

she’s amazing.

she’s the only reason why i’d want to open up a bakery. she just makes it look so FUN. and then i thought of a more perfect idea: if she baked, i’d decorate…because that’s my favorite part. the decorating is so much fun. but she’s already such a good decorator. dorothy and i are going to bake it up one day, i know that for sure. we’re going to do more than just bake one day. we’re going to take over the world.

yesterday was my niece’s 3rd birthday party. last year, this was one of her gifts from someone, and of course, a picture was taken of it:

my friend, tiam, sent me this next picture while she was shopping yesterday:

this is one of the things i got my niece for her birthday:

do we see a pattern here? haha.

my niece is cute as a button:

….but she was too into spongebob squarepants to focus on me.

emma’s grandma made these fruity pebbles “cupcakes” which i think are super adorable. of course i took the one with pink sprinkles. duh.

i think that should be enough for shoes and cupcakes. and cupcakes.

i went on a movie date after the birthday party…

the movie was good. the company was good. it was a bit overwhelming, in a great way. do you ever get that feeling? you don’t even need to be doing something with that special someone to feel it. you could just be lounging on the couch listening to the college football he’s watching and thinking, “this is awesome. i love it.” i don’t require a lot to have a good time. when i’m around good people, it doesn’t take much to enjoy myself.

it’s the simple things…<3

a friend messaged me and told me to blog more about myself…

first of all, i credit my mom and dad for the person that i am. i didn’t have a perfect childhood, but i doubt anyone did. i don’t regret a single thing about it, either. when you grow up, look back at your childhood, and think, “gosh, i hope when i have kids, they’ll understand where i’m coming from…” then you’ll know your parents did right. everything i thought that mattered when i was a kid doesn’t anymore. the moments i thought that mattered, the emotions i felt that i thought mattered, the situations i put myself through that i thought mattered…none of it does anymore. the only things that matter are the things i learned in school and from my parents. be a good person, be patient, don’t do bad things, don’t expect anything in return-those are the things that matter.

i function on common sense. i’m a big daydreamer but i’m a realist. i believe that there’s a time and place for everything. i believe that good things come to those who wait. i’m a big believer in that. i believe that we should all do what we are passionate about. i don’t believe in doing anything for money. i am not a selfish person. i believe in random acts of kindness and being a good samaritan. i don’t believe in therapists-i believe in having good friends. i believe that a smile can make someone’s entire day. i believe that everything happens for a reason.

and that is all for now.


bits and pieces of the past few days…

my shoe inspiration for the WEEK comes from a lovely lady name Melina Rasa.

fun. sassy.

flirty. sexy.

juicy couture. hello kitty.


there’s my mini poem for melina.

friends and family are the best inspirations, that’s for sure. melina shared this picture on my facebook and i fell over in my chair. i follow her facebook because i love her look. i love her sense of style. i love her magnetic personality.

she’s too cool for school.

thank you, melina! ❤

if anyone sends me pictures of themselves in their sassy heels and sandals, they WILL be my shoe inspirations. so bring it on, sisters…

on my facebook, i asked for everyone to give me at least 3 words that describe me, in their opinion. i’ll accept answers via blog comment, text messaging, email, facebook comment, facebook message, phone call, handwritten letter, google+, twitter, smoke signals…you get the idea. i’m working on a project, and i want all my friends and family to get involved in it. i basically want my friends and family to write about me without me having to come up with something that might not be true. so if you’re reading this, and you have yet to list at least 3 words that describe me, please do so, and THANK YOU! and thank you to all of those who have facebooked/texted/emailed me already!

my niece, emma, has a birthday party tomorrow.

this is her first birthday photo:

she’s cute as a button, yes.

this is her second birthday photo:

i had to post that photo. it was adorable. she was determined to lick all the icing off each of the disney princesses.

she went from her tomboy birthday to her girly birthday. we’ll see which theme this next one is.

she’s absolutely adorable, it kills me.

i bought a pair of heels today. i wasn’t too happy with the ballet flats i wore with my dress. i don’t know how i thought 5″ heels would be way better than a pair of flats. breaking in 5″ heels at work isn’t the best idea, but once i do break them in, they’re gonna be my favorite pair of work shoes. the UPS guy said my heels were “hot.” he loved them. in fact, a few hours later, he brought his other UPS buddy to come and check them out, but i was in my flats for the meantime. i’m sure his co-worker thought, “you seriously brought me in here to look at a girl’s shoes? and she’s not even wearing them?” they said they’d check back with me on monday. that’s hilarious. i need to ask them for their names. i don’t like not knowing my UPS guy’s name. they’re both new…or at least new to the mall…

i really should get some rest. i’m having my hair trimmed in a few hours. i’m so excited. the girl who cuts my hair is the only person who has touched my hair in the US. one day, over 5 years ago, isabel asked me to be her “guinea pig” at her hair school and i said yes. i fell in love with what she did to my hair and have not gone to anyone else since then. she has dyed it red, black, purple, and pink so far. she’s given me layers, sideswept bangs, and straight bangs. tomorrow i’m just getting a trim. a much needed trim. the one that makes me hope i don’t get scolded by her because the last time i got my hair trimmed was in may or june. but i refuse to go to anyone else. when you have a good “anything” you stick with it. =)

have a good night, y’all, and a great weekend.


me. me. and more me.

things about me that you might not know.

and might already know.

i love pink. i love soft things. soft sweaters. soft toys. soft pillows. soft fabrics. i love glittery things. pink glittery things. i love hats. i don’t wear enough of them but i have quite a bit of them. i love marker boards and RSVP pens, fine point only. i love flowers. i mean, I LOVE FLOWERS. especially pink flowers. every time i walk by bouquets of flowers, i take a picture of them. they’re beautiful and they smell good. i grew up around gardenias and plumerias and bougainvilleas and i wish i was still around them. they make me happy. i love smiley faces, whether they’re on a sticker or on someone i walk by. i love little kids, and i love little kids wearing glasses. i love toys. care bears and lego toys. i love feeling young. i love sundresses and skirts and high heels and boots. i love all things girly and feminine. i love head bands and necklaces and bracelets and blingy rings. i love bold nail polish shades. i don’t get manicures because i think i do a good job with my own nails. i love a good pair of jeans. a flirty, fun, sassy pair of jeans. i love perfume. i love everything that smells good: fresh cut grass, the out-of-the-shower scent, sandalwood, flowers, bakeries, clean air, men’s cologne, catholic churches, coconut, pine sol, clean laundry, eucalyptus, coffee. scents can bring memories that can take me back to high school. i love it. i love writing. i’ve had a journal since i was young. i can’t go a day without writing so much. i love writing letters. i love sending cards. i love surprising friends. i love random acts of kindness. i love people who are considerate. i love people who say i made their day when i didn’t know i did anything in the first place. i love making people happy. i love listening. i love being the friend that everyone feels they can rely on. i love coming to the rescue. i love helping. i love helping friends solve problems. i love taking naps. i love cuddling. i love lip gloss. i love stripes and polka dots. i love taking pictures. sometimes i wish i could hold on to facial expressions and pretty things and moments forever, so i take a ton of pictures. i love looking back at them and thinking about how happy i was in that moment…which makes me happy. i love toe socks and i love argyle. i love the beach. and when i say “the beach” i mean a beach that overlooks the ocean. a beach with blue waters. like the beaches in saipan. i love all 4 seasons during the year. i love winter because it’s a good excuse to cuddle and drink hot chocolate. it also makes me eat way more ice cream for some reason. i love ice cream, yes. i love spring because that’s when all the flowers come out, and i love flowers. i love summer because i was born in that weather. i love fall the most out of all the seasons because it’s not too cold, not too hot, and not as wet and muddy. it’s just right. i love guitars and pianos. i wish i played both of them. i love handbags. handbags and high heels are my weaknesses. and food. i love anything with grommets. i love tulle and satin. i love getting butterflies in my tummy. i love holding hands and getting kisses on the cheek. i love people who open doors for girls. i love rainbows and lightning. i love fireworks. i love hot air balloons. i want to ride in a hot air balloon one day. i love reading books and doing find-a-word puzzles. i love amusement parks, festivals, carnivals, and state fairs. i love flea markets and malls. i love sightseeing. i love white button down shirts and black slacks. i love corn dogs and cotton candy. i love mt. dew, red bull, and coffee with tons of sugar and cream. i love driving with the windows down in the middle of the night. i love doing nothing and having a good time. i love board games and game nights with friends. i love making lists of anything. i love art. i love gentlemen. i don’t believe chivalry is dead. not at all. i love bookstores and coffee shops. i love it when my nephew sees me and his face lights up. i love plaid. i love shooting pool and bowling. i love listening to a song i enjoy so much that i put it on repeat for days. i love hugs. I LOVE HUGS. i love giving compliments. i love teaching. i love the first bite i take of dessert. i love trying new restaurants. i love my family and my friends. i love people who appreciate the simple things in life.

the end for now.

randomness in the past few days…

i made it to oktoberfest on saturday evening. i brought my friend, jennifer, with me. it was quite fun. i went to oktoberfest and all i got was a trunk full of toys…oh, and a taylor swift poster!

on sunday, jennifer and i hung out again. i don’t remember the last time i hung out with a friend 2 days in a row. wow! we went to lunch and we roamed the allen premium outlet. i noticed some stores have their argyle sweaters out for fall. i love argyle.

random thought….

i can’t wait for THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS….

the winner for best taste of 2011 went to BUFFALO CHICKEN IN A FLAPJACK.

the winner for most creative of 2011 went to FRIED BUBBLEGUM. um….ok. no, thank you.

the dish i want to try this year is the DEEP FRIED PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE.

some shows/exhibitions i want to see are the CIRQUE SHANGHAI, the BMX BIKE SHOW, the AUTO SHOW, the PIG RACES, the DOG SHOW, the AMAZING DOBERMAN SHOW, the 24M: DRIVE4COPD MONUMENT, the FALL GARDEN EXHIBITION, the MAPAPA AFRICAN ACROBATS, and about 30 other shows/exhibitions…this is going to be a good year!

on monday morning, a guy gave me a red rose. he is one of the guys who delivers shipment to neiman marcus in the mornings. i’ve never talked to him before. he practically couldn’t talk to me besides catching my attention to give it to me. he just kept stuttering. the only thing he managed to say correctly was when he said, “excuse me” to catch my attention. i guess i couldn’t talk either, because i was in shock that he was standing in front of me with a flower. i’m surprised he didn’t bump into something or hit something as he was walking away from me. he just kept looking at me and smiling as he walked away. i don’t know what to say to that. i don’t think i’ve ever made someone that nervous, ever. there is the RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS for that day.

here are some pictures from yesterday (tuesday, september 20):













































































after work yesterday, i got off work and picked up my nephew and sister to do some shopping for our niece’s birthday party this weekend. i’ve come to the conclusion that clothes last longer than toys, so we did a little clothes shopping. i allowed my nephew to pick everything he thought i should buy. i give him kudos for having pretty good taste for a 5 year old. he was attracted to some headgear so i took a few pictures of him.

the highlight of my day yesterday was when i got home. or shall i say “was within 5 minutes of when i parked my car.” my nephew came running up to my car, and as i opened my door, he leaned in and whispered, “PURPLE.” there were a lot of jumping high fives going on along the sidewalk.

he comes home every day with a color which depends on his behavior at school. purple is the best color he can get. that means he was a good boy and he paid attention in school. i told him that if he got purple for an entire week, i’d get him a present. my sister told me that he is determined to get purple every day.

by the time i got home this evening, he was already in bed. i asked my sister what color he got today. purple.

my nephew is very easy to please. i am very thankful for that. i could buy him a little pack of stickers and he’d be a happy puppy. i was thinking of his prizes being school-related. he loves my marker board. he loves to write on it. i could buy him a marker board and some erasable markers and he wouldn’t even know that his prize would benefit him in school. he’d always want to write his letters and numbers on it. i could buy him alphabet stickers. i could buy him a coloring book. he’s been into “coloring in the lines” lately. my prize options are endless.






september 15, 2011 in pictures









































i got to get a pic with one of the chase bankers. that was fun. he’s a sweetie pie.s

the limited edition/numbered/signed bella pilar cards came in. they’re beautiful, and they could be yours for $18.95. =)

i want those for my 30th birthday, too!

today, in saipan, is my mom’s birthday. there is a “saipan day” and a “texas day” for every birthday and holiday. today is my mom’s “saipan birthday.” i gave her a call and wished her a happy birthday. my mom’s the best.


september 14, 2011 in pictures





























































i was not too happy with the buttercream frosting. i thought it would pipe well. it didn’t. instead, i had to pipe it from the center and leave room for it to melt down the sides. the chase logo was the easiest thing i’ve had to cut with my exacto knife. i didn’t do all 12 with the chase logo because the last picture was taken at 2:30 a.m.

tuesday, september 13, 2011:

tuesday is usually the hardest morning for me. it is mostly credited to shooting pool for hours the night before and then waking up with lower back pain. it could also be credited to shooting pool in HIGH HEELS for hours and having to bend down further over the table, which might be the reason for the lower back pain. haha! i’m not sure….

shoe inspiration for the day:








it’s a blank card. and it’s fabulous. and it’s got multi-colored stones all over it. and it could be yours for $12.95.

i spent the second half of my work day driving around dallas to pick up paper for a client who needed it ASAP.

george bush is so nice to drive on because i’ve only hit traffic all of two times since i’ve driven on it this year…but it costs an arm and a leg of toll fees, and that’s most likely why there’s never traffic.

yes, i was parked while i took those pictures.

traffic is so painful sometimes. when i drove to northpark, i looked over at the the traffic going north and…yeah…not pretty. the best time to catch me on the phone happens to be when i’m stuck in traffic. it’s either that or listening to some good jams that keeps me from wanting to just leave my car because walking always seems faster when i need to get anywhere on 75 at 5 p.m…

when i got to our northpark location, i was finally able to see the NIQUEA.D (pronounced “nikki-dee”) products that launched recently.










beautiful, girly things.

i spotted a necklace i wanted:











i’m sure i can find a party or event to wear it to…

now, as for the NIQUEA.D greeting cards…wow…one card immediately caught my eye and i.have.to.have.it.for.my.30th.birthday…











yes…this is a sierra birthday card right here, folks. all $28 of it. i believe it comes presented IN  A BOX, too! isn’t it gorgeous!?!?

for my 30th birthday, i am only requesting birthday cards from PAPYRUS….and shoes! =)

more “sierra’s 30th birthday” details later.

after work, i had to get the ingredients for the buttercream frosting. i don’t like shopping alone, so i brought a shopping buddy with me. he spotted the sale section, which is great, but nothing what we needed:











all i remember after this was getting home, coloring some fondant blue (which was a pain, actually, because i used a liquid dye, which made the fondant VERY SOFT), rolling half of it out, talking to my mom on the phone, and waking up 14 hours later…….


monday, monday…

monday is my favorite day of the week. it is also my longest day of the week…well, unless i have the day off from work. i usually get up at 7:30-8:00 a.m. (depending on how much i want to conquer the world that day), then go to work until 5 p.m., then go shoot pool until 2 a.m.

i saw a note for me in the morning:

last week i had written cards for a bunch of family and friends, and this particular client was one of them, so i knew he had received my card in the mail. he was one of my 13 callers for the morning. he thanked me for the card and for thinking of him, and told me that he was on his way to the post office to deliver me a letter and a CD. he works in the music industry. a few months ago, he had invited me and another coworker to see an australian band perform in dallas, but he had to later cancel and apologize to us, as the band wasn’t able to get their passports in time. the CD that he was going to send me in the mail is of that particular band, so i’m pretty stoked about that! he said that in the letter he wrote me, he was asking me to take a trip with him to australia…for a month. what a wonderful gesture, but  i don’t know how something like that would fly by my bosses. “hey, can i go to australia with a client for a month? i know, i know it’s the holiday season, but it’s AUSTRALIA, MAN!”…………….umm, not so much…….(i wonder if i said “yes” would he fly me by saipan…hmm….)………..but yeah, i WISH i could just hop on a plane and go. it was nice of him to offer, though. i’m still excited to get a letter in the mail. woot!

my client that i’m doing the hello kitty cupcakes for stopped by to pick up her son and future daughter-in-law’s wedding napkins. i showed her the pictures of the hello kitty fondant heads. she said they were “perfect.” gosh, are some people just really easy to please. tomorrow i will start making the 48 hello kitty fondant heads.

i went to the “mall post office” and took pictures of the 2 hello kitty window displays i walked by:

swarovski had both their windows displaying their new swarovski crystal hello kitty line. everyone is MORE THAN WELCOME to buy me ANYTHING or EVERYTHING from this collection. ADORBS!

then on my way back to work from the “mall post office,” i took a picture of the new store called HELLO PRETTY:

the store is right below ours. and that ends my hello kitty inspiration for the day…

since i’m on the theme of inspiration, here is my shoe picture of the day:

it’s true. and i do own that magnet.

i saw the guys from chase bank today, and i thought about how easy it would be to make little chase logos for cupcakes. i will be attempting that task tomorrow after work. to make little chase bank cupcakes. they don’t know about my blog website, so they’re not going to read about this until afterwards. =) they’re a fun group of people. it’s always nice to be around a fun group of people.

i saw “miss mimi” today. she works at one of the perfume counters at neiman marcus. she’s one of the sweetest ladies ever. she always talks about how beautiful i am and how beautiful my face is. she’s such a self-esteem/confidence booster. if i’m ever having a bad day, i should just go to her. she used to give me little perfume samples. she’s the best.

when i got home to change before pool league, my nephew was drawing:

“look, ra ra, this is me in the shower (him in the middle with a square which i’m assuming is a towel), and this is mommy and this is daddy!………..HAHAHAHAHA! MOMMY’S SO SMALL!” of course mommy’s so small, she’s not even 5′ tall and your daddy’s about 6’6″ if i’m not mistaken, kiddo. he drew himself with a BIG HEAD. i hope that means he’s going to be smart. hahaha.

i was finally able join the team i have been wanting to be on for a while. one of their players had some personal issues to work out, so he had to drop off the team, which left a slot for me. i played my first match on the team tonight, and i won.

this was my opponent. he is a skill level higher than i am. i didn’t go into the match thinking i was going to win, but i just made sure to play smart and follow all the rules that i was taught in the past 3 1/2 years. my old team broke up in april and we are all now playing on 3 different teams this session, so i don’t get the little pep talks that my captain/pool best friend, tim, gives me. in my very last game for the win, i had the 5 ball on one rail and the 8 ball on the opposite rail of the table. first of all, i call the 5 ball “tim’s ball” because i think it’s his favorite one (mine is the 2 ball), and i remembered a shot he taught me that would take me back to the 8 ball. i executed the shot very well and turned to my team mate and said, “tim taught me that shot!” then i made the 8 ball and i won my match. =) i was pleased. and our team won 5-0. “welcome to the team!” penny exclaimed. THANK YOU!

i went to check on how my friends were doing with their team…and this is what i read on their scoresheet:

hmm. it looked like a lot of pool players had “romo fever” tonight. there were lots of “i did great in the beginning and lost in the end” stories. maybe next time, guys.

y’all have a great night.